Before dawn(TV)[2016]
Before dawn(TV)[2016]

《Before dawn》Ep10:episode 10

The white tiger xie bian returns to the old man's side to restore his life, the old man is persuading yuan shuying and Tang JingYun to break up. Yuan shuying is one of the four beasts of the five clubs, which has the function of solidifying people's hearts. Yuan shuying dug into the whereabouts of Tang JingYun from xie's mouth and offered to meet Tang JingYun for the last time. The don is silent and silent. Yuan shuying emphasizes that if he can't get permission to meet with Tang JingYun for the last time, he will go all out to break through the obstacle set by the don. When the old man saw yuan shuying, he insisted on meeting Tang JingYun for the last time, but let yuan shuying leave. Accompanied by xie bian, the old man saw yuan shuying drive away, realizing that he had to get rid of Tang JingYun, otherwise yuan shuying would always be trapped in love. Yuan shuying finds Tang JingYun sitting in a daze in yinmahe. Xie comes with a sniper gun and looks for an opportunity to shoot Tang JingYun. Yuan shuying's arrival makes Tang JingYun burst into flames, and he points out with grief and indignation that yuan shuying is the father's lover. Yuan shuying did not explain for himself, but follow Tang JingYun's words to admit that he is the husband's lover. Tang JingYun was so disappointed with yuan shuying that she turned her back. Tang JingYun suddenly stood up and stopped yuan shuying. Xie bian, not far away, raised his sniper rifle and aimed at Tang JingYun. Yuan shuying found xie. If she doesn't, Tang JingYun must have been killed by shepherd. Tang JingYun was shot and shot in the water. Three fishermen from a short distance came to rescue him. On the road, xie drove yuan shuying to his side, deliberately revealing that he had been talking alone with Tang JingYun, who revealed to Tang JingYun that yuan shuying was his lover. Yuan shuying raised a gun to xie bian, although she raised a pistol to xie bian, but did not shoot xie bian, a moment later put down the pistol, to remind xie bian no longer need to do from the stem. Now that she has shot and wounded Tang JingYun, her relationship with her husband and wife has broken down. Tang JingYun was injured and taken in by fishermen. He left without saying goodbye and went inside to smoke. Du shaojie entered the cigarette room to find Tang JingYun, looking at Tang JingYun in surprise. With du shaojie watching, Tang JingYun escaped from the big cigarette store and escaped into an alley. Du shaojie could not understand Tang JingYun's smoking and self-immolation. Tang JingYun showed du shaojie the gunshot wound on the chest. Du shaojie knew that Tang JingYun was wounded by yuan shuying, and he quickly confirmed that yuan was sincere to Tang JingYun. In the evening, du shaojie led his men to track the smuggled goods. A gang of smuggled goods were selling tungsten banknotes. Mr. Artest shot the police in the dark, and Tang JingYun rushed out to subdue him. Yuan shuying is lying in bed thinking deeply about her husband Tang JingYun. She has hallucinations. She sees her husband Tang JingYun appear in front of her bed.Du shaojie went out home, suddenly aware of the home's layout is not quite right, he realized that someone broke into the home, in the heart of a tight took out the pistol.

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