Butterfly action(TV)[2013]
Butterfly action(TV)[2013]

《Butterfly action》Episodes

《Butterfly action》Ep19:Episode 19

Xiao SongGuiWu said, of course, they are classmates, Bei TiaoRongYi want Xiao SongGuiWu to persuade Dreyfus and the Japanese to develop nuclear weapons, hoping to convince him and bring him back to Japan together. Zhao YanNian came to jail to see Chiyoda, Chiyoko said I am not your daughter, I was Japanese Chiyoda Chiyoko. Zhao YanNian told her that you are a Chinese. Your biological father and mother are both Chinese. There is not a drop of Japanese blood on your body. Zhao YanNian collapsed. On the way to the execution ground, Japanese planes bombed and bombed the police cars. Thousands of children escaped shortly after being bombed. Xiao SongGuiWu met Dreyfus, the two conversed in English, Xiao SongGuiWu let Dreyfus go with him to Japan, Dreyfus told Xiao SongGuiWu, to get their own laboratory data in Germany, and He demanded that the Japanese Emperor promised that his research could not be used for military purposes and that he would go to Japan only if these two requirements were met. Komatsu said data will be available within a month. Zhao Xin Meng met with Li HanZheng, told Zhao Xin Meng Chiyoko ran away news, so Zhao Xin Meng will be very dangerous. Li HanZheng said he saw Zhao YanNian well and was very satisfied with his daughter. In a farmhouse, a seventy-eight days unconscious Chiyoda woke up, she recalled her escape from military affairs. Li HanZheng robbed the people of the shipping company's clothes and turned them into freight companies. They drove into the Beijiao authorities and transferred the goods to the shop. Dreyfus did not find their own information and was angry that the Japanese lied to him. Angrily went back to the room, Li HanZheng and Dreyfus room to install him into the delivery of large wooden box, by going back and exchange opportunities, drove away. After the Japanese found out, they called Xianpai team, so that they blocked the intersection so that Li HanZheng drove past Luka and managed to escape. However, there was a military vehicle followed by a military gendarmerie followed. They fled to the British concession. Drive directly to the pier. Zhao Xin Meng with people chasing after the British concession, but can not fire only to withdraw. Junichiro took people at the dock to fade, unsuccessful, and only Koizumi ran back. Dreyfus went to the United States smoothly. Zhong Ke learned that the task was so heavy that all the group members were sacrificed except Li HanZheng and Zhao Xinmeng. They also learned that at the most critical time, a group of pro-Communist parties saved them so they knew that there was a common thread among the butterflies. Zhong Ke knew that it must be Li HanZheng, but he did not want to check, he had to use Li HanZheng and Zhao Xin Meng to complete the task. Koizumi reported Bei TiaoRongYi Zhao Xin-dream in Chongqing, including two things he doubted Zhao Xin Meng. Hojo Rong did not say anything. Bei TiaoRongYi asked if the results of the fingerprint comparison of Koizumi's Tokyo have not come out yet, and Junichiro said no. Koizumi said that if Chiyoda is fake, the two murder charges of the Beijo unit will have a clue.

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