Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace(TV)[2018]
Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace(TV)[2018]

《Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace》Cast

Uranara Rushi Xun Zhou Play)

Fewer arrogant and self-willed prisoners enter the palace often consulted, learn more strategies and means, but always change the stubborn and the truth. Knowing the harem rare heart, still longing for the respect and trust between husband and wife. Qianlong also have precious support, all the way to go after the cold palace. However, after being ranked in the palace, and Qianlong drifted away, and finally broken hair was wasted, the fond memories of cherry blossoms in Qing Sakura alone go. Such as Yi see the Emperor cool home, world affairs, but it is also not regret love a life.

Xun Zhou

Zhou Xun (Chinese: 周迅, born 18 October 1974) is a Chinese actress and singer. She gained international fame for her earlier roles in Suzhou River (2000) and Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress (2002).

Wulanalaruyi (blue cherry) Xun Zhou Play)

Xun Zhou

Zhou Xun (Chinese: 周迅, born 18 October 1974) is a Chinese actress and singer. She gained international fame for her earlier roles in Suzhou River (2000) and Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress (2002).

Aixinjueluo · Hongli Wallace Huo Play)

Mother mom was born suspicious of parents, parents and the mutual use of nursing mothers, life difficult to escape the shadow of childhood. Talented strategists are also inferiority complex, conspiracy, longing for emotion do not understand emotion. And such as Yi knowledge of micro-hours, the phase of mutual respect, the exclusion of all difficulties will be on the back bit, but after escaping the couple's predicament, the friction eventually rupture. After death, such as Yi endless, memories of young and true, laments the king loneliness. Like Yi's seemingly decisive eventual arrangement like abandoning real, allowing its ordinary and free!

Wallace Huo

Wallace Huo Chien-hwa (Chinese: 霍建華; pinyin: Huò Jiànhuá, born 26 December 1979) is a Taiwanese actor, singer and producer. He is known for his roles in At Dolphin Bay (2003), Chinese Paladin 3 (2009), Swordsman (2013) and The Journey of Flower (2015).

Keleite Helen Chun-Ning Chang Play)

Ergatu's daughter, the mother of Yongqi, Qianlong pre-concubines, embroidered mother origin. Such as Yi make a good life. Gentle personality, the surface is weak, strong bones. Treat feelings cool and calm, and such as Yi mutual trust and support. Yong Qi after giving birth can not sleep, but can persuade the emperor. Such as Yi died, and Wan concubine together down 嬿 Wan.

Chun-Ning Chang

Janine Chang Chun-ning (Chinese: 张钧甯, born 4 September 1982) is a Taiwanese actress. Chang attended National Taipei University and obtained a bachelor's degree in law. In June 2010, Chang graduated from the Institute of Industrial Economics at National Central University with a master's degree.

