Butterfly action(TV)[2013]
Butterfly action(TV)[2013]

《Butterfly action》Episodes

《Butterfly action》Ep25:Episode 25

Komatsu back to the residence, Li HanZheng safely evacuated. Komatsu opened the safe to see everything in the Komatsu asked the clues is how the matter, Zhao Xin Meng said that in order to distinguish between true and false Chiyoko so the code is conveyed to the staff of the Beijiao authorities, who betrayed the sign, will be immediately checked out. The secret document that Li HanZheng found was a tsunami plan to be done by the Japanese. They were to airdrop special forces units to the capital to master important military and political personnel so that they could destroy the army's leadership and disintegrate forces and military forces. Komatsu secretly caught the Japanese landlord and Chiyoda child and blocked the news. Zhao Xin Meng and Li HanZheng discuss ways can not be successfully destroyed their parachute, if the destruction of the parachute, then dropped into the Special Forces is empty talk. Zhong Ke knew of the tsunami plan, prepared to buy anti-aircraft airplanes with Soviets, crack down on Japanese airplanes and destroy their airborne plans. Chiyoda child said he is true Chiyoko, and now Bei TiaoRongYi died, the only way to prove her identity is Jiu WoZhengXiong. Zhao YanNian woke up and asked Zhao Xin Meng's thing, Zhong Ke told him that Wang RenJie is now dead, so Zhao Xin Meng is absolutely safe. Jiu WoZhengXiong On the plane coming to China, the plane crashed and Jiu WoZhengXiong died. Komatsu told the Chiyoko Jiu WoZhengXiong is dead, Chiyoko said no one can now determine my identity, and you may have killed me, Komatsu said to give her a chance. Komatsu came to Zhao Xinmeng here, told Zhao Xin Meng Jiu WoZhengXiong crash dead. Komatsu said she caught Zhao Xin dream, want to judge for a long time I Jun, Komatsu said Zhao Xin dream and Chiyoko can see the one hand. Taking advantage of his position, Zhao Xinmeng wanted to find out that Komatsu was mobilizing transport planes from various parts of China to Shanghai and personally dispatched by Komatsu. Komatsu to Zhao Xin Meng dungeon to see Chiyoko, let Zhao Xin dream to try Chiyoko. Komatsu let Zhao Xinmeng kill Chiyoko, Zhao Xinmeng said she still has value, would like to re-trial a few days, Komatsu said to her for three days, if this woman does not cooperate, kill her. Zhao Xinmeng know that he should kill the Chiyoko to make an aftermath, but her sister love deep, she does not go down. Zhao Xinmeng came to the dungeon, let go of Chiyoko. Zhao Xinmeng reported to Komatsu, warehouse storage artifacts leaking, want to use the nearest warehouse from the airport, but they do not give So I would like to ask the agency chief, the chief said to give up that warehouse. Zhao Xin dream to determine that the warehouse is to drop the parachute warehouse. Dong Ye returned to Shanghai and met Li HanZheng, who told Dong Ye that Zhao Xinmeng saved her. Zhao Xinmeng and Li HanZheng discuss plans to destroy parachutes in the warehouse. Li HanZheng Let Zhao Xinmeng rescue two pilots caught by the Japanese in two U.S.-led pilots. Li HanZheng said that it is a matter for the CPP party. When asked if Zhao Xin's dream can be fulfilled, Zhao Xinmeng agreed. Chiyoda, who was about to flee to Tokyo, saw Jiu WoZhengXiong miss the plane crash and decided to stay in Shanghai. Chen Jiu Track Li HanZheng.

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