Before dawn(TV)[2016]
Before dawn(TV)[2016]

《Before dawn》Ep19:episode 19

Qin hong successfully escaped from prison. Tang JingYun sent qin hong away from jiangcheng. Besides Tang JingYun, du shaojie and fang peiling were also present. Qin hong mentioned yuan shuying to Tang JingYun before boarding the boat. In fact, yuan shuying used a false name, real name Yang xingyue. After years of wanting to join the communist party and writing an application to join it, qin hong decided to return to yan 'an to help her apply. In order to cover up his whereabouts, Tang JingYun announced to go abroad. One night a few years later, wang yifeng and his party were on a mission to return to the north, secretly transferring important communist party leaders. The kuomintang's secrecy bureau tracked down the radio signal used by wang yifeng's party. Realizing the danger, wang ordered everyone to retreat and burn the organic secret documents before fleeing. Fang peiling separated from wang yifeng, was chased by Wu Liang and escaped with bullet wounds. Fang peiling fled outside the door where Tang JingYun lives and knocked on the door. Tang JingYun opened the door and recognized fang peiling. He hurried back to the house with fang peiling in a coma. Fang peiling ran away bleeding all the way, the ground shed her blood. Wu Liang found blood on the ground and realized he could find fang peiling by following the blood. Tang JingYun was so calm that he guessed the police would find the blood in the direction of the fall, and erased the blood in front of his house. Wu Liang came to Tang JingYun's house and found that the blood was missing, so he ordered his men to knock on doors and check. When Tang JingYun opened his door to see Wu Liang, who had announced that he had gone abroad, but now lives in jiangcheng, Wu Liang was surprised and suspected that Tang JingYun had secretly hidden fang peiling. Tang JingYun allowed Wu Liang to search in the house. Tang 'an was woken up and sat on the bed watching Wu Liang. Wu Liang was so scared that he began to cry. Tang JingYun sent Wu Liang away and called du shaojie and one of his medical colleagues. Fang peiling in the coma has been Shouting du shaojie's name, du shaojie feeling very determined to take good care of fang peiling. Tang JingYun visits his wife, yuan shuying, and brings a photo of his daughter, Tang 'an, every time he visits the prison. Her mother, ashamed of yuan shuying, has run away from home, du hui zhen in the help of her brother du shaojie free from prison. Only yuan shuying is still in jail, but yan 'an has been taken back by the communist party, and Tang JingYun believes jiangcheng will be liberated soon, when his wife, yuan shuying, can be released. Wu Liang revealed to li that Tang JingYun had been living in jiangcheng. Li secretly investigated Tang JingYun and found that Tang JingYun went to the women's prison with the help of du shaojie from time to time. Deputy director li is tracking ma monkey, a communist party stalwart who had been in the wudahui and had a good relationship with yuan shuying. Li went to see yuan shuying in the women's prison and mentioned the horse monkey who had been missing for years and returned to jiangcheng. Now the horse monkey suddenly came back with no idea. Li asked yuan shuying to break out of the prison to find out why the horse monkey returned to jiangcheng. If yuan shuying does not help li deputy bureau investigation monkey, li deputy director of the public announced that Tang JingYun did not go abroad, every year secretly to the women's prison to meet yuan shuying. Du longxiang accompanied by xiebian tomb, a look of grief and vowed to revenge for xiebian.Jiang cheng is short of rice. Tang JingYun goes shopping for rice. There is no rice at home.

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