More《Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Jie Dong Fu Cha·LangHua After Emperor Qianlong, dignified and frugal. Admiration for the emperor, longing for the love of children, but because of the shackles of the queen have to be restrained, although the emperor respects, but more envious of Yi and emperor's two hearts allowable, profound and profound meaning. Fancy family glory, disdain for the harem battle, but why they fall into the trap of Yu-yan, by incitement, and such as Chi deep gap. By the people think that bad things done, died before the unwilling. After the death, the emperor discovered that there were many misunderstandings and remembered many years.
Zhilei Xin Jin YuYan North King tribute girl, Qianlong pre-concubines, looks glamorous, coquettish charming, and good maintenance, giving birth to four children. Surface heart straight mouth fast, not good idea, in fact, the Ayutthaya deep, ambitious, ruthlessly hot. Such as Yi repeated injustice, are her calculations, but married Lang Hua and 晞 month, sitting income fisherman benefit. All his life love North Korea, one for the mother's interests planning, unscrupulous.
Yao Tong Gao XiYue Gao Bin's daughter, Qianlong previous concubine, looks beautiful, frail and sick. Regret Han Han flag origin, so attached to the Queen, everywhere and such as Yi contests. In the Queen's dowry mate Su Lian at the behest of doing a lot of bad things, but that is the intention of the Queen, at the end of the dying, will think that it is a lot of bad faith to tell the emperor, the success of the Empress Dowager. Maid arranged for revenge after death, paving the way for the death of the Queen's prince forever.
Vivian Wu Button 祜 lu Zhen Huan Yong Zheng Xi Royal, Qianlong adoptive mother, when the Empress Dowager. Very resourceful, smart and capable. Held each other with Qianlong boarded the throne of the Empress Dowager, the two mother Koko child filial piety, but the relationship is delicate. Because with such as Yi aunt grievances, such as Yi suppress everywhere. Everything takes the future of two biological daughters as the most important task. In order to deal with this, it has tried its utmost to control the harem and constantly place concubines beside the emperor as checkers. Until the two daughters come back, put down their power for the rest of their lives.
Chun Li Wei YanWan Jia Qing Emperor's mother, daughter-born, bit royal imperial concubine. One heart to fly on the branches, at childhood and separated Ling YunChe childhood. At the beginning not too favored, for which dedication, anxious to have a pregnancy, but due to child obsession with contraceptives, thought it was such as Yi and Shu Fei harm, so hate. She was a big brother palace woman, Yu Yan GongNv, suffered Yuyao bullying, deep hate Yu Yan, stabbed nine princes provoked Yu Yan and Yi Yi hostile, in order to dominate the preeminent emperor favor.
Chao Jing Ling YunChe Leng Gong guards, Imperial guards before. And Wei YanWan childhood, admiration, such as Yi, married to marry the Imperial Palace Mamaqian. Looks handsome, forbear perseverance. Passionate, keep promise, delicate and thoughtful, always quietly guardian to protect people. To be framed and as illegitimate, was brutally jealous of the emperor, castrated, subject to all kinds of torture. In order to ensure the safety of Yi, bite the bullet, calmly go to die. And for the sea to leave the final pull down Wan Wan, such as Yi evidence of revenge.
Ke Hu Su LvYun Su Zhao South's daughter, Qianlong early concubines, has always been pet met flat, but eugenics. Honest, cowardly and confused, polite to everyone, easy to listen to abetting. Love son as life, in order to maintain his son can do anything.
