An Oriental Odyssey(TV)[2017]
An Oriental Odyssey(TV)[2017]

《An Oriental Odyssey》Episodes

《An Oriental Odyssey》Ep8:Ming Hui jun tried to get rid of Ye YuanAn and Zhao LanZhi to get down to the bottom of the banana and escape from luo tian dong

Ye YuanAn They showed the dagger in public, only to find it had been replaced by wood and realized it was Ming Hui The hand and foot of the Lord. Ye YuanAn with Mu Le Being arrested on the grounds of broken rules, Ming Hui county still refused to give up, she was sent before the signal notice Zhao LanZhi The seized buyer of the stolen goods sent him to luo tiandong with Zhao LanZhi. Zhao LanZhi took his hands and went to luo tiandong according to the instructions of the buyer. He was hunted by huo Yang's men along the river. Zhao LanZhi sent his men back first, and he followed the buyers into luo tiandong.

Zhao LanZhi had just arrived at luo tiandong and was attacked by huo Yang and others. Zhao LanZhi was forced to admit that he was looking for a painting here. Huo Yang admitted that there was a picture of banana here, and asked Zhao LanZhi to go in with him. Luo tiandong, singing and dancing, gathered ordinary rich people. Huo Yang asked people to take Zhao LanZhi to the stage and also announced the identity of Zhao LanZhi to everyone. Huo Yang asked Ye YuanAn's brother and sister to be brought up with Mu Le. He also said that the three were grave robbers.

Zhao LanZhi found the identity of Ye YuanAn and others. While he was amazed, everyone was put into the iron cage by huo Yang. Huo Yang public people will sink four people into the pool, the audience under the stage only as a performance, have not found unusual. In the critical moment, Mu Le again erupts the ability, broke the iron cage with his bare hands, and escaped from the water with the others. In order to save others, Zhao LanZhi let Ye YuanAn and others escape and fell into the water. Mr. Xue got the picture of banana, but still did not want to take out the nine star beads, he asked Ming Hui jun to return the painting to her. Ming Hui county see that Mr. Xue has a special relationship with tin hau, but only for the sake of nine star beads. Ming Hui jun jumped into the pool to save the comatose Zhao LanZhi. She had to rely on Zhao LanZhi to return the pictures. Zhao LanZhi was so confused that Ming Hui prefecture had to give him artificial respiration, which saved the life of Zhao LanZhi.

Ye YuanAn was worried about the safety of Zhao LanZhi and wanted to go back to save his life. He was knocked out by Mu Le. Mu Le took Ye YuanAn's brother and sister back to Ye mansion. The stepmother thought Ye YuanAn was responsible for Ye YuanAn's injury, so she went to tell Ye adult.Ye yuanning wanted to explain that it was not Ye YuanAn's fault, but he was too embarrassed to say that he stole something for his debt. After Zhao LanZhi woke up, Ming Hui jun deliberately told him about the fact that the following pictures of bananas would be auctioned. He also said that he wanted to have them. Ming Hui jun wanted to kill Zhao LanZhi and avenge jiang yan, but she had to save Zhao LanZhi for the nine stars and beads, which made her very angry.

After Ye YuanAn woke up, tianshu tried to save Zhao LanZhi regardless of his injury. As Ye YuanAn described it, he thought that if he set fire to the front and rear entrance of the cave, he would be able to put the people in order. Ye YuanAn thought that Zhao LanZhi must be dead now. He planned to go with Mu Le to blow up luo tiandong to avenge Zhao LanZhi's corpse. Li was so afraid that it would be the queen's birthday party tonight. If Zhao LanZhi could not find the painting back, everyone would have to die.

Zhao LanZhi followed Ming Hui jun and successfully entered luo tian dong. He just saw a picture of a banana being auctioned in the cave. Ming Hui county is a generous, casual, and surprising people. Ye YuanAn and Mu Le used tianshu to equip themselves, and flew directly over the river into the luotian cave. Ye YuanAn and Mu Le set fire to the sky cave, disrupting the transaction of the following picture of a banana. In the chaos, Ye YuanAn successfully joined Zhao LanZhi, and Zhao LanZhi took Ming Hui jun as well. When huo Yang found that several people were trying to escape, he made an attempt to attack Mu Le after getting some eye contact with Ming Hui county, but was beaten seriously by Mu Le and took the opportunity to let the picture of banana fall into Zhao LanZhi's hands. Lo tien dong will soon blow up, the people successfully escape.

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