Before dawn(TV)[2016]
Before dawn(TV)[2016]

《Before dawn》Ep7:episode 7

Wei changqing sent someone to track du shaojie, fang peiling learned that du shaojie was being tracked, had to cooperate with du shaojie stand at the window kissing. Wei changqing's men in the downstairs to see a real, do not doubt it, think that du shaojie left the police department is dating lover. The white tiger asked yuan shuying to exchange the password box for Tang JingYun. Yuan shuying went to a foreign bank to get the password box. Yuan shuying rescued Tang JingYun and hijacked du shaojie on the way back to the police station in a police car. In fact, du shaojie deliberately hijacked yuan shuying to help her escape. Yuan shuying led du shaojie into a lane inside, du shaojie told yuan shuying to hurry to save Tang JingYun, willing to be shot by yuan shuying, fainted on the ground. Wei changqing led the team to chase over, ordered his men to help the unconscious du shaojie, back to the police station. The police car had not yet returned to the police station, and du shaojie came to himself with a blank face. Yuan shuying went to see the white tiger with an empty box and asked the white tiger to release Tang JingYun. The white tiger took yuan shuying to the yard and pointed out the ground covered by Tang JingYun. The box has been damaged, Tang JingYun has already broken the box to escape, yuan shuying dropped the empty box turned to go, white tiger's hands picked up the box to open a look, it was empty. The white tiger felt it was unnecessary. No one knew when the Tang JingYun ran away. It was impossible for him to track down the Tang JingYun immediately. After escaping, Tang JingYun was thrown into the street and tortured with poison. He wanted to take an antidote, but the thought of it becoming more addictive forced him to throw it away. The next morning, Tang JingYun met yuan shuying by the bridge. He was not conscious because of his drug addiction. He treated yuan shuying coldly and accused her of cheating on him. Yuan shuying does not know that Tang JingYun is addicted to drugs, and turns to leave in the voice of Tang JingYun's scolding. Tang JingYun woke up and remembered scolding yuan shuying, immediately regretted and looked around for yuan shuying. Fang peiling to the superior arrangement of the task for du shaojie to carry out, du shaojie sat up straight, face serious listen to fang peiling to convey the superior's command. The superior asked du shaojie to cooperate with the colleague to complete the task of eliminating drugs, du shaojie wanted to hear fang peiling to convey the superior's command in detail, but fang peiling only used a few words to say the superior's command, du shaojie could not hear, the content of the task which fang peiling relayed was too concise. Although wei got the password box, he could not open it without it. Two policemen went to yuan shuying's house to look for the password box. Tang JingYun quietly appeared, pointing a gun at one of the officers and poking at Ms. Yuan's whereabouts from the officer's mouth. The police dare not cheat Tang JingYun and honestly tell the story of yuan shuying being arrested by wei changqing and then running away. Tang JingYun learned about yuan shuying's whereabouts from the police, and went to the police station with a box to find wei changqing, offering to make a deal with wei changqing.When wei changqing saw Tang JingYun coming to the door voluntarily, he agreed to do business with Tang JingYun. Tang JingYun followed wei into the office, opened the box, took out two tubes of silver and put them on the table.

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