Haoyu Chen Yehnara Huanhuan Nalan Yongshou daughter, Emperor Qianlong concubines. Noble identity is Queen Mother's pawn. Full reading of poetry, love the emperor, very infatuated. Character high, speak things directly, love and hate clearly. And such as Yi pay good. The emperor both affectionate love her deep, and dread her to prevent her pregnancy. Occasionally gave birth to elder brother. Ten princes know the emperor dread preparedness after death, thinking that the emperor led to his son died, desperation and died burning.
Hongshan He Bai RuiJi Qianlong early Concubine. South House Pipa Kabuki, Queen Mother chess pieces. Empress Dowager was used to disrupt the harem, as a pawn. Because she was born Yuyu teratogenic, but that is the Queen of Hsiao-hsien, after years of revenge for the death of seven princes, after the body corrupt to cast aside the Empress for the Empress Dowager, was used by the emperor to make another pawn of the Queen Mother Can not be pregnant, after suicide. Since the injury of the world, sharp personality, incompatible with others.
Xiwen Cao Chen WanYin Chen Yan Zhang's daughter, Qianlong pre-concubines, no pets. Taciturn, afraid of provoking right and wrong, in fact, the very heart eager to pay attention to the emperor, but do not understand pet. Obscurity in the palace so there is no enemy, but also few friends, and Ru Yi good feelings. Such as Yi died after making good with Hyland, and Hyland together down Wan Wan.
Jianing Zhang Ba Lin·MeiRuo Mid-Qianlong Concubine, grew up in the southern Mongolia princess, born noble, lively and temper, and such as Yi pay good, do not like Wan Wan. In 嬿 Wan euthanized five princesses in the process of being shocked by the birth of six princesses, six princesses died of excessive sadness, unhappy, always thought it was Yu Yan harm, deep hate Yu Yan. In order to take care of the Mongolian concubines, the emperor raised the seven princesses Jing Jing to Ying Bin.
Yi-xuan Zeng Sotos Outreach Such as Yi dowry maid, rebel after Qianlong concubine. Such as Yi dowry maid, Amar Gui Duo good water caused the emperor's attention, after the betrayal as Yi, become the emperor concubine. On the surface of the emperor pet, in fact, was disgusted by the emperor neglected, but it caused jealous concubines, suffering words, temper increasingly cranky. After being sentenced to cats hanging in Lenggong died. Crazy character, vain vanity, sharp speech hurt.
Qin Li Han XiangJian Late Emperor Qianlong Concubine, the cold beauty, the United States Body fragrance, cool and strong character. By his father sent to the palace, Qianlong its captivated, bluntly true love for life, so that the six house of fear, such as Yi heart-breaking. More because of the Queen's life, such as Yi sent its sterilization soup, to the emperor after centrifugation. After the safety of the tribe left in the palace, but the heart stop, not with the people, ten years of grace, but it is depressed.
Henry Yue Lu MuPing Qianlong concubine. Gongqing female, one of the queen chess pieces. Occasionally favor the Empress Dowager face, it is courtesy. Innocent personality, but also some envy, by the emperor by means of the hands of roses caused by infertility, and Wan Wan 瀣 瀣 angrily. Raising fifteen brother Yong Yan, and Wan Wan fight for their right to support was framed death.
Dantong Han Huang QiYing Qianlong concubine. Former Langya maid, not favored. Weak personality no assertive, cowardly, who would be slightly better for her will think each other is a good man, there is no wrong view. After being murdered because of Yu Yan small product, that is, such as Yi harm their mother and son, was too Yuanyu ordered too much medicine to take too much Achyranthes bleeding and died.
Karina Zhao Borjit Eritrea Beads Concubine of Qianlong late concubine, Mongolian Bolzite Ministry princes daughter, although nearly thirty into the palace, but looks very beautiful. Ambitious, love to make trouble, despised despised as Yi, soon fell out of favor. Wei YanWan was ordered to use framing such as Yi.
