Before dawn(TV)[2016]
Before dawn(TV)[2016]

《Before dawn》Ep1:episode 1

During the liberation war, in order to save the trend of great defeat, the kuomintang government carried out what is called anti-smuggling and anti-corruption "digging holes". Head of the anti-smuggling unit Tang JingYun In order to seduce five tao hui leader three ye appeared, one person and three ye's partner uncle kun met. Du shaojie, head of the anti-smuggling section, was listening upstairs, not far from Tang JingYun. Kuo's men arrested Tang JingYun, but Tang JingYun did not panic, but reminded him that the phone in his home was being monitored. Uncle kun's men found the bug from the shoes worn by Tang JingYun. Du shaojie suddenly found that the monitor was silent. He immediately realized that Tang JingYun had been exposed. The third uncle was lured to the house by Tang JingYun. Tang JingYun heard the sound of the ticking time bomb pointer coming from the bookshelf next to him. He immediately understood what had happened and pointed out that the third uncle tried to kill the third uncle to protect himself. The police are running a smuggling operation against corruption to catch black and white corrupt elements, sanye to protect their own interests, against uncle kun. Uncle kun looked at Tang JingYun with suspicion. Uncle iii knew it and ordered uncle kun to take him away. After a short struggle, uncle kun believed what Tang JingYun said that he had found the time bomb, and ordered the servants to release the bond for Tang JingYun to find the time bomb hidden in the bookcase. Tang JingYun took out a time bomb from the bookcase. Without thinking, he dropped the time bomb and jumped out of the window and fell outside the building. Du shaojie led the team to come. Sanye escaped from secret road in the chaos, police follow secret road all the way, captured sanye alive. Tang JingYun again set up the gongying camp, and went to a car with du shaojie, and installed a time bomb under the car. Tang JingYun didn't think much about it, but rushed to the bottom of the car and tried to take off the time bomb. Before he could get under the car, the time bomb went off and he was immediately knocked out by a huge blast. Teacher yuan shuying is the wife of Tang JingYun. Her husband Tang JingYun was injured and hospitalized. Director wei and director he met Tang JingYun, who was walking in the hospital, and they greeted Tang JingYun enthusiastically. Du shaojie into the hospital room to check three master's injuries, three master was poisoned to spit white foam, before dying said some let du shaojie elusive words. Du shaojie went to the residence of three ye searched, found a staff. Only Tang JingYun in the police department knows how to play the piano at the concert. Tang JingYun may be an accomplice of sanye. After yuan shuying cracked the secret contained in the staff, du analyzed it and found a phone number passed by the staff, which came from Tang JingYun's office. Police found the letter written by Tang JingYun to sanye shortly after, and it appears to be written entirely by Tang JingYun.After leaving the hospital, Tang JingYun was taken back to the police station for questioning, and yuan shuying was also implicated and taken to the police station for custody. Yuan shuying is three months pregnant, and she also helped du shaojie crack the staff, du shaojie feel that yuan shuying is innocent. He suspects that Tang JingYun was a criminal of the wudaohui code "xuanwu", who tortured Tang JingYun.

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