Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace(TV)[2018]
Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace(TV)[2018]

《Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace》Ep16:brother is sick with asthma

Lian XinAccording to today'sWang QinNot be worth today, a return to wu fang to begin to take medicine, oneself frighten dare not go back,Wang Qinprobably is medicaments to have a fit to have a fit again cannot find oneself then crazy ran out. At that time, the pills in Wang Qin's room were found. The emperor ordered people to plug Wang Qin's mouth with hemp nuclei, and broke one leg of Wang Qin, to drive out of the palace. If yi begged for the favor of Lian Xin, the emperor said he would not punish Lian Xin, so that he could stay at changchun palace.Lian Xinthanks again and again after, to the emperor to show that the rumors related to mei guiren's bearing are the ones thatWang Qincame out after drunk after drinking huangtang, but he was afraid to speak out before by Wang Qin, and the yanxi palace is the only way forWang Qinto return hip house, so it will be implicated in the yanxi palace. When the emperor heard about this, he ordered all the eunuchs in the palace to gather together to watch Wang Qin's execution.

The emperor was deeply grieved, saying that he had never doubted ruyi. The next day, around the lady of the imperial court told the royal princess to paste the king father-in-law, the mouth of the hemp to death do not allow to take down, last night has died, the princess was relieved. The imperial concubine thinks the emperor is partial to the wife, let ruyi bring up the big brother, oneself take over the big brother, this just happened.

The empress thought the imperial concubine had no trouble, must run to the yanxi palace gate, this just was run into by Wang Qin, also no wonder the emperor alienates the imperial concubine. Jia GUI reminds the queen, the emperor is so angry probably because mei guiren's birth rumors may be related to the imperial concubine, and the imperial concubine so, is to fight for the big brother, the queen clearly has to look after, the imperial concubine also wants to fight for the eldest son, visible the imperial concubine has two hearts.Lian Xinsaid thatLian Xinhad lost a chess piece with the empressLi YuIt is even more difficult to know the emperor's will. The empress admitted that she had missed Lian Xin, but said she couldn't let him out of the palace now, otherwiseLian Xinwould have told her what she wanted to do with Wang Qin. In the end, the queen decided to keepLian Xinout of her palace. However, all this was heard by Lian Xin.Lian Xinwas very upset. The emperor did not go to hamfu palace for a long time, the imperial concubine because of the incident Wang Qin, lost love. It turned out that all of this was planned by yi. If yi knew that the queen was serious about rules, she would not tell others about the mei GUI. OnlyWang Qincould be the only one. ButWang Qinwould not publicize the matter casually.It was not until the princess wanted to take away the eldest brother that ruyi decided by motive that the princess had set herself up. Together with Li Yu and Lian Xin, ruyi pulled the truth out of Wang Qin's mouth and found the imperial concubine. It not only taught the concubine a lesson, punished Wang Qin, saved Lian Xin, but also eluded ruyi's own grievances.

The imperial concubine said she felt ill and wanted to invite the emperor to visit her. But the emperor only sent qi tai-doctor. The imperial concubine believed that although the emperor also blamed the empress for bestowing Lian Xin to Wang Qin, the empress had sons and daughters. The husband and wife were always close to mu, but they were different. The maid consoled her, saying that although she had no children, she had family power. The imperial concubine listened, then let amar beg for oneself. The empress dowager thought the concubine was not very clever, but the concubine won very beautiful. Qi tai-medicine to the queen mother said that the queen thought that the usual drugs do not work, want to let tai-medicine for a prescription. The empress dowager said that she did not change medicine, so that the former qi tai-medicine is still the same now, do not have to trouble.

The empress dowager was very grateful to her for giving her a gold locket. The queen mother admonished the queen to pay more attention to the emperor's heirs than to give up everything. The empress dowager said to the empress dowager that the empress ordered the hospital to boil the medicine for the seat. The empress dowager ordered people to watch the sky and the sky several days ago.Qin TianJian hasIt is said that the sky is auspicious, especially the small star in the caudate of the north celestial constellation, which is very bright for several months, which means that the woman in the harem will have a very expensive baby. The empress dowager said that this implied that the baby of the grand master had a good fortune, so that the palace should not be the accident. The emperor said that he understood the meaning of the huang er niang, will let the mei noble peace of accomplishment. The empress asked the emperor for the throne, and the emperor agreed to be promoted to a concubine after the birth of her husband and wife. The queen put forward to have the rich princess on top of, if cross the rich princess, afraid is the noble princess in the heart will not suffer. The emperor called the imperial concubine sick, and when she was well, and asked the queen to give more advice to the concubine.

The empress admitted her mistake to the emperor, showing that Lian Xin was not aware of it. The emperor asked her not to blame herself too much. The emperor came to see ruyi. Ruyi was looking at the accounts of the years. He praised the queen's wisdom. The emperor praised ruyi for his wisdom and thought that he had found the right person. In the palace of the queen, the second brother fell asleep while reading. The second brother complained to the queen that he was too tired to get up early. The empress scold two elder brother be charming, let two elder brother go to the door good sober sober. Although it is spring, but the weather is still very cold, two elder brother standing in the doorway, repeatedly sneezing. The empress saw very grieved, said two elder brother is his only hope, bring him into the room.

The eunuch taught the snake in the imperial concubine, but the imperial concubine's mind was not again. The imperial concubine told the eunuch to be careful not to let the snake bite. The eunuch said the snake was not poisonous and would not hurt people. In the night, the empress lamented her position, often fearing that it would be taken by someone else. At this time the lady came to tell, the message sent by the temple, two elder brother caught wind cold, hot all over. Qi tai-doctor told the queen is a pregnancy brought in a weak disease, the second brother is tired and restless, tension in the heart to hook the hidden in the body of the weak disease. The empress implored the doctor to cure the two brothers. The doctor said that if you keep them well, you can keep them healthy all your life. If you are not careful, you can only rely on god to protect you. When the queen saw that brother er was seriously ill, she thought that her brother had the disease. She could not shoot and ride horses all her life, and needed careful nursing. However, brother er, as the legitimate son, could not practice martial arts, so there was no hope.

Rui yi ordered a jar of pagoda tree honey, two people went to see yi guiren, but heard yi guiren's exclamation. It turned out that a snake appeared in the room of the grand master.

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