An Oriental Odyssey(TV)[2017]
An Oriental Odyssey(TV)[2017]

《An Oriental Odyssey》Episodes

《An Oriental Odyssey》Ep19:show used puppets to make Ye YuanAn ill. Mu Le volunteered to take care of Ye YuanAn.

A xiu is in the outskirts of the worship huan ge, mingxiu jun suddenly out, and also take a doll, let her with him to see general guo. Xiu was not excited to see the doll. She thought that the incident had passed, so she did not want to meet general guo. Ming Hui The Lord of the county deliberately told xiu, said the death of joy Ye YuanAn Also has a share, stirs a show to seek Ye YuanAn revenge. Xiu didn't know Ming Hui's wife's thoughts. He took her words for granted and swore to kill Ye YuanAn to avenge his brother. Ming Hui said she would go to see Ye YuanAn to get her revenge.

Ye YuanAn because Zhao LanZhi The thing that refuses to escape prison is very depressed, joint right Mu Le I don't like it. I think he's gloating. Mu Le told Ye YuanAn tenderly that he thought the death of huan ge was too coincidental and that Zhao LanZhi was designed. Instead of listening to Mu Le, Ye YuanAn shouted at Mu Le. Ye yuan's maid saw Mu Le's figure and felt that Mu Le was very charming. After hearing this, Ye yuan immediately indicated that Mu Le was his own. Xiu was arranged by Ming Hui county to sell a doll on the street, and sold the handmaiden to Ye YuanAn's maid. Seeing Ye YuanAn was in a bad mood, her maid gave her the puppet for pleasure, which played into the trick of ah xiu.

When Ye YuanAn went to bed in the middle of the night, the doll around her suddenly moved, and then Ye YuanAn was in control of her mind. The doll pretended to be Ye yuan's wife and said that he was killed by Mrs Ye. Ye YuanAn ran into master Ye's room in a daze. He wanted to do something to Mrs. Ye with a knife. Fortunately, nothing happened. Everyone was worried about Ye YuanAn. He thought she was ill, but the doctor didn't see anything wrong. Mu Le gave Ye YuanAn the medicine in person. Ye thought Ye YuanAn had something to do with him. He asked the doctor to stay in the house for one night in case of emergency.

Ye YuanAn was in trouble again and scolded Lord Ye and Mrs Ye for murder her mother. Mu Le suspected that the matter of Ye YuanAn was related to Ming Hui county. He asked Ming Hui county to give up the antidote. Ming Hui county was very proud. She deliberately told Mu Le that someone wanted Ye YuanAn to die more than she did.国师故意夸奖 Ming Hui 郡主差事办的好,还说她设计将 Zhao LanZhi 跟 Ye YuanAn 都除掉, Ming Hui 郡主非常害怕,赶紧表示自己不敢有二心,国师这才放过 Ming Hui 郡主,让她好好给自己办事。

Mrs. Ye thought Ye YuanAn was enchanted by the fire. She went out of her way to find the Taoist priest to exorcise her. The dao master deliberately said that the feng shui in the family was not good, and cheated Lord ye out of a large sum of money. As soon as Ye YuanAn saw the daoist, he called. He simply took out a charm and fixed Ye YuanAn. The inspector found the puppet under Ye yuan's bed. It was said that the puppet controlled the intelligence of Ye yuan. The priest wants to exorcise Ye YuanAn. He wants to be bound. Mu Le intervened, but Lord Ye asked him not to stop the governor in order to save Ye YuanAn. When the daoist priest gave Ye YuanAn the exorcism, Ye YuanAn kept Shouting, and soon there was no trace of emotion, which made the people startled. Ye YuanAn suddenly opened his eyes and humiliated the director. He said that he had cooperated with him before and made trouble again.

Mu Le asks him to help Ye YuanAn. Ye yuanning just wanted to find out about the basement while Ye YuanAn was ill. He was surprised to see that tian shu and Mu Le came out of the basement at the same time. Tian shu told Ye that he was the man Ye YuanAn had hidden in the basement. He could save Ye YuanAn. Lord Ye was so sure of tianshu's words that he quickly asked him to save Ye YuanAn. He told them that Ye YuanAn was in the plague, and that the whole city would be as mad as Ye YuanAn if it were to go on like this. Heavenly request to isolate Ye YuanAn, then bake Ye YuanAn with fire for three days, if it can survive it can return to normal. It means that Ye YuanAn is saved, but someone must be with Ye YuanAn for three days, and the process is very laborious, and there is a risk of contagion. Ye loved his daughter so much that he wanted to stay and take care of Ye YuanAn, but she discouraged him. Mu Le took the initiative to do an errand, indicating that he was willing to take care of Ye YuanAn. Seeing this, ye yuanning hurriedly pushed the task to Mu Le together with his mother.

Mu Le took care of Ye YuanAn, and Ye YuanAn finally woke up from her coma. Ye YuanAn woke up with difficulty. She regarded Mu Le as her mother and hugged him to cry and tell her sorrow. Ye YuanAn told his mother not to leave him. Mu Le told Ye YuanAn kindly that he would stay with her. In order to coax Ye YuanAn to sleep, Mu Le took the initiative to sing a song. Mu Le watched Ye YuanAn in sleep and treasured the time spent with him. A xiu was very glad to hear that Ye YuanAn was ill. He thought that Ye YuanAn would be buried with his brother in a few days.

The candle in Ye YuanAn's room kept burning, but Ye YuanAn's illness became even worse. Mu Le sneaked into his cell and told Zhao LanZhi about the accident of Ye YuanAn. He suspected that Ye YuanAn was manipulated by people. After hearing this, Zhao LanZhi remembered the story of ah xiu, who was kicked out of the palace at the beginning because of the evil trickery. Zhao LanZhi asked Mu Le to investigate the show and hope to help Ye YuanAn get better soon. When Mu Le returned to his room, he found Ye YuanAn lying flat on the beam. Ye YuanAn did not eat, unexpectedly asked to eat mulberry leaves.

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