Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace(TV)[2018]
Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace(TV)[2018]

《Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace》Ep28:the emperor punishes ah ruo

When pure fei heard that ruyi had returned to her palace, she wanted to take her brother to see ruyi. But he saw them in front of his door, and they said to the emperor, "if yi needs rest, he will not let others disturb him." Jia concubine reminds pure princess, now the wife return to the palace, if the elder brother take over the wife to raise, I am afraid that will endanger the status of pure princess. The concubines told the concubines to keep an eye out for the marriage of brother big, and to have a good marriage and a good patron.

Hailan came to visit ruyi. She asked ruyi to find out who was responsible for the poison. She said that she wanted to get out of the cold and risk her life. Hai LAN showed off her pregnancy lines. Hai LAN called the emperor shishishi in the palace. Hailan said his position was not high, and the child would be raised and raised by ruyi.

If yi came to see the empress dowager, the empress dowager had already seen the dangerous tactics of her concubines. The empress dowager said that she did not want the imperial concubines to play the role of the imperial concubines, but wanted the flowers to be colourful. Ruyi dreamed about her aunt. She told ruyi not to stop here, but to take back everything that belonged to her.

The concubines came to the empress to make their peace. When the empress saw the bracelet she had not brought herself, she said she had taken it to repair. The concubine mentioned that she would like to return her brother to her. For example, she said that everything still needs to be sorted out. The pure concubines were very happy and told ruyi to be careful of ahruo.

If yi returned to his palace for many days, hai LAN mentioned that the emperor had not called him to sleep for many days. On the second day, at the beginning of winter family dinner, if yi did not send the vinegar brewed by the roses, the emperor paid great praise to me. Ruyi still called shen's father as an ruo, saying that he had been used to call him unable to change his words. The emperor said that ruyi was the old master of ahruo, ruyi returned to the palace, and ahruo should also celebrate. The emperor appointed aoh as shen concubines, but said that there was still only one head in the palace of qi xiang, and he forgave shen concubinage.

Shen - concubines was very arrogant, and said he was equal to her. The maid-in-waiting beside the concubinesLi XinSatirize her vendor begging honor, was carefully concubines hit a box. The concubines again boxed shen's ears and let her do it for herself. Ah ruo feeling no one in the palace to honor themselves, even if the concubines, in the eyes of the people is still a cheap female. All these were seen by ruyi, who saw that hai LAN had eaten too much and asked jiang tai medical doctor to come to the hospital. Jiang tai medical doctor checked hai GUI's antifebrile medicine and found that it tasted wrong and ordered people to get the residue. Jiang tai-doctor found that the placenta drugs in the proportion of people, more appetizers to strengthen the spleen of the drugs, resulting in the dragon tire overweight, and so on when the production, the sea Lord I am afraid to eat bitterness.

Ah ruo asked the emperor to let his shifu, the original emperor has never touched ah ruo. The emperor claimed that he had given ahruo a division, from now on will Lao die in the palace.The emperor said that he had taken care of his concubines for her own use, and that she should never forget that she was a slave to her wives and a slave to her own. The emperor asked a ruo who was directing her slander xian fei, a ruo said no one was directing, is the wife's own guilt. Emperor also no longer inquire, make ah ruo kneel before his bed. When ahruo returned to the palace, he found that the decorations in the palace were still arranged according to the master's arrangement. The imperial concubine feared the emperor thoroughly investigate this matter, decided to let ah ruo conviction, sit firm the reputation of her buyer.

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