Liu Meitong Bai ErGuoSiShi Mongolia's princes and daughter, arrogant and arrogant, his spicy character, only contacts with the Mongolian concubines, bent on restoring the glory of the Mongolian Empress in the early Qing Dynasty. Su Ying and Princess close, dissatisfaction with Wei YanWan.
Wenkang Yuan Jiang YuBin Too too hospital medicine, cold Palace in a dose of arsenic help Yi Yi and then be reborn Jun; Yongsheng Palace in a bowl of traction machine will Qiu Wan sent Jue Road. Unknown, but very infatuated. And Suo Xin natives and childhood acquaintance, after entering the palace and met and fell in love, and finally be the emperor's marriage. Suo Xin has a lifelong mobility problem, and he wants to spend the rest of his life with him.
Chen small differences Suo Xin Such as Yi's personal maidservants, smart and clear, clever, know how to look up and see, won such as Yi appreciation. Pre-emptive is often suppressed by Imam, her patience, with Jiang YuBin hometown and met since childhood, after the encounter and fell in love with the palace.
Joan Chen Wulanala Yixiu No introduction
Xiang Qi Rong Pei Such as Yi's personal maid, instead of married Suo Xin serve as Yi. Work on the heart, clean and tidy, but also very strict, unspoken. Faith loyalty to Yi, for its right hand, is like Yi in the palace of one of the credible, follow such as Yi, died of the martyr.
Zhang Fengyi Aixinjueluo Yin 禛 No introduction
Ming Huang Li Yu Qianlong's close eunuch, who had been helped by Yi, helped Yi Yi to be targeted by Wang Qin for being clever and clever.
Shaoqun Yu An JiBoSang No introduction
Xueming Jiang Jin Zhong Yang Xin Temple eunuchs, residual body leakage, but heart than heaven. Abominable Ling YunChe, loves Wan Wan, is a wannabe allies and eyeliner in the harem, but also its mentor in the harem advanced road.
Jie Li Aixinjueluo Hong No introduction
Chunxiao Min Su Lian Fu Cha · LangHua dowry maid and confidante, Changchun palace palm aunt. Loyal, energetic, every step in planning and planning for the Fashi clan's glory and the Queen's steadfastness. Always on thin ice, always careful, but finally made a wedding dress for others. [twenty four]
Qian Wu Tian YunJiao No introduction
Lin Cheng Zhen Shu Jin YuYan's dowry maid, Northland medical girl background, proficient in medicine and diet, but also quite accomplished calligraphy. Is Yu Yan's military strategist and confidant, Yu Yan's various intrigues are inseparable from Zhen Shu's help. Jin YuYan exposed his culpability after being exposed and repatriated to the North. [13]
Jinsong Wang Na ErBu No introduction
Wang Xiao orange Lian Xin The maid of Fu Cha Langua was given food by Wang Qin, the grand eunuch, to glimpse the emperor's mind. Wang Qin suffered torture, designed to let Wang Qin die and return to Queen's side. Since then, hate Queen, is one of the promoters of the Queen's tragedy. [2]
Ming Hu Wang Qin One of Qianlong's closest eunuchs, who is not in harmony with Li Yu. Lian Lian Xin chafing appearance, has repeatedly requested food on it. Langya to win over Wang Qin, to explore the emperor's mind, then prospective Lin Xin Xin and Wang Qin on food. Lian Xin is ill-treated after eating every night, making her life worse than death. Finally, it was designed by Lian Xin, ordered by the emperor to pick off the tendons and tendons and then placed in the post office.
papa Mo Xin Gao XiYue's personal maidservants, dedicated to the Royal Asiatic shelter. Protector lord, there is loyalty to the master's heart, after the death of Hui Chai, only to the Hui Royal revenge. [13]
Li Meng Yang Xing Xuan Gao XiYue's dowry maid
Yuxi Zhang Shui LingLong No introduction
Chu Xiao Qu Aixinjueluo Yongqi No introduction
Cheng Bian Shao NianYongQi No introduction
Zejingxi Wu You NianYongQi No introduction
Xueying Guan Aixinjueluo Jing Se No introduction
Yuyu Wu Shao NianJingSe No introduction
Ding Qiao Aixinjueluo Yonghuang No introduction
(None) Shao NianYongHuang No introduction
Ye Kaiwen You NianYongHuang No introduction
