Butterfly action(TV)[2013]
Butterfly action(TV)[2013]

《Butterfly action》Cast

Zhao Xin Meng / Chiyoko Yifei Tang Play)

Starring Tang Yifei will challenge the two roles, decorated with a pair of twin sisters separated by the war. Sister was kidnapped by the Japanese invaders, was trained as a Japanese spy - Hojo Chiyoda. Sister Zhao Xinmeng, the daughter of a high official of the Chinese military, was fortunate rescued after being subjected to a crying night as a victim of identity abduction. However, her decision afterwards was described by her netizens as "God Unfolding" - a mere Zhao Zhao Xin Meng Take the initiative to camouflage Chiyoda into the Japanese spy inside. As a result, the two sisters were caught in a spat of vortex war.

Yifei Tang

Tang Yifei, a Mainland actress, was born in Wuhan, Hubei Province and graduated from the Performance Department of the Central Academy of Drama. In 2003 appeared in the first movie "secluded" and into the entertainment industry; In 2004 the first drama "The Lucky Samsung Anniversary"; 2008 starred in "A Dream of Red Mansions" in the corner of Qin Keqing attention; starring in the movie 2011 "Night Cry" and With the drama "Autumn Frost" won the Southern Festival Best Supporting Actress Award; 2012 with "Invincible" won the Huading Award for Best Actress revolutionary theme. Starring in 2013 drama "war days." June 7, 2012 in Wuhan and actress Ling Xiao Su married. December 1, 2015, Tang Yifei caesarean section to produce the next son to listen.

Li HanZheng Kui Qi Play)

Li HanZheng, played by Kui Qi, is the mentor and sister of sister Zhao Xinmeng, who is scheduled to implement the Shadow Project. Li HanZheng, played by Kui Qi, is full of mighty temperament, exuding toughness. He is resourceful and constantly highlights his different psychological quality from the enemy in the process of stabilizing the atmosphere. [7]

Kui Qi

Kui Qi was born on August 7, 1981. Mainland China actor, graduated from Beijing Film Academy. In 2004, he starred in "The Sky Stars" as "Chen Qiang Xiao." In the "Luliang Heroes Biography" performed in 2005, he played "Liu Shi". In 2006, he participated in "Zhu Chuanjie" as "Break through the gateway". In 2008, he participated in the performance of "The Great Northern Wilderness" as "Xi Xiwang." In 2009, he participated in "My Child My Home" as "Lin Fan." In 2010, he appeared in the war drama "Scure of Saving Female Soldier" as "Ding Lifeng." In 2011, he participated in the movie "The Revolution of 1911" as a pseudo crown prince "Yuan Keding." In 2012, he participated in the movie spy drama "The Red Treasure" as General Zhi Yong, "Qin Gen Chang." In 2013, he participated in the epic anti-Japanese drama “Great Wall Red” directed by Qi Feng and starred by Siyan Liu and Chin-sung Wang. In 2014, he participated in the first rural sports comedy "The Peasant Basketball Team" directed by director Zhao Lei, Wu Gang and Lü Zhong. In 2015, Pan Jingcheng directed the contemporary spy drama “Guardian-Living Surface” starring Dong Jin, Yugin Han, and Kaavie Wong.

Chen Jiu Xin Gao Play)

Xin Gao Chen Jiu, though undergoing higher education, fell into crazy crush on Zhao Mengxin from the beginning of the university. As a result, her thinking changed step by step because of her lack of true love and her pursuit of animosity and rebellion. Destroy the biggest stumbling block Zhao Xin dream revolutionary action. Chen Jiu is actually a very poor, very poor character. In order to love, finally lost their parents' lives, but also embarked on a treason of the road of no return, and finally catch their own lives. [8]

Xin Gao

Xin Gao, born December 11, 1976 in Beijing, is an actor in Mainland China and graduated from the Performance Department of Beijing Film Academy. In 1996, starred in the first personal drama "San Mao wandering mind", which officially entered the showbiz. In 1997, starred in the first movie "Ten Love." In 2000, in the Republic of China emotional drama "Romance in the Rain," plays Ralph Lauren. In 2001, won the "Taiwan Golden Bell Award" Best Newcomer Award for his television drama "Rainy Day". In 2004, in the costume mythology comedy "Be Happy Pig" as the actor pigs. In 2007, starring in the movie "world confession." In 2009, starring charity movie "wonderful day". In 2010, starring in family emotional comedy "son-in-law". In 2012, starring in the modern epic drama "war Changsha", plays Liu Minghan in the play. In 2013, starring in medical emotional drama "Distance to Love". In 2014, starring costume drama "Langya list." In 2015, starring in the network drama "Midnight Taxi 2". In 2016, appeared in the idol suspense drama "Hunter."

