Before dawn(TV)[2016]
Before dawn(TV)[2016]

《Before dawn》Ep16:episode 16

Wu Liang thought that Tang JingYun was a five-way connoisseur. He returned to the room, loaded a pistol with a few bullets, and proposed to play a game of turntable with Tang JingYun. He fired a shot into Tang JingYun's head, and the pistol didn't fire a bullet. Tang JingYun was relieved. Cao lesheng laments that Tang JingYun's life is too big. He decides to shoot Tang JingYun a second time to see if the second time is also empty. Cao lesheng ate the cake made by zhao's mother before firing the second shot. Tang JingYun, who has also eaten a pastry, felt dizzy and fainted when he saw zhao's mother walking in from outside. Zhao's mother came to Tang JingYun and called him a little rabbit. Tang JingYun woke up and found that she had left the new world clubhouse. Zhao's mother is Tang JingYun's biological mother, and the two are finally reunited. Cao lesheng woke up and mumbled to himself next week. Zhou dun was pale with fright and knelt on the ground. Cao lesheng did not expect that zhao mother, a cook working in the new world, would come to the rescue and save Tang JingYun. Zhao was surprised to learn that her son Tang JingYun was married. She was even more surprised when she learned that her daughter-in-law was a disciple of the five tao hui. When yuan shuying met zhao's mother, she called her mother after Tang JingYun's reminding. Zhao had no love for yuan shuying, but she liked her daughter very much. With tang's offspring, zhao's mother holds her granddaughter in her arms. Du came to Tang JingYun's house to find out the cause of death of the ukiyo-japanese boss from zhao's mouth. Zhao, who used to work at the ukiyos, had watched Japanese bosses smuggle carloads of goods. According to the license plate provided by zhao's mother, du shaojie quickly found an insider. The Japanese boss called the dujia transport company on the night of the murder, according to people familiar with the matter. The goods transported by the Japanese boss are stored in the ding yuan warehouse under the dujia name. Ah shun went out to follow Tang JingYun, and the two entered the ding yuan warehouse. Yuan shuying bought vegetables back, a polite face and zhao mother close, zhao mother has no love for yuan shuying, declared that he would never accept yuan shuying. The two quarreled. Fang peiling came to see zhao's mother driving yuan shuying and asking her not to come back. At home, du anxiously reminded his father of the identity of Tang JingYun, an old acquaintance of zhao's mother. She believes Tang JingYun fired the gun that wounded du huizhen. Tang JingYun deliberately tricked ah shun into putting down the pistol and the two fought in the warehouse. Du fu drove over and blocked ah shun from fighting with Tang JingYun. Ah shun dared not disobey du's order and let Tang JingYun leave the cloud. At this time, zengwu suddenly broke into the warehouse, two words do not sneak attack du shaojie. Tang JingYun pulled back du shaojie and fought with him against zeng wu. Shun joined in the battle and the three defeated him. But zeng wu had already killed red eyes, and he got a pistol on the oil barrel and pointed it at the three Tang JingYun. At the emergency moment, du picked up a pistol and shot him dead.Du shaojie sent his father away from the warehouse. He told du shaojie not to know zhao's mother. He didn't want Tang JingYun to know.

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