Butterfly action(TV)[2013]
Butterfly action(TV)[2013]

《Butterfly action》Episodes

《Butterfly action》Ep13:Episode 13

Junichiro please Zhao Xinmei drink, said it is difficult to find the ghost within the investigation, so please help Zhao Xin Meng investigation together. Zhao Xin Meng took the opportunity to say to Mr. Koizumi that Wu Shao was a money-making affair and that it was a gamble. He did not have any fixed income and was likely to get information for money. Koizumi interrogated Wu Shaozeng's men and knew that Wu Shao had met Dong Ye. The news on the newspapers was originally sold by Wu Shao. Bei TiaoRongYi and Koizumi personally came to Wu Shaozeng's residence, just to see that Wu Shao had gamble at home. Then killed Wu Shaozeng. Zhao Xinmeng secretly came to the room Bei TiaoRongYi, wanted to find the secret room, Bei TiaoRongYi back, Xinyuan hidden in the room, saw Bei TiaoRongYi opened the Chamber of Secrets into the Chamber of Secrets. Zhao Xin Meng find Li HanZheng, told Li HanZheng she has found a secret room, will find ways to enter the secret room as soon as possible to find the list. Zhao YanNian began to counterattack Chiyoko and persuaded her earnestly that she would like to give Dad a chance of atonement so that her father could make up for the deficiencies of the past. Chiyoda wanted to take advantage of him and promised Zhao YanNian's father. She said she thought a lot nowadays and did not know whether she was a Chinese or a Japanese. Thank you, Yan Yan Yan for her so well. Bei TiaoRongYi let Zhao Xin dream to do an inventory of the relics of Wu Shaozeng, inventory what he was betrayed intelligence. Zhao Zimong saw Tang Na, it was sad, so by his position, Tang Na Na Tang left his own thing. Chen Jiu is not dead, Bei TiaoRongYi let Zhao Xinmeng visit him. Li HanZheng said Chen Jiu has been following her so she must be careful and have the best chance of getting rid of Chen Jiu in order to ensure that she is near safety. Bei TiaoRongYi business gone, the Beijiao authorities by Koizumi and Zhao Xinmeng solely responsible. Zhao Xin Meng found and entered the chamber, Bei TiaoRongYi back, Zhao Xin Meng entered the Chamber of Secrets, successfully escaped. Zhao Xin Meng told Li HanZheng, she could not find anything in the chamber, they think Xue BoShi should know, so start with Xue BoShi. They abducted Xue Bo Shi, but Xue Bo Shi's girlfriend said she had a birthmark on her right cheek. The city is looking for people who have birthmarks. Japanese spies found a birthmark, informed Koizumi, Junichiro started with a spy, Zhao Xin Meng know the news, call to inform Li HanZheng, Li HanZheng ran to declare, but too late, the Japanese found Xue BoShi's place, killing all, rescued traitor Xue BoShi. Li HanZheng ran to the old place, only to see that they are dead.

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