Bei TiaoRongYi Chengfeng Xu Play)

The role played by Xu Chengfeng in the play is Bei TiaoRongYi, the father of the twin sister flower 'Chiyoda and Zhao Mengxin' performed by Tang Yifei. [9]

Chengfeng Xu

Xu Chengfeng (April 1, 1971 -) Acting member of Jiangxi Repertory Theater, member of China Film Performance Society and member of China Television Artists Association. Born in Nanchang, Jiangxi. Representatives have "the ultimate goal", "plot", "life and death line", "wise invincible", "bloody fog."

More《Butterfly action》Cast

Actor Name Play Role Introduction
Gang Xie Zhao YanNian No introduction
(None) Tang Na Huayi force holding "Little Tsing Yi" Ding Hao plays a style of thousands of people, cute, talkative voice of the Republican woman. Tang Na heart simply without any effort, in this complex and complex society is a wonderful work. She did not understand or ignore the enemies of the country at the time hate, for national enemies hate and intrigues Tang Na is more concerned about their own clothes are not pretty, very good-looking, daily make-up makeup, deal with the characters in the middle, and drama Everyone in Tang Dinh is also very interested in playing Tang Na. [10]
(None) Zhong Ke No introduction
(None) Wang RenJie No introduction
Shuo Yang Gao ZhiYuan No introduction
Ruijia Zhang Hai LaoZeJiaNai No introduction
Lijia Shi Xiao QuanChunYiLang No introduction
(None) Lao Ceng No introduction
(None) Xue BoShi No introduction
Shengwen Yang Dong Ye No introduction
(None) Wu ShaoZeng No introduction
(None) Xiao SongGuiWu No introduction
(None) Bai YuanYingShi No introduction
(None) Gui Tian No introduction
(None) Ya Ba No introduction
(None) Lao Qin No introduction
(None) Yang Song No introduction
(None) Jiu WoZhengXiong No introduction
Zhi-Wei-Zhang Chen Jue No introduction
(None) Dong XiangGong No introduction
(None) Qing ShuiZhe No introduction
(None) Lao Qiu No introduction
(None) Zhang FuGuan No introduction
(None) Zi Ke No introduction
(None) Ka ErKeNa No introduction
(None) Sha Sha No introduction
(None) Huang San No introduction
(None) Gui Zhong No introduction
(None) Dian YuZhang No introduction
(None) Zhang CanMou No introduction
(None) Li XiaoMan No introduction
(None) Wu Ma No introduction
(None) Xiao Ning No introduction
(None) Xiao You No introduction
(None) Xiao LinMoLi No introduction
(None) Wei Tian No introduction
(None) Lao Ma No introduction
(None) Shan Xia No introduction
(None) He Shang No introduction
(None) Lao Wei No introduction
(None) Jing ChaDuiZhang No introduction
(None) Ya SheMao No introduction
(None) Huo Ji No introduction
(None) Xiao Hu No introduction
(None) Hu JiaKang No introduction
(None) Zhang DuiZhang No introduction
(None) Wang FuYuZhang No introduction
(None) Chen Mou No introduction
(None) Wu TianCheng No introduction
(None) Cun Gu No introduction
(None) Cun Fu No introduction
(None) Tai JiNan No introduction
(None) Ji Ye No introduction
(None) Tian Zhong No introduction
(None) Da You No introduction
(None) Guan Jia No introduction
(None) Lao K No introduction
(None) Xiao QianDaiZi No introduction
(None) Yi Sheng No introduction
(None) Jing Li No introduction

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