Butterfly action(TV)[2013]
Butterfly action(TV)[2013]

《Butterfly action》Episodes

《Butterfly action》Ep22:Episode twenty-second

Chiyoda came to Shanghai and said he was the real Chiyoda, but the Japanese did not trust her and caught her up. Li HanZheng and Zhao Xinmeng meet, Zhao Xinmeng told Li HanZheng Chen Jiu want to join the military command, intelligence work. Zhao Xin Meng learned that the main force of the New Fourth Army had been eliminated. She was emotionally excited and could see that she was not hostile to the Workers' Party, but only had compassion. Li HanZheng told Zhao Xinmeng, now the biggest enemy is Chiyo, so be careful. In fact, Zhao Xinmeng heart, she would like to have a chance to see Chiyoko, and then persuaded her to return to China, to be a just Chinese. Military forces got the news, Chiyoko went to the advance station of the government of Wuhan in the northern section. The military plans to get rid of her at all costs. In the ship to Shanghai, the military wanted to assassinate the Chiyoko, the heart of Zhao Xinmeng full of helplessness and sadness at this time. The military commander had only two people on board and three men escorted to Chiyoda. The two sides hit in the boat, the result is dead, but Chiyoko but ran away with a gun. Japan to send Komatsu to do the Beijiao authorities. Zhao Xin Meng ended his acting chief of the task. Zhao YanNian was arrested by the Kuomintang army because of his pro-communion. He found Zhao YanNian's photo of meeting with Zhou Enlai personally and protecting the Japanese spy Chiyoko. Zhao Xin dream with Komatsu came to the Chamber of Seychelles, when it comes to the shadow plan, said now that Zhao Xin Meng and then come back to himself, has appeared in Wuhan, and now Zhao Xin dream should go through professional training, fear of future unclear trouble, Komatsu said it does not matter, Because the present Chiyoda Koizumi's savior, will protect her. The military arrested Zhao YanNian, blocked the news and prevented Zhao Xin-ming from knowing it. Komatsu handed Zhao Xin dream a task, so she is responsible for the good fortune grab all over China to Japan. Zhao Xin dream issued an order, so that all agencies in Japan all set off in Shanghai, the city search for a fake Chiyoko. Chiyoko appeared outside the city and was seen by the Kempeitai. Chiyoko killed a Japanese and escaped. Zhao Xin Meng met to establish a screening mechanism, just to find her Tang Na, said Xue BoShi wife came, so she disappeared from Shanghai within three days. Chiyoda child prepares for Tang Na to succeed, helps Tang Na once. Chiyoda mixed in a military vehicle smoothly into Shanghai. Zhao Xinmeng came to Tang Na's house, pretending to play mahjong, so that when the group came, let them smashed the house first, and then brought the Japanese to the three men and took a stand for Tang Na, then told Tang Na, if going to Xue BoShi again, let Xue BoShi tube, will not control again.

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