An Oriental Odyssey(TV)[2017]
An Oriental Odyssey(TV)[2017]

《An Oriental Odyssey》Episodes

《An Oriental Odyssey》Ep7:missing photo of banana Zhao LanZhi launches investigation Ye YuanAn went to luo tian dong to save his brother

"Father li told me Zhao LanZhi The picture below is her favorite picture. She took it with her before she went to the palace. Li put his hopes on Zhao LanZhi, saying that if he couldn't find the painting back, dozens of people's lives would be lost in the library. Zhao LanZhi analysis, the palace is heavily guarded, must have internal ghost. His men told li that cao yi, who had recently taken a leave of absence, had not returned. Zhao LanZhi thought cao yi was the key to solving the case. He said he would recover the painting.

Zhao LanZhi asked the grave-digger for help to find out if he had found anything strange recently. The grave-digger told Zhao LanZhi that he had recently received a castrated corpse. Because when cao yi died, Mu Le At the scene, the magistrates caught Mu Le as a murderer. Zhao LanZhi had the wooden board on Mu Le given to him Ye YuanAn Ye YuanAn pretended to be a horse thief in secret and asked the magistrates to lock him up with Mu Le.

Ye YuanAn was very distressed to see Mu Le being beaten. She tried to knock the guard out, and escaped with Mu Le disguised as a guard. On the way, Ye YuanAn and Mu Le met Zhao LanZhi. Zhao LanZhi found their identity but did not explain it. Water letting them leave. Ye yuan asked Mu Le about the cause of the incident. Mu Le told Ye yuan that he did not kill him, yes Ni Gu I lied to myself. In fact, Ni Gu had an eye on cao ying's money. He cheated Mu Le that all the money was from his family. Mu Le and Ni Gu sneaked into cao yi's room. During this period, Ni Gu gave cao yi a knife and ran away with cao yi's bundle.

In fact, Zhao LanZhi had been following Ye YuanAn and Mu Le. He deliberately released the two people so that Mu Le could tell the truth. Ye YuanAn pretended to be a client and asked Ni Gu, the madam, where the spring flowers were. The madam told Ye YuanAn that the spring flower was redeemed by her lover, but the spring flower was in poor health, and she had to go to baicaotang every month to get a prescription. According to the madam, Ye YuanAn found the whereabouts of Ni Gu and spring flowers with Zhao LanZhi. Chunhua heard that Ni Gu had done something and took the money out of Ni Gu, but did not find the painting.Zhao LanZhi inquires Ni Gu and learns that Ni Gu threw the painting into the casino.

Ming Hui When the governor visited jiang's tomb in the middle of the night, she said she would get rid of Ye YuanAn and Zhao LanZhi for revenge. In fact, the following picture of banana was bought by cao yi from Ming Hui prefecture, because Mr. Xue wanted to exchange the picture of banana for nine star beads. When the master learned that master Ming Hui had gone to jiang yan's tomb, he reminded master Ming Hui not to commit a personal vendetta.

Ye YuanAn returned the card to Mu Le. She assured him that she would never let him be bullied at home in the future. Ye YuanAn thought that Mu Le was driven out because tian shu gave him some medicine. The grave-digger told Zhao LanZhi that after inspection, Ni Gu stabbed cao yi when he was already dead, because the wounds on his abdomen were caused by death, and more than one person had entered the scene. Zhao LanZhi thought that the murderer was directed at the picture of banana in cao yi's hand. He suspected that the killer was someone he knew, otherwise he would not have attacked cao yi so smoothly.

Ye gambled privately and owed a lot of money. In order to pay off his debts, he had been stealing from his family and selling things. Ye yuanning took a jade bottle to huoyang hope to redeem the debt, but was seen by huoyang is false, he was arrested. Ye YuanAn told Ye YuanAn that his servant had told his stepmother about losing something in the house. Ye YuanAn and Mu Le decided to go to luotian cave to save Ye yuanning. During this time, they lost their way when they reached the river. In their dilemma, Ming Hui county masked, said to go to the sky hole must be led by acquaintances.

He asked Ye YuanAn what nice things he had brought. Ming Hui Lord gave Ye YuanAn the dagger and asked her to go to luotian cave to save people. Ye YuanAn surrendered the dagger, but huoyang said that luo tian dong had rules. Now the night market has opened, and Ye YuanAn must sell the dagger, otherwise Ye could not save Ye yuanning. Ye YuanAn couldn't help selling the dagger in public, but the dagger had been changed into wood by Ming Hui county.

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