Butterfly action(TV)[2013]
Butterfly action(TV)[2013]

《Butterfly action》Episodes

《Butterfly action》Ep28:Episode 28

Chen Jiu saw the Japanese version of the Gao ZhiYuan jail break. Li HanZheng asked Gao ZhiYuan for medicine, Gao ZhiYuan said he saw the gesture in Lang and knew he could not live for up to two days. Li HanZheng said yes, Li HanZheng said that Shin Hsun-ming is a colleague of the military and came to Shanghai for more than two years. Li HanZheng said that Zhao Xin-ming wanted to find Gao ZhiYuan before she continued her butterflies mission or returned to Chongqing sooner rather than later. Zhao Xin Meng in the pharmacy of the Beijiao authorities found a lot of medicine she thinks Gao ZhiYuan useful. Li HanZheng and Gao ZhiYuan in drinking, Li HanZheng drink is wine, Gao ZhiYuan drink is medicine. Gao ZhiYuan said he thanked him for taking care of Zhao Xinmeng in the past two years. Gao ZhiYuan knew that Li HanZheng was a Communist Party but Li HanZheng did not recognize it. Chen Jiu knows that Zhao Xin Meng will go to Gao ZhiYuan, so she drives Zhao Xin Meng. Gao ZhiYuan Let Li HanZheng take care of Zhao Xinmeng, not the kind of ordinary comrade care, Li HanZheng understand, agreed. Zhao Xin Meng came to see Gao ZhiYuan, let him eat a lot of medicine, Li HanZheng said let her stay with Gao ZhiYuan, Zhao Xin Meng said something else, Li HanZheng ordered her to accompany Gao ZhiYuan. Zhao Xin Meng said to go out to find Yi Sheng, the northern section of the body has a senior military doctor, maybe he can save Gao ZhiYuan. When Chen Jiu saw Zhao Xinmeng gone, he called the gendarmerie and the gendarmerie came to this alley and searched from house to house. Li HanZheng gave Gao ZhiYuan a pistol, took him to run, and the gendarmerie met. They shot and killed many gendarmes. Gao ZhiYuan committed suicide with only one bullet in order to get Li HanZheng to run himself. Komatsu told Chiyoda himself to go back to Tokyo a few days, all these things Beihuan authorities let Zhao Xinmeng dealt with. At this moment, Beijiao's subordinates reported that they had found Gao ZhiYuan, an escaped prisoners of war who had refused to commit suicide. Zhao Xin dream distraught. Japanese landlord told Chiyoko he saw Li HanZheng into a tobacco shop has not come out, Chiyoko let him prepare the car. About Zhao Xin Meng met. Chiyoko drive followed by Li HanZheng. Chen Jiu's men told him to keep up with Li HanZheng. Chen Jiu followed Chiyoko. Li HanZheng and Dong Xin Zhao Dong Ye met. Out of Chen Jiu want to wait for Chiyoko to kill Li HanZheng and then Chiyoda Chi caught more than one act. Dong Ye found Chiyoko for Zhao Xin Meng blocked a shot, Li HanZheng injured Chiyoko. Chiyoko ran, Chen Jiu got nothing. Dong Ye is not life-threatening, and Zhao Xinmeng thanked her for blocking her shot. Dong Ye told her to hit her like a Chiyoko Zhao Xin dream. Chiyoko Let Japanese landlords take the back of the bullet out. Li HanZheng told Zhao YanNian's death news, gave her father a final letter to her. Japanese landlord took advantage of Chiyoda child fainted the bullets in her gun away. Li HanZheng let Zhao Xin Meng decided to kill her sister is left.

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