Before dawn(TV)[2016]
Before dawn(TV)[2016]

《Before dawn》Ep34:episode 34

Fang peiling and du shaojie were sent to prison. Song Ming ordered his opponent to torture her without any mercy. Fang peiling suffered all the time strong and unyielding, du shaojie was taken to the trial room, see fang peiling was tortured into a man, the anger mixed to rush towards Song Ming. Song Ming knocked out du shaojie, wei changqing drove over, looking at the suffering of fang peiling and du shaojie falling on the ground, wei changqing's eyes reveal a bit of shock and helplessness. He worked with du shaojie for many years and had a deep friendship with him. Now du shaojie and fang peiling are still in the communist party. Song Ming tortures them. In order to attract Tang JingYun, Song Ming decided to announce the execution of fang peiling and du shaojie on alternate days. The news reached the ears of Tang JingYun. Tang JingYun guessed that Song Ming was trying to lead him to appear. Despite the obvious intention of Song Ming, Tang JingYun decided to go to the execution place to meet Song Ming and rescue du shaojie and fang peiling. When wei changqing called yuan shuying to inform her of the arrest of du and fang peiling, the only person who could save them was yuan shuying. Balin has expressed displeasure with her brother-in-law, Song Ming, for imprisoning her wife, yuan shuying, after she returned from an outing. Song Ming, his eyes showing killing, put his hand on his shoulder to remind him to mind his own business. Yuan shuying asked Song Ming back home eager to shoot du and fang peiling, Song Ming excuses the two are the communist party, must be removed as soon as possible. When the execution date comes, Song Ming personally escorts du shaojie and fang peiling to the execution ground. As death moves closer and closer, du shaojie puts aside his fear of kissing fang peiling. Yuan shuying hurried out to the execution ground, wrote the paper and threw it to the ground floor. Standing on the ground floor, she picked up the paper and read the content. Yuan shuying hoped to escape with the help of her sister, and promised that she would tell her sister all the secrets in the future. Beling believed that her sister yuan shuying had a hard time to tell her, and she managed to help her sister yuan shuying escape by beating two guards. Two earth pits were dug at the scene of the execution. Du shaojie and fang peiling were escorted by the police to stand outside the pit, waiting for the sound of gunfire. Wang yifeng came with a party of men, hiding in the woods, waiting for the opportunity to shoot. Song Ming guessed that Tang JingYun would come to save the two friends. Instead of immediately announcing the shooting, Song patiently allowed time to slowly fade away. Tang JingYun was accompanied by zhou tong to a place not far from the execution site. He did not want to implicate zhou, so he knocked zhou unconscious before making his way to the execution site. Song Ming thought that Tang JingYun would not come again and ordered his men to shoot. At the last moment, someone threw a piece of wood at the execution ground. The person throwing the wood was Tang JingYun. Wei changqing is in the same camp as Song Ming, but he follows the rules of interrogating prisoners. He doesn't want Song Ming to shoot them directly before interrogating them. Song Ming ordered his subordinates to take away du shaojie and fang peiling. When Tang JingYun was beaten by Song Ming, baling came to him. He falsely claimed that his sister yuan shuying was captured by the communist party.Yuan shuying rushed to the execution site and met her husband, Tang JingYun, who had not seen her for six months. A group of communists attacked an army vehicle on the road that escorted du and fang. There was an intense gun battle. Du couldn't escape. Fang was lucky to escape. Later, he called wei changqing to persuade him to surrender, but wei did not immediately commit himself.

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