An Oriental Odyssey(TV)[2017]
An Oriental Odyssey(TV)[2017]

《An Oriental Odyssey》Episodes

《An Oriental Odyssey》Ep6:Mu Le was framed and driven out of the city Ye yuan found herself in the street

Ye yuanning because Mu Le Does not listen to his words, lets the undertaker frames Mu Le to spy on the big niang bath. Mu Le is surrounded by the maidservant girls in the mansion, everyone thinks that Mu Le is a rascal who watches everyone take a bath. Ye YuanAn Appearing, Mu Le quickly ducked behind her, explaining that he had done nothing. The stepmother suddenly appeared and said to Ye YuanAn that Mu Le lost things all day after he entered the house. Ye YuanAn couldn't help it. In order to calm the public anger, she had to punish Mu Le in public. Ye yuan did not want to dispose of Mu Le, hesitating to do it, but the stepmother took Ye yuan's hand and taught Mu Le. Ye YuanAn wanted to calm the matter, but the stepmother still insisted on pushing Mu Le out.

Mu Le did not expect Ye YuanAn to beat himself, very sad, and left Ye fu. When ye learned that Mu Le had been expelled, he was very proud and praised his staff for their efficiency. Ye YuanAn was glum about the matter of Mu Le, but he did not understand why he stole words and pictures. Huo Yang, as the go-between for the ghost market, has been behind the scenes dominating all the fantastic deals in the ghost market Ming Hui The Lord went to the cave to look for the nine stars.

A middle-aged man with an eye patch, Mr. Xue, who sold nine star beads in luotian cave, asked for a thousand gold pieces and was laughed at by the public. The nine star celestial beads are blessed by Buddha's light, unless the owner of the nine star celestial beads are willing to give, otherwise they cannot be forcibly grabbed. Ming Hui countess asked Mr. Xue to buy nine star beads. Mr. Xue asked her to do something for him.

Mu Le is wandering in the street again. He is dreaming of a woman who looks exactly like Ye YuanAn. Mu Le reveals an infinite capacity for force, one is called Ni Gu They took him in and let him work with them. Ni Gu told Mu Le to grab the boss's roast chicken. Mu Le was cheated by him and ran with the roast chicken. Ni Gu stole Mu Le's money while the boss was chasing him. When Mu Le saw Ni Gu steal the money, he wanted to take it back immediately. Ni Gu cheated him again and convinced Mu Le that the money was to help others.

Ni Gu takes Mu Le to go to the brothel with money, as it happens Zhao LanZhi Also in this castle. Zhao LanZhi saw the seller and asked for the zijin ding. Realizing that something was wrong, he ran away, but Zhao LanZhi grabbed him back. In fact, Zhao LanZhi was looking for a buyer to help the grave robbers sell their loot. Meanwhile, Mu Le ran out of the room in a panic, and Zhao LanZhi was surprised to see Mu Le. Lord ye told his superiors that he wanted to give the girl a tax deduction, but the other side pulled him to discuss giving her a gift.

When Ye YuanAn was shopping, a child stole the wallet, Zhao LanZhi happened to see it. When Ye YuanAn accidentally pushed him when he was chasing the child, Mr. Xue hurried out to reason and asked the child to give Ye YuanAn the moneybag, and he asked Ye YuanAn to apologize to the child. Just when Ye YuanAn was embarrassed, Zhao LanZhi stepped out to relieve the encirclement. Zhao LanZhi told Ye YuanAn about seeing Mu Le in the green building and felt that Mu Le was not a bad person. Zhao LanZhi's words made Ye YuanAn doubt that he was wrong about Mu Le. Tian shu accidentally told Ye YuanAn that he had given Mu Le the drug which would make him a rascal. Ye YuanAn found Ye yuanning and thoroughly understood that he had wronged Mu Le.

Mu Le found Mu Le in the street, who was chased by the owner of the roasted chicken. She apologized to him and hoped he would return with her. But Mu Le was hurt by Ye yuan. He did not want to go back with Ye yuan. When Ni Gu asks Mu Le to help him collect debts, Mu Le does not go, he will continue to cheat Mu Le. The court's library of calligraphy and painting was flooded by heavy rain. Upon examination, the public found that a very important painting was missing. The official, li gong, was afraid that the authorities would blame him, which was a secret. He asked Zhao LanZhi for help privately. Li told Zhao LanZhi that her favorite banana was missing, and asked Zhao LanZhi to help with the investigation.

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