Butterfly action(TV)[2013]
Butterfly action(TV)[2013]

《Butterfly action》Episodes

《Butterfly action》Ep10:Episode 10

Li HanZheng said he was a member of the military and said that Chiyoda was taken prisoner. Zhao Xinmeng has replaced her. Li HanZheng quietly used a blade to cut the rope behind him. He deliberately tried to snoop Bei TiaoRongYi's actuality and reality from Hai Lao Ze. Did not wait for her to shoot Li HanZheng killed the sea Laze, which removed the hidden dangers Zhao Xin Meng. Zhao Xinmeng met Koizumi back from Tokyo, from his words she felt each other have not seen themselves. When Zhao Xin Meng met Tang Na and saw Chen Jiu being captured by the Japanese, Tang Na asked her to inquire about the news. Zhao Xin Meng told Chen that Chen Jiu was arrested and told Li HanZheng that she was concerned that Chen Jiu might know the butterfly project. Zhao Xin Meng think they can cope with the situation, Tian Zhong Zhao Xin Meng back to the Northern authorities, went back to see Chen Jiu, Bei TiaoRongYi said he had abandoned the dark, he let Zhao Xin dream sea lazer. Wang RenJie through the analysis of the wheel found Zhang CanMou the most suspect, he was ordered to monitor him all day long, in the event of major arrests. Chen Jiu was put under house arrest by Japanese people. Koizumi felt he was not much useless, but he was the son of Chen Jue. Chen Jiu felt he had no choice but to cooperate with the Japanese and send an encrypted telegram. Chen Jue was in a trance after receiving the news. Wang RenJie reported to Zhong Ke on Chen Jiu's arrest and mutiny, Chen Jue subsequently disappeared and Zhong Ke arranged for the disappearance of Chen Jue. Wang RenJie was searched by Zhang CanMou after taking the car to search his room, where he found the radio station. Zhang CanMou got nothing to talk about when the radio was taken out, and his accomplices were captured when they wanted to escape. Chiyoda Intercepted the military vehicles after the collision hit checkpoints, Zhong Ke received a message was very shocked, Wang RenJie ordered the deployment of troops in the suburbs. Koizumi's suspicion of the disappearance of Koizumi escaped her, and Bei TiaoRongYi felt otherwise mischievous. Chiyoko fled to the mountains, Wang RenJie continue to chase. Li HanZheng said the situation in Chongqing Zhao Xin Meng, which made her very excited. When Wu ShaoZeng saw the news of the newspaper and knew that it was no longer possible to return to Chongqing, Li HanZheng handed over the task of removing Wu ShaoZeng to Zhao Xinmeng and she hoped that the action would not hurt Tang Na. Tang Na wants Zhao Xinmeng help to get a pass out of Shanghai, she knew Tang Na wants to go back to Chongqing, killing Wu ShaoZeng made her a bit difficult.

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