Butterfly action(TV)[2013]
Butterfly action(TV)[2013]

《Butterfly action》Episodes

《Butterfly action》Ep4:Episode 4

Zhao Xin Meng has been prepared, Zhong Ke life Li HanZheng to ensure her safety, Chiyoko must capture. Li HanZheng driving with Zhao Xinmeng arrived at the designated location, he let her go in after the ring, Zhao Xinmeng to see Wu Ma after the coffee to ask why, she wanted to eat the reason of durian Wu Ma, Li HanZheng bring people in After letting her go upstairs, she has put the drug into the coffee, Li HanZheng ambush in the room, only waiting for the return of Chiyoda. Chiyoko makeup left from the school, people did not find her door surveillance, Zhong Ke know Zhao Xin Meng good psychological quality, adaptability is also very strong. Chiyoda asked Huang San about the details at the time. She saw that Huang San was lying. After he killed him, Chiyoko changed clothes and returned home. Li HanZheng got ready to arrest her as planned. When Chiyoko arrived home called Wu Ma no one answered, she started to drink coffee to feel the situation in the house wrong, but did not find anything after opening the door, after hearing the sound upstairs Chiyoko upstairs to see the situation, Li HanZheng took the opportunity Out from that door. Chiyoko because drank coffee and some dizzy, so he looked upstairs when he saw Li HanZheng gun pointed at her, but because of the coffee in the attack before she fainted in the ground, Chiyoko was captured. Zhong Ke brought a blade to Wang RenJie, talked about the shadow plan, and Li HanZheng heard their conversation outside. Zhong Ke would like to use Zhao Xinmeng to replace Hojo Chiyoko, and he is going to add a shadow to his shadow plan and treat his own people as his own. Wang RenJie interrogates Chiyoda who woke up and she claims she does not know anything about it. Zhao YanNian Zhao Xinmeng went home upstairs and rushed downstairs, she dreamed about her mother, Zhao YanNian said she had a twin sister, will also have all the things that were said in Japan, their mothers died because of the production of their childbirth, then the hospital Two death notice. Zhao Xin Meng Chen Jiu less willing to go to the car, which makes him feel a little strange. Zhong Ke called Wang RenJie and Li HanZheng for Bei TiaoRongYi's plan to assassinate the chairman. They wanted to find a list of the seven young men and Zhong Ke, who was preparing to send Zhao Xinmeng to replace Chiyoko. Li HanZheng was somewhat worried about this Can not let Zhao YanNian know. Zhong Ke told the Japanese captive pilots to Zhao Xin Meng, her boyfriend Gao ZhiYuan may be among them, the rescue methods to be used in secret operations, Zhong Ke proposed to let her replace Chiyoda to Shanghai and find ways to get the list of assassins, Li HanZheng in the door Heard their conversation outside. Zhong Ke said the potential danger to Zhao Xinmeng, she was willing to accept this action, but she did not receive training. After returning home, she looked at Gao Zhiyuan's letter and decided that she should vote for the army, that is the last before Gao ZhiYuan's departure A letter, she yearned for Shanghai but did not have the heart to leave her father in this deserted home. Zhao YanNian also knew Zhao Xin Meng was very pleased to apply for military examinations. After graduating, she needed training for three months. She did not want her father to attend the military meeting of the whole army. She could not tell her the truth and prevented her from taking part. Zhao Xinmeng realized she was going to be separated from her father at this time. This is not a big deal for implementing the Butterfly Project in the future. Li HanZheng will report the situation of Zhao Xinmeng to the party organization, he will give Zhao Xinmeng's agent skills within a limited time.Zhong Ke said the Butterfly Project to Li HanZheng, Wang RenJie and Zhao Xinmeng. The code name of Zhao Xin Meng is a butterfly. She is going to completely imitate Hojo Chiyoko. Fortunately, her Japanese is better, and Wang RenJie and Li HanZheng carry out special training on Zhao Xinmeng. Chen Jiu saw Li HanZheng dissatisfied with the delivery of Zhao Xin Meng, Zhao Xin Meng's perception is very high, she was far from the requirements of a professional agent, but only a small amount of time to train her. Chen Jiu looked at the change of Zhao Xin Meng so she does not join the military, but also advised her to stay away from them.

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