Before dawn(TV)[2016]
Before dawn(TV)[2016]

《Before dawn》Ep25:episode 25

Tang JingYun lay in bed, neither eating nor drinking, and passed out for two days. Finally, Ken got out of bed. When he got out of bed, he grabbed the food on the table and ate it up. Tang JingYun already knows her mother's real name. Now that her mother is lying in a cold funeral home with several broken bones, she apparently suffered violent beatings. Hu meng stopped Tang JingYun at the door. He and Tang JingYun started to make friends. They were neck and neck in kung fu. He denied that he killed Tang JingYun's mother. Tang JingYun lost his reason and pointed a gun at cao's head. Du shaojie was so scared that he persuaded Tang JingYun. Cao lesheng, accustomed to the wind and waves, was not scared by Tang JingYun and repeatedly stressed his innocence. Tang JingYun, persuaded by du shaojie to lay down his pistol, proposed to wei changqing to return to the police department and personally found evidence of cao lesheng's crime. Despite all his misdeeds, cao was not intimidated by Tang JingYun. Instead, he actively persuaded wei changqing to approve Tang JingYun's return to the police. Wei agreed with Tang JingYun to return to his old job as a policeman, and arranged for him to investigate the chamber of commerce under cao's management, looking for evidence of cao's crime. Tang JingYun went on duty and investigated everywhere, but there was no evidence of cao lesheng's crime. Tang JingYun finds her way to the door and mentions the death of Japanese businessman yamamoto. It is very likely that the killer is cao lesheng. Bai yanni is cao lesheng's lover. Tang JingYun did not know that cao lesheng was at bai's home. She did not dare to promise to help Tang JingYun investigate cao lesheng. She chased Tang JingYun away, returned to cao lesheng and continued to make out with him. Du shaojie went to the hospital to visit his father. Tang JingYun's mother had passed away. Du longxiang was heartbroken and asked him to send Tang JingYun to the hospital. Tang JingYun came to the hospital to meet du longxiang, and learned about his mother's emotional entanglements with him. That year du longxiang one foot pedal two ships when break unceasingly, deeply hurt tang mu xue. To make up for Mr. Tang's guilt, Mr. Du turned over the business to Tang JingYun. Determined to take over the family business, du could not understand her father's decision, and she returned home with anxiety and kissed ah shun. In fact, du hui zhen has already fallen in love with ah shun, she regarded herself as a man, ah shun was a woman in her eyes, she said she would take care of ah shun for the rest of her life. Tang JingYun investigated the chamber of commerce run by cao lesheng, which led to the layoff of civilians working in the chamber. Cao secretly instructed his subordinates to pretend to be unemployed civilians and went to the police station to find Tang JingYun to settle accounts. Tang JingYun walked out of the police station and was beaten violently by the emotional unemployed civilians. Du shaojie drove over and fired a gun into the sky, scaring away all the unemployed civilians. Wei became impatient. He had an appointment with Tang JingYun. If Tang JingYun could not find evidence of cao lesheng's crime, Tang JingYun would have to take off his police uniform and resign.After careful consideration, wei gave Tang JingYun another month to solve the case. If the month came and Tang JingYun could not find any clue, wei dismissed Tang JingYun.

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