Before dawn(TV)[2016]
Before dawn(TV)[2016]

《Before dawn》Ep4:episode 4

Zheng's death came at the sight of Tang JingYun. Tang JingYun found a letter in zheng's home. It was white tiger, one of the four beasts of the wudaohui, that wrote to zheng. This man is the third of the five daohui, higher than xuanwu. Zheng had recently received another superior's order to kill li shouye. Now the white tiger also arranged a killing task to zheng ah qi, indicating that the five clubs are short of manpower. Otherwise, the white tiger should arrange other staff to perform tasks, instead of assigning tasks to zheng ah-qi successively with another partner. Tang JingYun also found a staff chart from zheng's home, which recalled Tang JingYun's memory of his wife, yuan shuying, who had fallen in love with each other and weathered the storm together, but now became an enemy. Zheng did not succeed in killing li, and police searched for him over the radio. Wei changqing became the new director after li's death and, accompanied by du shaojie, drove to jiangcheng to investigate the case. Li shouye received wei changqing. Tang JingYun, dressed as wei changqing, was sitting on the street opposite the police station. Unexpectedly, he saw du shaojie who followed wei changqing in a car leaving the police station. Yuan shuying also came to jiangcheng, where she met du shaojie, when Tang JingYun was not far away followed by wei changqing. Wei changqing holds up his pistol to Tang JingYun, who unexpectedly attacks wei changqing and knocks him to the ground. Du shaojie pointed his gun at yuan shuying and forced yuan shuying to take off the black cloth on her face. Yuan shuying turned to face du shaojie, and unexpectedly turned his gun on him. Tang JingYun hurried over and pointed his gun at yuan shuying. He guessed that yuan shuying was xuanwu, and could not understand Tang JingYun's repeated concealment of yuan's identity. When Tang JingYun saw that du shaojie was afraid to let yuan shuying go, he turned a gun to his head. If du shaojie shot yuan shuying to death, Tang JingYun also shot himself. Du shaojie was threatened by Tang JingYun, who took the opportunity to take his wife, yuan shuying, and sent her home. Yuan shuying's residence in jiangcheng is luxurious and spacious. Tang JingYun wuweijin deems that yuan shuying is rich and can afford to live in a large house that ordinary people cannot afford. Ms. Yuan denied the Tang JingYun misunderstanding, saying the big house she lived in was arranged by her superiors, not paid for. Du shaojie called his staff, asked about the missing file records, li deputy director of the arraignment information qiaoxiang, not to the dushaojie to find qiaosen. Tang JingYun sneaked into the house of deputy director li and found the information of arraigsen in the house of deputy director li. Li and Wu Liang, his deputy, heard what was going on in the room. They came into the room and ran into Tang JingYun who was preparing to leave. There was a brief fight between them. Tang JingYun bought some food and gave it to yuan shuying. He mentioned that he went to li shouye's house and stole the information of the arraignment. Before coming to yuan shuying's house, Tang JingYun sent the arraignment papers to du shaojie. Yuan shuying could not understand Tang JingYun's behavior. Tang JingYun explained that he wanted to use du shaojie's hand to find out where jonson was. Du shaojie is a police officer, and as long as he wants to investigate jonson, naturally he has a better way than Tang JingYun.Jiangcheng no. 1 prison, Johnson sat in the cell, back against the wall, looking up at the high Windows, eager for the superior to send someone to help him out of jail.

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