Before dawn(TV)[2016]
Before dawn(TV)[2016]

《Before dawn》Cast

Tang JingYun Lei Kang Play)

The anti-smuggling captain, who worked hard to earn money for his family and a better life for his loved ones, but the special times sent him to fight and defend his country. During the operation, he accidentally discovered that his wife, yuan shuying, was the "xuanwu" of the five clubs hidden in the police station. After a brief breakdown, he rallied and went alone to rivertown, the stronghold of the Pentecostal church, in an attempt to defeat the Pentecostal church and reveal the truth.

Lei Kang

Lei Kang, born on January 9, 1988 in Xining, Qinghai Province, is an actor in the Mainland of China and graduated from the Undergraduate Class of Performance 2005 at Hunan University. In 2010, starred in the first TV series "Slipping Heart", which officially entered the entertainment industry; 2012, starring the Republican cops andcheaps movie "Republican police flowers"; In 2014, in the costume fairy tale "Heroes of God" In the same year, by virtue of the Republic of China love drama "Love Sansheng" Maud corner attention. In 2015, he played the grand prince of Meng Shu Xuan Cong in the costume Xian Xia's love story Flower Bone; in 2016, he played Zhou Jingheng in the emotional drama "Sister and Sister"; in the same year, the actor starred in the drama "Left Eye" In January 2017, starring Xuan Huan through the network drama "Looking for a journey past life"; April, in the war epic drama "Patriots" Hou Xiaotian; the same year, starring in campus fantasy drama "Demon Ten Commandments."

Song Ming Bowen Wang Play)

Bowen Wang

Wang Bowen is a Chinese singer, actor and professional table tennis player.

Wu Liang Jin Liu Play)

Jin Liu

Jin Liu. Chinese mainland actor. Gold supporting role. Best Supporting Actor for 2016 Sixth Bali International Film Festival. 2016 China International Youth Film Festival "Best Supporting Actor" nomination. Born in Heilongjiang. Native of Tianjin. Beijing Film Academy performance class graduation. Professional actor. Entry 10 years. Hundreds of performances. Major works: "Six cases of serious" "Charlotte troubles" "Ant tribal struggle" "Do not let me see" "Peace is blessed" "Angel's happiness" "Hit dog stick" "Transfiguration male" "Runaway Warrior "" Villagers Qian Wang "and many other film and television works.

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