Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace(TV)[2018]
Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace(TV)[2018]

《Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace》Ep52:the emperor sent ten boys out of the palace, and princess jia was punished for her arrogance.

The emperor sent ruyi to execute mei's concubine. Ruyi went to the palace of mei's concubine. If yi asked mei concubines why they did such a thing, mei concubines said that they were the empress dowager, as well as qing concubines and shu concubine. It was the emperor who poisoned the concubines that he allowed himself to do. Maiko said the only person she had ever wronged in her life was her child, whom she had avenged but whom she had never met. Maiko believed itMo XinTo denounce death, it must be hsiao-hsien queen killed their children. If yi says there is something wrong with this, the queen of xiao xian was in the palace that year, and her first son had grown up, the child of mei concubine could not threaten her. Ruyi also said that he did not believe that the poisoning of the empress xiaoxian and the seven brothers was the work of the maiko. If yi thinks that someone seems to want to help maiko, but actually USES her, and after using her, wants to kill her. The maiko was heartbroken at the thought that she might have hated the wrong person and avenged the wrong. If yi told mei the concubine that she had put her mother and son in her den, she would do something for her. The maidens were grateful. If yi, for example, let the wine be served. After taking the maiko's clothes, she held her lute and died with a smile.

If yi left maiko's palace, she lamented the pity of maiko and doubted that princess jia was the hands behind her back. Shu fei had ten brothers, but the emperor was not very happy. Ruyi knew that the emperor was worriedQin TianJian hasWell, father and son.

The empress dowager holds ten elder brothers, very fond of. The empress dowager brought to shufei thousands of years of purple ginseng, but also paid tribute to the birth of the maternal grandmother and the taiyi. The midwife then came to visit yanywan, claiming that the matter had been settled. The maternal grandmother mention the injury in the concubine pregnancy, with their own experience can be judged that the ten elder brother must be difficult to raise.

Ten elder brother already full moon, the symptom of big loss of vital energy blood is more apparent. The emperor remembered Qin TianJian's words again, he and his father and son mutually gram, think is oneself obstruct ten elder brother. Ruyi warned the emperor not to believe in the heavenly calling. Yanyan came to see the emperor and mentioned Qin TianJian's words to the emperor, saying that if shu fei's child had been given to the empress dowager, it would be a reference to the heaven saying that father and son were out of luck. Later, the emperor ordered that send ten brother ð «  ¯ prince mansion in parenting, consort shu very, want to ask the queen mother The emperor persisted in refusing, thinking that there had been precedent for sending infirm heirs to be kept outside the palace for health. The emperor still believeQin TianJian hashas, let ð «  ¯ prince put ten may accept for adopted son, old back to the palace to again, the queen mother only

The Yellow River burst its Banks, and the emperor was ill recently.Shu fei long not see ten brothers, the emperor did not call his own bed, very missed. At night, the emperor woke up from a dream, the emperor dreamed of the emperor, and thought of the recent days of their own body too tired, thinking that perhaps because they and the ten angkor, so two people will be weak. If yi said ten elder brother has been sent out of the palace, so that the emperor will not be entangled in the celestial affairs. The emperor thought that he was old, and I persuaded him that everyone would grow old and that he was willing to grow old with the emperor.

On the second day, I inquiredLi YuHow about the emperor dragon.Li Yusaid that everything was all right with the emperor. When the concubines came to beg for peace from the empress, ruyi said that he was going to hold a ceremony for his wife, and the concubines were not satisfied with this. Princess jia said that she had seen ruyi before her death. Could it be that she had told ruyi what? She said she believed that the maiko had killed her, that she had lost her heart because of the loss of her son, and that she believed that her children in the palace were poor and had been secretly murdered. The concubines mentioned that the elder brother had died early because of illness, not because he was secretly murdered. She told her that she had seen Mo Xin before her death. After the death of Mo Xin, he and his nurse fell ill and died. Mo Xin said Mo Xin met with his wife, can only blame seven brothers fu bo, will die early. All the concubines thought that jia GUI fei said this was disrespectful to the empress of xiao xian and the seven elder brothers. If yi ordered jia GUI fei to draw 100 prayer flags for xiao xian empress and seven elder brothers, no one is allowed to leave qi xiang palace before completing the painting. When ruyi raised his suspicions to the emperor that the imperial concubine had poisoned the mother and son of the empress of xiao xian, the emperor did not believe her.

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