Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace(TV)[2018]
Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace(TV)[2018]

《Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace》Ep85:I suspect that Chun Chan is a hidden killer.

Ruyi told the empress dowager that her aunt had said before her death that she would not be poisoned for her own body, but for her heart. If yi claimed that he was useless, he did not know how to protect the twelfth brother. He begged the empress dowager to save the only blood of aisin giorro and uranara. The queen mother did not know what he meant. At this time, Rong Pei and Ye Xin grabbed Chun Chan Upon hearing this, yan wan hurriedly asked the person to go quietly. If yi ordered people to tie up Chun Chan and question her what she did, Chun Chan did not confide anything. Rong Pei told the custodian to wait until it was dark before letting go of Chun Chan. When ruyi left, he happened to meet the imperial chariot passing by. Rong Pei reminded ruyi that the emperor was behind him, but ruyi didn't care. On the other side, she looked for Chun Chan but could not, but Chun Chan was put back in the palace. Yan wan asked what happened to Chun Chan. Chun Chan claimed that she had been detained for half a day and asked a lot of questions, but she did not disclose anything. On the surface, she said that she believed in Chun Chan and asked her to go back to rest, but in the heart, she was very suspicious of her.

Ruyi insisted on sewing her clothes at night after a hard day's work. The next day, always 璂 bring CiNing palace by the queen mother, 嬿 wan know fear of having their own action after being noticed. Ci-ning palace has a small kitchen, yen-wan henceforth also can't begin feet again, the plan of yen-wan needs day to be everlasting to have effect originally, come so come is former work total abandon. She did not know why the queen mother would be so, and she was more skeptical that Chun Chan had leaked the news. The 12th brother and the emperor and the empress dowager ate together, but the 12th brother had no appetite. With kitchens do meal, 12 May think the meal is the study of the more sweet, the queen mother let the emperor see kitchens to cook food made 璂, if it is really more able to let him continue to 12 May. When the news reached yan wan's ears, she questioned whether Chun Chan had said anything in front of ruyi, so that the queen mother could be so defensive. Chun Chan swore to yun wan, but she did not believe that Chun Chan will serve the meal of the 12 argonauts quickly hit out of the palace.

Yan wan went to pick up the fifteenth brother to study, and yan wan told yong yan that their mother and son were thicker than water. No matter what happened in the future, the fifteenth brother had to protect her.The 15 elder brother nod agreement, can this words happen to be arranged by the eunuch that respect princess hears, with respect princess knew yan wan has the heart that seeks after the post, tell yan wan to yong yan to say to emperor. In respect of the emperor on the princess said today can inherit a person after only 璂 forever and forever Yan, temper after 12 May experience some things, although 15 May alert can grade but is still small. And the princess pointed out that since the elder brother was young, he could not be given to such a mother. The emperor immediately ordered yonglin to be raised by ying fei, jiren to be left by ke zi, yong yan to shoukang palace by taffy raised. Yu Hu When they came to the palace of yan wan, they read the emperor's will to her, and said that all the concubines of Mongolia would be free from the control of yan wan. Wondering why the emperor did so, yanyan begged to keep yong yan at his side. Yu Hu accused her son of being incompetent and ordered someone to take away her brother. Yan wan thought that Chun Chan betrayed herself, grabbed her by the neck, and angrily accused her of eating and robbing. All these changes began after she was captured by ruyi.

When she came to her senses after being treated by a medical doctor, she apologized to Chun Chan, saying that she had wronged her because of her anger. She also took the initiative to put some fat on Chun Chan and asked him to pull out the weeds in front of her grave. When hai LAN saw Chun Chan coming out of the palace, he sent someone to tell jiang tai - doctor to follow him. Chun Chan walked to the suburbs, gradually feeling tired of physical strength and standing unsteady. She thought of the mouth grease that yan wan put on herself and knew that yan wan was crucial to her. At this time, jiang tai - doctor walked to Chun Chan, gave her medication, and helped her away. Inside, helan told me Wang Chan Chun Chan is dead, and only one of the people who once served yan wan is left.

The emperor is unwell recently, coughing unceasingly, but still insists he is ok. Soon after, Yu Hu found that the emperor had fainted on the table, Yu Hu ordered people to secretly invite jiang tai hospital. Jiang tai-medicine told yanywan emperor this disease is very dangerous, the hospital through the tai-medicine will be diagnosed after treatment can be decided. Yen-wan asked quietly in private Bao TaiYi The recent condition of the emperor, Bao TaiYi told yen-wan that the emperor was seriously ill from the pulse condition, and the doctors were helpless. Yan wan thought of the scene when the emperor died, but ruyi was not disused. The twelfth brother was older than the fifteenth. Yan wan was ready to make preparations first.

Jin Bao Is giving the emperor decoction, but jiang tai - doctor to let the Jin Bao leave, quietly in which added a medicine. What Bao TaiYi saw was the pulse case prepared by jiang TaiYi, and yan wan had fallen into the trap. Inside, yen-wan hid behind the screen and heard that the empress dowager was worried about her storage. The empress dowager said that if the new emperor had succeeded to the throne, the government would have been in great turmoil. Fortunately, the 12th brother had stayed in his palace of cining, and it would have been easy if what was written in the secret box was not the name of yong yan, or no name at all. Yan wan heard that the empress dowager intended to let the 12 brothers to the throne, moved his mind, step by step towards the emperor...

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