Angela Aixinjueluo Yong 珹 No introduction
Hu Xianxu Shao NianYongCheng No introduction
(None) You NianYongCheng No introduction
Xu Ling Chen Aixinjueluo Yong 璂 (youth) No introduction
Xu Ling Chen aisin giorro 璂 forever No introduction
Ye Sheng Tong Shao NianYongQi No introduction
(None) You NianYongQi No introduction
(None) Aixinjueluo Yongzhang No introduction
(None) Shao NianYongZhang No introduction
(None) Aixinjueluo Yong 瑢 No introduction
(None) You NianYongRong No introduction
Yu Yaochen Aixinjueluo Yong 琏 No introduction
(None) Aixinjueluo Jing 兕 No introduction
Gong Xiao 瑄 Yu Hu No introduction
Hong Guo Fu Jia No introduction
Xuan Lu Duan ShuZhangGongZhu No introduction
Zhou Xiaoqin Yan GongNv No introduction
Herun Wang Rou ShuZhangGongZhu No introduction
(None) Xi ChangZai No introduction
(None) Lu ChangZai No introduction
Zhu Jue Rui GuiRen No introduction
Wen-ting Sun Gong ChangZai No introduction
Ruijia Jiang Wang FuZhi No introduction
(None) Li Xin No introduction
Qi Li San Bao No introduction
crystal Ling Zhi No introduction
Jia Liu Ye Xin No introduction
Zhaozhong Meng Zhao JiuXiao No introduction
Quanyou Wang Qi Ru No introduction
Lancun Gao Gao Bin No introduction
Yan Qin Zhang TingYu No introduction
Weifu Ma Liu TongXun No introduction
Jia Yanlong Fu Cha·FuHeng No introduction
(None) Zhao YiTai No introduction
Young Wang Chan No introduction
Leo Qian ShuangXi No introduction
(None) Jin Bao No introduction
(None) Qin Li No introduction
Shuo Yang Xu An No introduction
Baoping Shen Su PeiSheng No introduction
Yanyan Zhang Xiu Xia No introduction
Chun Wang Chun Chan No introduction
Liu Yang Lan Cui No introduction
Huang Yang sweet Shao NianQingYing No introduction
(None) Shao NianHongLi No introduction
Ma Qiyue Shao NianHongShi No introduction
Dong Li worry-free Aixinjueluo Yong 瑆 No introduction
(None) You NianYongXing No introduction
(None) Aixinjueluo Yong Xuan No introduction
(None) Aixinjueluo Jing Yan No introduction
Jessica Aixinjueluo Jing 妘 No introduction
Chenyuan Er Aixinjueluo Jing 妧 No introduction
(None) You NianYongYan No introduction
(None) Qing You No introduction
Fang Xiaoli Na FuRen No introduction
(None) Xi LinJueLuoShi No introduction
Ma Yan Nan Yi LaLiShi No introduction
Wei Wang Wu Ya·MaoQian No introduction
Xiu Meng Wei FuRen No introduction
Miao Tian Tian MaMa No introduction
Yan Zhu Ji TaiPin No introduction
Xuelan Wu Qin WangFuJin No introduction
(None) Bai ChangZai No introduction
Rebecca Xiu ChangZai No introduction
(None) Kui DaYing No introduction
Qu Rong Ping DaYing No introduction
Wang Liang Ya Shun Xin No introduction
White Lan Ke Xin No introduction
Jennifer Su Yun No introduction
(None) He Xi No introduction
(None) A Bao No introduction
High winter rain Ha Li No introduction
Jamie Zhang Xin Yan No introduction
Chen Mengxi Xi Po No introduction
(None) Ze Zhi No introduction
(None) Yun Zhi No introduction
Fei Shui Zhi No introduction
(None) Huan Xin No introduction
Zhao Jing Duo Yun No introduction
(None) Duo Yan No introduction
(None) Lang ShiNing No introduction
(None) Cheng Han No introduction
(None) Wu Fu No introduction
Song teng Zha Qi No introduction
(None) Zuo Lu No introduction
(None) Aixinjueluo Hong day No introduction
(None) Ne Qin No introduction
Yingqun Han Qin TianJian No introduction
Jennifer Han Niang No introduction
(None) An Duo No introduction
(None) Bao TaiYi No introduction
Wang of the people Xu TaiYi No introduction
Wang Lusheng Zhao TaiYi No introduction
(None) Cui MaMa No introduction
(None) Xiao AnZi No introduction
(None) Xiao FuZi No introduction
(None) Xiao LuZi No introduction
(None) Xiao LiZi No introduction
(None) Xiao LeiZi No introduction
(None) Lu MuPingShiNv No introduction
Zhang Meng cold Ke PinShiNv No introduction
(None) Tao Er No introduction
Yuan Yi one Ai Er No introduction
(None) Er Tao No introduction

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