Butterfly action(TV)[2013]
Butterfly action(TV)[2013]

《Butterfly action》Episodes

《Butterfly action》Ep7:Episode 7

Zhao was able to track Zhao Xin Meng went to the salon, Zhao Xin Meng will find the situation reported to Li HanZheng Li, Li HanZheng made her think of ways to get in, she knew that the Beijiao authorities is an easy but difficult problem, he can only think Method. Gadai found Zhao Xin Meng come out from the back room, Zhao Xin Meng said he went to the bathroom, the familiar master is not, Canada is claimed to be passing occasionally here, she would like to come next time with her. Li HanZheng reported on the actions of the butterfly to Zhong Ke, who proposed to withdraw the butterfly, but Zhong Ke insisted the butterfly action can not be stopped. Xue BoShi presents the details of Chen Jue. Bei Tiao Song Yong believes it is not a problem to persuade him to come but has no confidence in Zhao YanNian. He hopes to make limited use of information more efficient. Zhong Ke is ready to send some new people to Shanghai to redeem the elderly. Wang RenJie suggested that Chen Jiu be left behind. He was worried that he had an impact on the butterfly project. Kashiwara found the contents of the newspaper must have been leaked, he wanted to start from Dong Ye, Bei TiaoRongYi will investigate the task of Dong Ye Zhao Zhao Xin dream. Wang RenJie will leave Chen Jiu, Chen Jiu full of this arrangement. Zhao Xin Meng to take the machine to approach the thief Dong Ye. Canada is feeling hairdressing shop there is a problem, she was looking for special high-tech Gui Zhong to help investigate. Zhao Xin Meng pretending to be in contact with Dong Ye Mu Ye, said to come to Shanghai for her boyfriend, to do tutor to survive, Dong Ye let her help for their own. Li HanZheng was taken away by the unexpected Japanese in the room, but after discovering that the watch hung on the wall of Li HanZheng's house was not gone, she found it hidden behind the gun. Zhao Yan spoke to Zhao YanNian about the situation of the Beijiao authorities and also said Chiaki son of Beijiao lurking beside him that Zhao YanNian was somewhat angry about the fact that Zhao Xin Meng was sent to Shanghai. Zhao YanNian went to Chiyoda after hearing the words of Zhong Ke and he put things in Japan. He guesses that when Bei Tiao Youngi took Chiyo and threatened the hospital, he proposed to improve the living conditions of Chiyoda. Zhong Ke promised Zhao YanNian watched the two daughters feel so sad. Bei TiaoRongYi arranged Zhao Xinmeng to assist Koizumi for the Beijiao authorities' deputy chief of staff. He wanted her to exert more force. Koizumi felt Chiyoko became more modest than before. Zhao YanNian asked Zhong Ke for a face-to-face talk with Chiyoko, and Zhong Ke promised it. Zhao Xinmeng reported to Bei TiaoRongYi on contact with Dong Ye. Chiyoko was not willing to sit still. She swallowed an iron spoon and took the opportunity to flee. Zhong Ke ordered her to go to the hospital. Zhao Xin Meng followed Bei TiaoRongYi attended the goodwill banquet, Xue BoShi introduced them to Ding Moqun, fellow Tang Na met some panic at the banquet, she did not know why Tang Na.

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