Butterfly action(TV)[2013]
Butterfly action(TV)[2013]

《Butterfly action》Episodes

《Butterfly action》Ep1:episode 1

On July 7, 1937, after the Lugouqiao Incident, the war of resistance against Japan broke out. In November of the same year, Shanghai fell into the capital. Chongqing was relocated by the National Government and Nanjing was captured on December 13. Japan continued to send aircraft to Chongqing Bombing, the war entered a phase of stalemate. Several Japanese spies were airborne, surrounded by the military when they reached the joint site, and Japanese spies Chiyoko rescued them. In 1939, the military delegations of Chongqing and the Soviet Union were going to negotiate with air defense weapons with Zhao YanNian in Chongqing. Chiyoko was ordered to use the shadow plan to destroy the negotiations. Japanese female spies Chiyoko prepare kidnapping female college student Zhao Xin Meng. Chiyoko is the only spouse Bei TiaoRongYi niece, also a lost twins when Zhao Xinmeng childhood sister. Zhao Xin Meng's boyfriend Gao ZhiYuan is a ace pilot. Zhao Yannian's father, Zhao YanNian, did not want her to associate with Gao ZhiYuan. She wanted to join the army to fight the Japanese. When Zhao Zhi Meng and Gao Zhiyuan heard gunshots while dating on the river, Gao ZhiYuan saved the wounded and reported the situation to Chongqing Munitions Bureau when they returned. The entire city of Chongqing was searching for Japanese spies. Chiyoko has been watching from a distance Zhao Xin Meng and Gao ZhiYuan every move. Zhao Xin dream and Chiyoda son were hiding in the air bomb shelter due to the bombing of the plane, Zhao Xin dream saw the chaos and their long same Chiyoko, but soon she disappeared. Agency agents sent intelligence reports about the secret airport of the Japanese military in Wuhan. A group of Japanese soldiers spotted the site for the issuance of the report. They were surrounded by agents of the General Staff Agency and the source died in front of the transmitter. Chongqing is waiting for the arrival of intelligence intelligence copy of Li HanZheng in the military agents. Zhao Xin Meng was seized by the military special agent Chen Jiu safely. Chiyoda went to meet with a Japanese spy tailor sent by Bei TiaoongYi. He was told that the replacement operation was not successful and Chiyoko asked the tailor to cooperate with Zhao Xinmeng before the arrival of the Soviet delegation. Chiyoko ready to implement the backup program, Zhao Xin dreams and classmates went to the tailor shop to try clothes, Chiyoko has quietly sneaked into the machine by Zhao Xin dream try to replace her, Zhao Xin dream was tied up.

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