Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace(TV)[2018]
Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace(TV)[2018]

《Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace》Ep73:"Ruyi was so utterly displeased with the emperor that the empress dowager sent ruyi a prescription for your majesty's medicine."

The emperor came to the building and announced the banding publicly Han XiangJian The emperor reminded the concubines to live in peace with the concubines and not make trouble. Han XiangJian knew that the emperor's action was to coerce her to stay in the palace, and never wanted to leave again. The concubines felt bored and left one by one. Only if taken to change clothes for the emperor, but he is in a good mood, adhere to the cold to wear clothes, if taken to worry about the emperor's move will make Mongolia, don't care to the emperor, but remind if taken just be natural model, it is good to be kind to let people well, such as taken felt the emperor is wishful thinking, let people won't be tempted, the emperor was angry, anger to her anymore, if taken before, so we have to leave in the rain.

Ruyi just walked to the gate of the baoyue building met Lang ShiNing He was sent on a mission to paint the portrait of the emperor and his excellency. For example, I felt a chill in my heart. Li Yu Look at the pain, let Ling YunChe Escort ruyi back to yikun palace. Along the way, if taken said nothing, but she fell into the trough, pour down the icy rain, as if playing in her heart, if taken think the former warm palace like ice, like her at the moment of the heart to the cold, if taken in the footsteps of heavy, a few times are almost fell down, but she still brimming with grief back to yi kun palace in the heart.

Rong GUI was forced to tears in resignation, the emperor night stay baoyue Lou, promised to be good to rong GUI and her people. The empress dowager had heard about this for a long time. She was worried that when her husband gave birth, the whole harem would be turned upside down. Early in the morning, the concubines arrived at the gate of the yikun palace and waited to greet ruyi. Unexpectedly, the concubines arrived later and changed into the imperial costume of the qing dynasty. The concubines were surprised and discussed in private.

Ruyi told the concubines to get rid of the past, including the emperor, and asked them to consult the emperor when they were in trouble. If the concubines wanted to talk with ruyi alone, they had to go first.Let people thank if taken can sincere to her, don't understand that if taken clearly know the emperor chi bound to her, but also to help persuade, rather than looking forward to her to death, if taken clear qing queen, she is not just the emperor's wife, it is more to obedience and responsibility to the emperor, let people finally can serve thy wife, but don't want to have children, begged if taken to help her.

The emperor finally conquered the hearts of the people, he is in a good mood, mental radiant, he hurried to a day once the BaoYue floor, regardless if taken and the other the feeling of the concubines, the emperor to get rare treasure, awarded to all people, even the cold department of elaeagnus angustifolia flower also transplanted to the BaoYue floor, is to let people's cup of tea. The concubines complained to ruyi one after another, even the usually silent wanxiang concubines could not help complaining. She had not been in bed for more than six years, and they even suspected that the concubines could use some way to seduce the emperor.

The emperor sent a portrait of Lang ShiNing to him and his wife, who put it in the warehouse without looking at it, and declared that it was never to be taken. The empress dowager summoned ruyi and recounted all the emperor's doubts about his lordship, fearing that the emperor would do something even more out of line. If yi could not make a choice between the empress dowager and the emperor, she was in a dilemma. Finally, she had to force herself to send some medicine to the empress dowager, and it was explained that the empress dowager had told her that if she could not bear children after drinking it, she could not be accepted.

I and yung pei were waiting outside, watching the doctors and the mothers, wondering what to say to the emperor. Regardless 炩 and labor, the emperor, BaoYue floor directly, that let people clear body, is no longer has a family, the emperor was so angry angry, as is taken the initiative admit that she did, the emperor rage mercilessly beat if taken a box on the ear, thanks to the queen mother arrived in time to stop, also reminded the emperor enough is enough, because he is too spoil, RongGui talent out of the interview, the queen mother repeatedly statement is let people you want to drink the liquid form.

When she finally woke up, the emperor immediately went in to see her. She admitted that she had taken the initiative to drink the bowl of medicine. And at that point, Jin Zhong Good news to the emperor, 炩 wives gave birth to 15 May, the emperor decided to let people for promotion, other wives 炩 wives for 炩 princess, can to bottle-feed May 15, the emperor also citing bungled if taken, cancel her management of natural rights, to 炩 princess, Jin Zhong ecstatic, immediately back.

The emperor had not come to the moon tower for a long time, and the concubines could not ask for help. 炩 princess selling again, and she, the concubines have also be nice to her, such as taken yi kun palace crowds.

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