Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace(TV)[2018]
Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace(TV)[2018]

《Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace》Ep67:Raw and hardships' WeiFuRen voodoo curse as taken 炩 princess princess

Ling YunChe I have ordered a thorough investigation Zha Qi Situation, found that he and 炩 princess's brother Zuo Lu Having been drinking and gambling together, ruyi did not want Ling YunChe to be embarrassed, so he was not allowed to participate in the investigation, another party Li Yu Continue to follow up on this matter. 炩 princess forehead niang WeiFuRen wholeheartedly wish my daughter can give birth to a prince, she also please XianShi calculate taken as queen quick do head, 炩 princess can mother with your child, later can on the queen, 炩 princess reminds the forehead niang to speak in the palace to be more careful, lest cause unnecessary trouble, but she didn't care.

炩 princess by the mouth of the forehead niang not outspoken is speechless with anger, she couldn't see hope on the bride's family depend on, can only hope that the prince in the belly, 炩 princess worry Zha Qi temporary confession, let Jin Zhong Find an opportunity to get rid of him. WeiFuRen secretly made puppets, top with silver needle, wu method of curse if taken early to step down, give 炩 princess made way, palace maid accidentally see this scene, Li Yu, the report immediately,

Zha Qi was tortured to death, but the princess did not want to confess, Li Yu rushed to the emperor to report, and by the way wei's wife secretly wizard things out, the emperor was furious. Yu Hu Accompanied Mrs. Wei on a tour of the palace, and finally brought her to yikun palace to see the emperor. At the same time, Li Yu sent some people to arrest Zuo Lu in the prison of the department of punishment and interrogated him severely. Jin Bao Was ordered to lead to search YongShou temple palace, namely WeiFuRen residence, 炩 princess resolutely not stem, Jin Bao statement is to serve the emperor, 炩 princess have to release.

Guards had been searched from WeiFu four puppets, immediately before the emperor, Li Yu saw at first glance that puppets are embroidered a birth horoscope is taken as the above also fill the silver needle, WeiFuRen scared out immediately, that have never seen such a doll, but also don't know if taken birth horoscope, YingFei aside to testify, these puppets from WeiFuRen search to the house, and she is still possible. Jin Zhong outside saw this scene, he want to go to 炩 princess, certify was San Bao Stop at the door.

If taken accused WeiFuRen shouldn't use such a cheap means to curse her, YingFei debunk WeiFuRen lies in public, such as send it round are taken before she was present, pure high-ranked imperial concubine also noted Zha Qi did see WeiFuRen puppets, also with silver needle to the four house, WeiFuRen repeat denial, word of mouth to say Zha Qi to aunt please princess, grievances to frame up her, if taken, clever noble and pure high-ranked imperial concubine holding a word I said WeiFuRen lying, but always do not recognise her.

Jin Bao in partial YongShou palace temple to offer them to the method of the puppets, 炩 princess that searched from WeiFu also four identical puppets, immediately frightened liushenwuzhu, immediately come to intercede with the emperor. Ling YunChe bring Zuo Lu confessions, Zuo Lu pleaded guilty to do things, also narrates the 炩 princess to let him take silver ticket to Zha Qi, let Zha Qi on deposit in the bank as soon as possible, once someone asked about the origin of silver ticket, let Zha Qi is framed please give wife, WeiFuRen cried wronged. At this moment, Jin Bao brought back the muppet found in the madam's room, with both human and material evidence, Mrs. Wei immediately fell silent.

炩 princess hurried to yi kun palace, Jin Zhong simple report the matter to her story, and remind her to give up the forehead niang, younger brother and save his own skin 炩 princess then suddenly can't think of a better way to put the blame on WeiFuRen, WeiFuRen pleaded guilty on the spot, excuses don't want to see 炩 princess mercy, just out of the interview, put all the blame to himself, trying to clean 炩 princess and Zuo Lu's responsibility, such as taken don't believe her issues inside and outside the framed please princess, but WeiFuRen just do, says 炩 princess and Zuo Lu has nothing to do with the matter, The emperor ordered the room in a fit of pique WeiFuRen drag give wine, 炩 princess struggling to intercede for her, but moved TaiQi, and bleeding, the emperor had to send for 炩 princess baby.

If yi wanted to go to the prison of the justice department to pick up the princess, the emperor also felt that the princess was wrongly accused for no reason and deserved such treatment. WeiFuRen were taken away, at the right moment see 炩 princess back to the palace to produce, she repeatedly told 炩 princess must keep Zuo Lu, for the blood of the Wilkes leave only 炩 princess readily promised, because she is JiHuo policy passed out.

If taken personally meet please princess out of jail, please princess unwilling so of final outcome, such as WeiFuRen taken also feel not alone, 炩 princess, decided to continue to haunt, vengeance for the dead prince.炩 princess of a broken heart, the body weak, life have been postponed, Jin Zhong worried, only to pray for her outside the door, Ye Xin Regardless of the Jin Zhong block, through the door curtain to loudly 炩 princess, certify WeiFuRen dead, Zuo Lu was sent, is deliberately added for 炩 precious. Through the efforts of the day and night, 炩 princess finally gave birth to a princess, because the time is too long, over 炩 princess appeared a bright red, from serious damage, not pregnant within two years, Jin Zhong disappointed.

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