Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace(TV)[2018]
Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace(TV)[2018]

《Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace》Ep37:horqin department seeks to marry princess, empress dowager is deadlocked

The empress dowager told the emperor that she had something to tell the emperor. The emperor said he was too congenial to care about other things. The emperor is always unwilling to believe that the cong has gone. The empress dowager advised the emperor to be the Lord of the world, without the cong, there are other children, can not be too sad. The queen, also very sorrowful at the moment, was lying on the sickbed, without colour.

Heng di came to the palace, the queen mother was very happy. The empress dowager was about to make a tour with the emperor, and she cared about heng ti. In particular, she was old enough to marry xu. Her sister had been married a long time ago, and the empress dowager was very reluctant to give up. Princess jing er came to visit the queen's wife, saying that the queen had no son and a daughter to accompany her, but the queen said she had a son in the palace, and the daughter was only the icing on the cake. The queen was so heartbroken that she could not keep her children. Jing jing said that the emperor amar has many concubines and children, but only one of his niang, I hope the empress take heart. Jin se also mentioned that the emperor is busy all day east tour things, even the queen is seriously ill do not visit. The empress had just heard that the emperor was about to make a tour to the east, thinking that this was the emperor's first tour to the east, as the mother of the country how can not go? The queen thought that ruyi was just a concubine, but she often got ahead of herself. The queen decided to pull herself together and order a doctor to come to see her.

The emperor decided to take the empress east to tour, canQin TianJian hasSaying that the recent great changes in the sky, foreshadowing a great disaster in the palace, the emperor did not care, orderedQin TianJian hasto go down. The emperor's procession went out to the east, the empress accompanied the emperor from time to time, the body seems to have seen good, but to the night is difficult to sleep, very weak, daily grooming needs to spend two hours to cover the gaunt face. The queen thought that if she did not follow the emperor to the east, she would be laughed at by the people of the world, damaging the face of watsa. Now the empress can only hope in the princess, let jing suer xu a good family, also can everbright rich observation. The emperor said to the emperor that the ministry of horqin wanted to marry the princess of the wife of the wife. Now the princess has only the empress dowager's daughter, naing jing, and the empress dowager's daughter. The queen said that kenser was still small, and it would be better if she were given to kerchin. However, the emperor said that the court was strongly opposed to it, because the empress dowager had already married a woman, and if she was married again, the empress dowager would have been extremely worried. The empress was very worried about jing se and tried to persuade the emperor.

The conversation between the emperor and the queen was overheard by the maidens who came to see the queen. When the empress dowager heard that the emperor only cared about her daughter, she was determined to keep her daughter. Mei concubines told the queen mother that the queen's life had been hung by her medicine and told her about it.

When the emperor met with his ministers, they all objected to her marriage and were very upset.The empress dowager wanted to let yihuan speak for herself, but yihuan saw the trouble of the emperor, without any advice. The empress dowager was furious and only cared about the emperor, blaming her for her incompetence. Yi huan insists on not doing things for the empress dowager, the empress dowager called her infatuation soft, sooner or later will suffer great losses. Late at night, the empress dowager called the queen to give the empress the pearl received by the first emperor when she was a concubine, as a dowry prepared for jing se. However, the empress also presented a pair of colored gold mandarin ducks to heng di for her dowry. The queen mother and the queen fought each other to keep her daughter. The emperor learned that the empress dowager and the empress dowager could not hold out. Ruyi proposed that qi's doctors should send medicine to the queen, or give them a step down. The emperor agreed. In the empress dowager's palace, the empress dowager mentioned that if the wife had been the wife fu jin, now she would be considerate to herself, would not have the dispute now. However, the queen said that the concubine had no sons and no daughters. If this happened, she would be married. The queen mother was furious. At this time, qi tai-medicine to the queen, the queen left in anger.

Zhang TingYuI asked to see the emperor, saying that it was very improper for heng ti to marry in the department of horqin. If he married, both tribes in Mongolia became the son-in-law of the empress dowager, which made her more powerful. Ruyi, who was hiding behind the screen, listened to all this.

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