An Oriental Odyssey(TV)[2017]
An Oriental Odyssey(TV)[2017]

《An Oriental Odyssey》Episodes

《An Oriental Odyssey》Ep1:the fire of the blue eyes

Tang SanCang The mage is silent, leaving a string of nine stars and beads engraved with the exquisite magic of the ancient nine tribes, two disciples Tian Qiao Fighting with tianshu for the sake of the heavenly beads, the fire at the cien temple caused numerous casualties among the teachers and brothers. Tian Qiao was given the title of grand master of the tang dynasty and led the restoration of the temple of cien. Tian Qiao, however, was nowhere to be found.

On the way, a smuggler's team found an unidentified man with a strong body fainting on the ground. Luoyang county government office head Zhao LanZhi (Yujian Zhang) routine check meters ships, found her wild pale, though his check, but he has a strange keenly observed shallow draft ship, ordered the men searched by the ship staff with a knife phase, fight, he found, there is a man with the chain is strong enough fighting skill gao qiang, compete with yourself don't fall in the wind, and a masked man and injured by the actions of their own meetings, the masked men pull people jump ship to escape with chains. Re-examining the vessel, Zhao LanZhi found the banned shipment of ah furong, a drug similar to drugs. Talking with his subordinates, he learned that the nearby ship was called qianduoge, which was said to be the golden cave of the rich merchant's noblemen. It was said that there was a girl named ruyue who was the best dancer in the world. Unfortunately, she died a few days ago.

Department assistant minister daughter Ye YuanAn (Wu Qian (actress-actress)) riding on horseback, she sees a slave looking like a hungry man in the street and gives him a mantou. She is knocked off the mantou and chastises the slave. Knocked pole to hit a crowded YuanAn horse, the frightened horses run, YuanAn he was afraid of hurt others, want to control it, just fly to horse didn't think this is hard to control, the frightened horse that slave see steamed bread to oneself good people encounter risks, it off with his people, blunt past stopped pedlers'. Zhao LanZhi and his men were looking for a mysterious figure with a pattern on his arm. Seeing this, Zhao LanZhi also rushed to save people. Finally, the slave stopped the surprised horse, and LanZhi hugged the fallen distant peace.

Yuan 'an went back to his house and scolded his men for being surprised by the horse. Knowing that duan xiaoyu, a fellow villager with a very good relationship with the stone, would be decided tomorrow. She went to a mysterious cave, found a person she called the pivot, and got a treasure that could pull people from a distance.

Yuan an came to the prison where xiao yu was being held. Xiao yu shouted injustice and met Zhao LanZhi who was interrogating the captain of the ship. LAN saw a man in prison and chased him. LAN ran to the river with xiao yu. Seeing that there was no way to escape, he tried to hide from LAN who was chasing him.

Yuan an was naughty by nature. When he heard his brother yuan ning saying that there was movement in the garden dungeon last night, he made a trick of him. However, he was surprised to be seen by his mother.

Zhao LanZhi was scolded by the governor of the county for not having caught the robbers. He decided to find out the truth. Because hijacked walk chennrcc there was a fellow named stone in Ye Fu be servants, rings to Ye Fu asked, YuanAn received rings, she in the conversation, with rings of tact, due to mention chennrcc name by smart rings of detecting, face before walk billow words, the lessons of the stone is said to YuanAn. Out of ye fu, his staff asked LAN zhi whether there was a discovery, LAN zhi smiled, the heart has already had the answer.

Night, took little jade stone ready to flee, discovered by YuanAn, well-meaning YuanAn decided to personally deliver them, give them the silver and arranged the stone family, stay ships came, YuanAn find wild is the staff of rings, stopped them in time, is in the rings with YuanAn, begin to not give YuanAn increase trouble, jade jumped into the river.

See small jade use suicide to prove innocence, LAN zhi knows among them to have injustice feeling, did not bring them to government office. The small jade that is saved mentions a few things that did not explain on court at the beginning, bright moon girl always is clear tall, see money be like dirt, play skill not sell oneself, with a mysterious person connection close, ever say the words that choose good hour lucky day die for love. Knowing this situation, yuan an moved the idea of saving people's lives, and asked LAN to give her some time, she would definitely find out the case.

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