Ever Night(TV)[2018]
Ever Night(TV)[2018]

《Ever Night》Ep30:yanse sent Ning Que to mozong to find the heavenly book Ning Que and her senior brothers and sisters to bid farewell one by one

Ning Que let Sang Sang To stay and take good care of the old pen zhai business, Sang Sang had to do so, just then, Li Yu An invitation was sent to invite Ning Que and Sang Sang to have dinner at the princess palace. Summer thanks for the generosity and kindness of the king of tang, instead of sending tang soldiers to destroy the waste people, Ning Que was asked to go to the academy with his disciples. The king of tang did not want to ruin the lives because of the war. Ning Que and Sang Sang to the princess house dinner on time, Sang Sang with the little prince, small pretty to get play, Li Yu, the maid go spending, leaving only Ning Que a person, Ning Que let her straightforward to say what they think, Li Yu, advised him not to go to wilderness, because of the academy have rules, don't have to go to practices into the second floor of the disciples, but Ning Que is voluntary, Li Yu that night claimed to have written the letter, would like to ask tangwangshan back down, Ning Que has decided to ask Li Yu to take care of Sang Sang.

< / p > < p > Sang Sang and small pretty play hide-and-seek, li huiyuan came to trouble, but also deliberately seduce Sang Sang, to her every possible flirt, Ning Que arrived in time to severely teach li huiyuan, warned him not to do it again. Li mingchi came to give li huiyuan lessons, Ning Que asked li mingchi to clean up li huiyuan, must not be soft. Sang Sang Sang thought Ning Que had a bad temper and tried to persuade Ning Que to marry Li Yu, so that they could have enough food and clothing from then on, but Ning Que would rather die than a woman like Li Yu, he only loved Sang Sang.

Mo ShanShan Obsessed with copying Ning Que's chicken soup posts every day, Ning Que, whom she has never met before, is so passionate that she decides to set off tomorrow to go to the wilderness, where she can meet her dream person. Before leaving, master book holy to Mo ShanShan a mochi garden opened the mountain ancestors left a map, there is the exact location of the magic zong mountain gate, master let her to the magic zong mountain gate to find the Ming scroll book.

< / p > < p > on the moon round the country day qing zong qu ni sent people to the wilderness, but also let them beware of tang people, jiancheng south ge Liu Bai Ning Que also sent jiange xiuxing to the wilderness, Ning Que accompanied by the "thirteen yuan arrow" travel, Sang Sang Sang told him a thousand instructions, but still do not trust, Sang Sang Sang offered to help Ning Que comb her hair again, she was sad while comb. Yan she remind Ning Que be careful the people around, special account he find a sealed book to one thousand party hundreds of Ming words, also details about volume on record the contents of the Ming word, one of the most important is the magic of magic, Ning Que curiosity, vowed to go to great lengths to find gobbledygook, yan she handed him a rune, let him for a rainy day, yan was concluded that Ning Que the encounter Long Qing If he cannot win, he will try to run for his life. Yanse promises to wait for him until he comes back. Ning Que kneels down and yanse hugs him tightly and refuses to let go for a long time.

< / p > < p > the king of tang did not know that the legend of eternal night will come is true or false, just worry about someone to take this perverse action, summer guessed that the king of tang also on general Lin guangyuan was killed in trouble, she wanted to Xia Hou Intercede, tangwangshan quickly stop, he clearly Xia Hou to cover their relationship with summer, do not hesitate to kill a lot of people, and know that summer is the magic ZongSheng tangwangshan early female, but it doesn't hinder the affection between them, grateful to him, in summer to Xia Hou, tangwangshan only hope Xia Hou the in the mind of the magic don't wake up.

Jun mo concludes that yan se will let Ning Que look for the book of heaven, can't help but think of ke haoran single sword to break the magic, did not find the whereabouts of the book of heaven, jun mo worried that Ning Que's practice is not enough, but also to the day to abandon the mountain to make a risk, more than shade promised to send Ning Que a gift self-defense. < / p > < p > Chen pipi did not want to be separated from Ning Que for so long, he cried bitterly, specially prepared a lot of small bean bags for Ning Que, Chen pipi worried that Ning Que is dangerous, personally made the winning cake, but also sent him the secret pills, Chen pipi can not bear the heart of the farewell and Ning Que.

More shade to Ning Que a jade BanZhi, wear before let him into the wilderness, the wilderness of time be sure to pick, jade BanZhi at a crucial moment can save your elder sister to Ning Que self-defense implements and medicine, also told he must come back safe and Ning Que thank humbly, he finally to strange stranger, your devoted only gave him a question.

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