Before dawn(TV)[2016]
Before dawn(TV)[2016]

《Before dawn》Ep28:episode 28

Tang JingYun went to the interrogation room to do the ideological work of cao lesheng, reminding him to confess his guilt voluntarily or wait to be found out by the police. Cao lesheng has been placed under house arrest with a trump card and is not afraid of being tortured by Tang JingYun. Hu called the police to find Tang JingYun. He asked Tang JingYun to declare cao lesheng not guilty at noon, otherwise Balinese would be in danger of death. Hu banged on the phone and told his men to take care of laring. He went out to pick up cao lesheng. If he does not return before twelve o 'clock, the lark will die. On the one hand, Tang JingYun hopes cao lesheng will confess, on the other hand, he is worried about the safety of bailing. Balintimes deliberately pretended to suffer from asthma, and cheated hu meng's people out of the street to buy medicine. She wanted to run away immediately. As hu meng's men came back from the trip outside the window, she had to call Tang JingYun to reveal that she was under house arrest. Hu Meng men buy medicine to come back, for lark take the medicine, ask lark sing a song, lark to stall for time, sang a song to Hu Meng hands, Hu Meng hand suddenly remembered a mirror is missing in the room, pieces of lens has been lark sweep under the bed, Hu Meng men found the mirror shards scattered under the bed, lark without much thought, attack Hu Meng men turned and ran, Tang JingYun, for killing Hu Meng men. Hu meng went out without waiting for Tang JingYun and returned to the house where he was imprisoned. He happened to run into Tang JingYun and let him go. Tang JingYun gave him the pistol for safekeeping and fought hu meng with his bare hands. Many people heard that cao lesheng was arrested by the police, so they gave up their worries and called the police to report cao lesheng. Tang JingYun led cao lesheng to leave the interrogation room. Looking out of the police station's window, many civilians stood outside the police station, Shouting slogans, hoping the police would dispose of cao lesheng. Du shaojie interrogates Wu Liang, reminds Wu Liang to plead guilty as soon as possible and to get a light sentence. Wu Liang is just a small character. Du shaojie reminds Wu Liang that he will be abandoned by yao's vice mayor sooner or later. When the new world was sealed off, bai yanni came to the police station to see cao lesheng, lambasting him for ruining her life. The old man once told yuan shuying that his father Yang qi was still alive. Yuan shuying guessed that the old man who had been cleaning up in the new world was his father. With the help of Song Ming, he entered the new world which had been sealed up. Yang qi has been hungry for a few days, eyes glazed and mouth shouted hungry, yuan shuying brought food to his father's hand, the father got food wolfed. Yuan shuying looked at her father's vicissitudes, his heart is cut, because his father refused to leave work for many years in the new world, yuan shuying had to find another way. Cao lesheng returned jade whistle to Tang JingYun. Although hu meng was detained, he was still arrogant and asked Tang JingYun to meet him. Tang JingYun reminded hu meng that he had lost his patron, cao lesheng, who pleaded guilty. Hu was taken aback and, for a moment, denied killing Tang JingYun's mother.When Tang JingYun's mother went to fight hu meng in the new world and was beaten half to death by hu meng, she still had the strength to get up from the ground and left cao lesheng's residence. As for why Tang JingYun's mother died later, hu meng said she did not know.

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