Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace(TV)[2018]
Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace(TV)[2018]

《Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace》Ep43:"An assassin appears in the palace, and the emperor suspects himself."

Master anji prays in the palace, and al finds itThe An DuoBe grateful that he helped himself. Ariel said she felt the pain of being bullied in the palace, and masterThe An Duocomforted her as long as her heart was calm. Al said that onlyThe An Duowould speak kindly to her in the palace. She wantedThe An Duoto give her the Buddha beads in his hands and feel his boundless mercy so that she could live a better life in the afterlife.The An Duotook the prayer beads and gave them to ai er.

The princess saw that the lady who sent the ice had changed, and asked her where she had been. Seeing that ruyi had sealed up the royal imperial concubine, princess jia was so angry that master anji came to kiss her hand. The lady next to him said that they were a man and a woman, and that they had nothing to do, and who knew what they would do. The princess looked thoughtful. When master angi finished his prayer, the emperor said that he had to return to the hall to take care of his heart. At this time, if yi could not walk steadily and was about to fall down, master angi held her, and the emperor warned her to be careful. After the emperor left, the pure imperial concubine sent a copy of the heart curse, thinking the big brother and the three brothers pray for blessing. Master anji sent up an offering for ruyi and told her that she could wear a string of beads to enhance her peace. All this was heard by the ladies of the royal court.

The emperor saw the ladies rushing to anhua hall to listen to master anji reciting scriptures. He said that although the master was a monk, he needed to avoid suspicion. When the master said prayers, he would be sent out of the palace as soon as possible. For example, I met with jiang tai - doctorSuo XinTwo of a kind suggested thatSuo Xinbe given to jiang tai-yi after half a year of the mourning period for the empress of xiao xian. He said that if they had children, they would often bring them to the palace and count them as their half righteous son. They were very grateful. Late at night, yanywan put many fireflies in the palace, attracting the emperor to come, the emperor indeed came to yongshou palace, called yenwan to sleep. Ruyi suddenly heard something strange in her palace. It wasSan BaoA man dressed in white was seen coming into the palace while preparing hot water. The assassin ran away when he heard the noise. If yi hastily ordered to tell the emperor. If yi had heard that the guards on the tour had gone after them, it was strange to think that the guards' tour did not come so quickly at this time. On the second day, the emperor went to the palace to speak to princess jia. When ruyi came to the emperor and his wife, the emperor mentioned that she had gone to anhua hall to pray for good fortune.Princess jia said that she also ordered someone to send the sutras to pray, but she never went there herself. If yi and the master must be close to each other, the master would only send the incense and the bracelet to ruyi. Ruyi admitted that the master had offered himself incense, but she did not see the bracelet. The imperial concubine offersZhen ShuOn his arrival,Zhen Shutook out a string of hands and said that he had occasionally seen ruyi and the master be intimate and whisper in private. Later, the master also put his hand on ruyi's hand and put it on his own hand for the purpose of making love. Ruyi said she had never done this. Princess jia said she had taken the bracelet together with the victory. It was found by the guards who hunted the assassin that day. If yi argued that the letter was not written by himself. The emperor said that no one in the palace could copy ruyi's handwriting to raise doubts about ruyi. When the emperor asked the assassin where the master was, jia guifei said that the master lock himself in the second floor of anhua temple qing repair, the master's ability, from the second floor jump is not difficult. The emperor said that he would investigate the matter in detail. Princess jia said that Suo Xin was mentioned in the letter, so it would be better to send Suo Xin to the department of punishment for interrogation.

The empress dowager said that the emperor did this matter safely, because this matter involving the southern region invited the master, do not dare to act rashly. The empress dowager ordered people to check the movement of the palace, and then pay attention to the entrance and exit of anhua hall. The emperor raised the suspicion that if yi, another maid might have had an affair with the master. The empress dowager, seeing that the emperor was defending her, thought that it would be a good idea to purge the imperial palace and inspect the ladies.

If yi had suffered a grievance, feeling that the court was troubled. Let Suo Xin, if yiLi YuCheck what's wrong with reporting your stuff, nowFu JiaBring people, said the queen mother ordered people to check things and things six palace, to see if there was a maid misconduct. The emperor askedLi Yuwhat he thought about the incident.Li Yusaid he did not think that ruyi was such a person.

Fu Jia brought people to the imperial concubine to search, the results saw ai er hand on the Buddha beads,Fu Jiasaw that the Buddha beads are very good, not the eunuchs or women in the palace can have. TheFu Jiaordered ai er to be taken into custody. Ai er confessed that he asked for the Buddha pearl from An Duo. The empress dowager punished ai er by flogging him 100 lashes. The empress dowager said that the palace in the attack on the assassin had nothing to do with the maid, let the emperor still need to carefully examine if yi.Princess jia told the lady that she understood that the emperor would not deal with her, but the most important thing for the queen was innocence. But now the emperor according to this matter, jia guifei decided to add a fire, use er, the matter more serious. In the night, the emperor remembered what he had done with the master and could not sleep. In the prison, er cries more and more, knowing that he hurt An Duo master, even more self-reproach. Then the jailer gave her an idea. When ai er is executed, loudly shout oneself but collected a bunch of buddhist bead, receive so punish, how can match royal imperial concubine...

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