Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace(TV)[2018]
Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace(TV)[2018]

《Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace》Ep46:Suo Xin married jiang tai-yi, while the lady lady hated the death of lady lady

Jiang takes care of himSuo XinSuo Xin's health has improved day by day. Lost battles in jinchuan,Ne QinEven asked the emperor to send a master to the army to help the war, broke the morale of the army. What's more,Ne Qinwent back to Beijing without permission, which made the emperor angry.Fu JiaThe empress dowager proposed to beg for Ne Qin's favor, but the empress dowager understood that it was a matter of the former dynasty, so she could not intervene, otherwise the emperor would get aroundNe Qinthis time, but in her heart, she would bury the resentment against herself and nouveau rolfe. The emperor mentioned to yihuan that he wanted to killNe Qinto warn the public that everything in the emperor was considered for the imperial government, which was not much to say. Later, when the empress dowager learned thatNe Qinwas in a military camp, she lamented that she had lost her confidence in the previous dynasty and that the emperor had become more sophisticated.

Suo Xin was able to walk on the ground with the help of the jiang tai medical doctor. Jiang tai medical doctor mentioned the emperor's marriage, but he didn't agree with that. When jiang left, she saw ruyi, who said she would slowly persuade Suo Xin. At night, when ruyi visited Suo Xin, he mentioned that jiang tai - doctor was a person to rely on. Ruyi said she hopedSuo Xincould marry someone she loved and live an ordinary life.

Suo Xin, wearing a wedding dress, stepped out of yikun palace with the help of the lady.Suo Xinand jiang tai - doctor called on her. Ruyi covered her head and sent them out of the palace gate. Leaving at the palace gate,Li YuShe said she would take good care of ruyi in the palace and send them 50 mu of fine farmland as a wedding gift. Both of them were very moved.

Jiajou plays beiqin in the palace, thinking of the emperor used to love playing his piano, but now do not see himself for a long time. Marie Claire is determined to recapture the favor. Yan wan rose to the position of concubine and became the head of a palace. The emperor felt that yan wan was ordinary and ordinary, but this case, if yi was wronged, she could make great efforts to beg for mercy and deserved to be rewarded. The emperor remembered her, thinking that he had ignored her for a long time, and that his punishment was sufficient for her. The emperor hoped that ruyi would understand himself and order the concubines to be restored.

When yan wan learned that jia's wife was a concubine, she was very worried. She mentioned to ruyi that she was afraid of being bullied by her again. She also advised ruyi to drink the sedative in the prime of the year in order to get pregnant as soon as possible. Ruyi advised yan wan not to force. Yihuan also said that after hearing his advice, he had stopped drinking the drug for a long time. Late at night, yihuan painted alone in the palace, yihuan long time no see the emperor, the emperor painted on paper, also said to the palace people that the eyes are looking at themselves.

The emperor, ruyi, dined with his wife. Ruyi mentioned that the body of the elder brother was declining day by day, hoping that the emperor could visit him. The emperor said that the big brother's illness is from his own mind, he had let too much medicine to go, let him rest well can. If yi was still worried, the emperor sent her and her consort to visit him. The big brother dreamed of the big niang, woke up to spit blood again, and also claimed to go to the emperor xiaoxian theory. The next day, when the news came that big brother was going to die, I hurried to the bed of eternal Juan. The blessing jin of yong huang called the big brother all day long nightmare, a few days before the death of the filial empress more severe. The doctor took some refreshing medicine for big brother, who tried to speak to him alone. The elder brother said that he was sorry for ruyi, and that he had once thought of ruyi. Now he can no longer perform filial duties. The elder brother said to ruyi that the empress of filial piety had killed her mother. As yi advised him, this was a palace rumor, which he insisted was spoken to himself, and as yi asked whom. He claimed to be a concubine before his death. Then there was no breath, and the emperor arrived, but he had not yet seen the last of him.

When the emperor lost his son, his heart ached. If yi came to see the emperor, the emperor said that he did not want to go to the funeral of forever Juan because he did not want to face the fact that he did not want to hear any news or even to see him when he was seriously ill.

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