Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace(TV)[2018]
Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace(TV)[2018]

《Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace》Ep64:Jin YuYan hated to die, and yan wan secretly laid hands on the emperor

The emperor named song as his nobleman and removed him to live in the old Summer Palace. Prince yu also brought a secret letter to the emperor, the letter saidJin YuYanNot born of the prince's mother, even if the people are jade's are difficult to tell. The emperor knew that the yu clan valued blood, and such a matter could not be confused. For example, yi said that the prince was trying to find an excuse to avoid the relationship with Kim family. Now what he said does not matter, mainly depends on what the emperor wants to do. The emperor said that Kim had committed her SINS and could not live. The emperor said that ruyi did not have to worry aboutJin YuYanat this time. The dragon fetus in her abdomen was a good omen and extremely precious. The king listened toQin TianJian hasIf the word, canQin TianJian hasalready byJin ZhongBuying,Jin ZhongaskedQin TianJian haswhat he would do if the tire didn't land smoothly.Qin TianJian hassaid he had his own story.

At night, yanyan and grandma met. Tian grandma's daughter's recovery serious, begged yanywan to help again. Yan wan said she had a difficult matter and needed help from grandma tian. If she could do things well, she would help her daughter. The next day, the doctor identified her as ruyi, who said she feared she would be born prematurely. Jiang taijiSuo XinI miss her very much. I also made some clothes at home and gave them to her little brother. The concubines told ruyi yanyan that she was also pregnant, butJin YuYanwas very miserable at this time. Once yan wan was subjected to the oppression of Jin YuYan, now the world is changing. Upon hearing that Jin YuYan's time was drawing to a close, ruyi decided to clarify her doubts.

When ruyi arrived at the palace of qixiang, the courtyard was empty and very poor. Ruyi walked into the room, came to Jin YuYan's bed, and told her that she had something to ask.Jin YuYansaid she would not tell ruyi, leaving her unable to learn the truth.Jin YuYanlamented that he had fought for a lifetime and now not only lost his face, but also his son, bringing shame on his mother and betraying his expectations. When ruyi told Jin that Lord YuYan had abandoned her,Jin YuYandid not believe her at first and thought it was a ploy by ruyi. Ruyi handed over toJin YuYanthe secret letter written by the prince to the emperor. Ruyi said that it was quite unworthy for her to pay for the whole life for such a cold and thin person.Jin YuYan lamented that he had been for a smile of wang ye all his life, but in the end he even forgot who he was. If yi inquired whether Jin YuYan v's death was caused by her. Jin YuYan insisted that it was not him, and he did not know why the rich son would rush to the five princesses. At that time, he was so focused on the eight brothers' legs that he had no time to take care of others. Jin YuYan met ruyi with duplicity. He told ruyi that she was the enemy of the whole harem as the queen. If you pulled ruyi down, it would be possible for others to rise to the throne. I also know many secrets. If I want to know something, I can ask myself. Jin YuYan admitted that she had killed empress hyo-hsien, mei and yi cong, her children, big brother and ah-ruo, but she refused to admit that shufei's children had died on her own hand. Ruyi got the answer he wanted and turned away. Jin YuYan still did not want to believe that the Lord would treat himself like this, and called out loudly for ruyi to stop, but ruyi did not pay attention to her.

Yan wan prayed for the good fortune of her son in anhua hall. Hayland's nephewZha QiHe asked to see hailan, who knew that he must have come to ask for money to send him away. Yan wan happened to see Zha Qi's nonsense and ordered people to take some money and give it to Zha Qi. If yi tells the emperor that he has seen the king's family, tell the emperor what the king said. The emperor did not believe that Kim had not done the crimes she did not admit to, but thoughtSu LianDead hand once held the pearl flower of pure imperial concubine, doubt this matter and pure imperial concubine are concerned. Ruyi said she did not believe the pure concubine would side with Kim. That pearl flower may be Kim for planting pure imperial concubine intended to do. The emperor asked ruyi to stop thinking about what had happened in the past.

She felt that her mother had treated ruyi well, even better than herself. Hailan asked about the recent status of the four elder brother, yongqi said four always unhappy. Hailan ordered yongqi to see the four brothers must respect and honor him, yongqi said he had written down. As Jin YuYan's health grew weaker, she walked to the mirror, supported by the court lady, feeling that her efforts had ended in vain. Jin YuYan dressed up for himself, thinking that if he had an afterlife, he must not lead such a life. At night, the maid found Jin YuYan dead in his room, dressed in his native costume.

The emperor decreed that she should be made respectable, and that she should be made imperial concubine. All the concubines were very surprised, the emperor said that the identity was for outsiders to avoid losing royal respectability. If taken filed YongXuan and yong xing is still very young, unfavorable by this relation.The emperor decreed that the second son should be named bei zi, to be taken care of by the toffees. May come off for her two brother, forever 珹 embrace two younger brother, said he will do both of them rely on in the future. If yi mentioned to hailan the unconfessed crime of Jin YuYan, thinking that there might be another culprit in this case, all the people were accounted for. Yan wan saw that the fetus of ruyi was called a good omen. The emperor also attached great importance to him, snubbed him and was very jealous. Jin Zhong told her that ruyi was likely to be born prematurely. When yan wan learned about this, he thought it was time to have a maternal grandmother. The next day, the midwife came to see ruyi. The midwife told ruyi that her fetus had turned aside and needed to be gently stroked by her stomach. She told ruyi not to move again, because the fetus would miss its original position and the birth would be even more difficult. If yi did not hear about the incident, said jiang tai-yi did not mention it. As a man, she only knew how to diagnose the pulse of the fetus and did not know the deviation of the fetus. Other people also said that only tian grandma in the uterus would change the position of the fetus. For the next few days, grandma tian came daily to rub her stomach. After a period of time, if yi always felt the lumbar branch was sour and soft, the child was moving in the stomach. The doctor said that ruyi was about to give birth. But with just over seven months, the baby is about to be born prematurely. Tian said that if yi's position had not been turned around, I'm afraid it would not be smooth when she gave birth.

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