Before dawn(TV)[2016]
Before dawn(TV)[2016]

《Before dawn》Ep22:episode 22

Tang JingYun chose the girls, and one of them with a plait sang the best, but instead of a plait, Tang JingYun chose another woman who could sing fairly well. The Tang JingYun's unfair ruling was challenged by everyone present who thought it was the best performer, but the Tang JingYun didn't choose it. In fact, Tang JingYun doesn't want braided plaits to become women. Tang JingYun had no choice but to ask zhou to take care of the braid. After yuan shuying took the money and left, he got out of bed to make a phone call. The telephone in the house was shut down, so ma monkey had to entrust his sister to find a paper and pen to write a letter to a friend in business. Standing at the door, yuan shuying overheard the speech of monkey sister and brother. Yuan shuying asked the address in the letter, went to the street to find a public phone booth, wanted to call li shouye, but did not have the heart to sell the horse monkey. Li shouye drove over to find yuan shuying and mention her family. To protect her family, yuan shuying revealed to li shouye that ma yu had entrusted his sister to deliver the letter, whose address was no. 21 tianning street. When yuan shuying returned to her house, there was a pile of letter paper lying on the table. The horse monkey used to write on a letter paper. According to the contents of the letter, yuan shuying guessed that monkey was an underground party member. If monkey was an underground party member, the address he sent the letter must be a contact station. Yuan shuying realized the danger and called Tang JingYun in a hurry to remind Tang JingYun to inform wang yifeng to withdraw. Knowing that she loved Tang JingYun, cao lesheng always used her as a tool to vent his libido. Once again, she was killed by cao lesheng and left the new world club, where she found Wu Liang. Ms. Yuan had fallen into the hands of Wu Liang, who took a gold bar from Ms. Bai and let her dispose of her. Bai yanni came to the tree where yuan shuying was tied with a pistol. She was blindfolded and could not see who was standing in front of her. Bai yanni pointed a gun at yuan shuying, but she did not have the heart to kill yuan shuying. After struggling hard, she fired a pistol into the sky and tied yuan shuying. Yuan shuying broke loose from the rope and took the black cloth from her eyes. She picked up the pistol, which had fallen to the ground, and returned to jiangcheng to follow li shouye. Mother zhao arrived at du longxiang's home as a guest, the two were originally the teacher brother and sister relations, had not met for 20 years. Du, who had an affair with zhao's mother, suspects that Tang JingYun was his illegitimate child, but zhao doesn't admit it. Du shaojie was accompanied by fang peiling when he came home. He overheard his father du longxiang talking to zhao's mother. Accompanied by fang peiling, he quietly left and realized that he and Tang JingYun were half-brothers.Tang JingYun got in touch with du shaojie, and explained what had been notified by yuan's phone. Li shaoye may have gone to catch wang yifeng. Tang JingYun and du shaojie went to wang's house.

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