Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace(TV)[2018]
Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace(TV)[2018]

《Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace》Ep22:hailan takes advantage of the opportunity to get rid of the two Argos

Hailan was wronged, crying to the cold palace. She warned her to learn to protect herself. Hayland was desperate now that she had lost her sister. On her way back to the palace, hailan overheard the concubine saying that mei and yi's children had been killed by themselves. Hailan walked in the rain, very weak, and finally fell to the ground, fortunately was found by the lady, returned to the palace.

When she awoke to find herself in bed, she remembered what ruyi had told her, and she was determined to avenge her sister and herself. Jiang tai-doctor quietly came to the cold palace, but was sent to send food father ma drove away. It was to his advantage that father ma took the imperial concubine and gave Lord ruyi a meal that had no toxicity on the surface but was cooked secretly. Hailan learned from the pure concubine that the queen forced the second brother to work hard, resulting in the second brother's more serious illness, can only survive the summer before making plans.

Xiufang for the empress dowager tailor wan shou ruyi by, but above how the phoenix feathers color is not bright, causing the empress dowager very displeased. The emperor went to xiufang to check, but saw the sea Lord was instructing the xiufang girls. Sea often is claiming oneself at ordinary times observation empress dowager dharma bead, understood empress dowager to like of match colors. The emperor was very satisfied and praised her kindness. The emperor said that he had wronged the nobles of the sea and called them to sleep tonight.

At night, the emperor said that there was a faint fragrance in the house. Hai LAN had taught himself this method, and the emperor immediately called himself tired and stopped speaking. Hailan thought that the emperor's taboo of mentioning ruyi was probably because he was still thinking about her, but he had no solid evidence to prove his injustice. At this time, the empress outside spread the sound of loudly calling for yonglian, an eunuch came in a hurry to report that the two elder brother had been taken.

The empress very regrets oneself to press two elder brother to read, the emperor also very heart aches. The empress thinks is oneself will put the person of service of fine fine temple half, just cause the lu hua flutters into two elder brother room inside, block breath.

Hailan in the palace for the two elder brother burning paper, she said that the empress ruthless hands and spicy poison others, now will be punished to yonglian body. In fact, a few days before helan ordered people to take the reed flowers, two elder brother for her harm. Then hailan heard someone coming and quickly put out the fire and left. It turned out that the princess went to the garden to play with the princess and picked up the ghost paper and handed it to the princess. This place was close to the cold palace.

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