An Oriental Odyssey(TV)[2017]
An Oriental Odyssey(TV)[2017]

《An Oriental Odyssey》Episodes

《An Oriental Odyssey》Ep22:Mu Le' has performed well, audiences crowded out Ming Hui jun and kissed Zhao LanZhi

Mu Le He was envied by his fellow soldiers because he was too good. Li bao asked Mu Le to fetch water and bathe himself. Mu Le, who had suffered such humiliation, poured water all over li bao's face on the spot. Zhao LanZhi ", but felt the old education recruit was normal and did not come forward for Mu Le. Butler heard Ye YuanAn Ye YuanAn thought not to send Mu Le to the army camp for fear of his suffering. She had stuffed him with enough money to make it worse than she could get.

Ming Hui The county secretly went to zhang zhang boss's house to investigate the affair of nine star sky beads, found that zhang boss gave nine star sky beads to the uncle who had seen Mu Le before. The uncle found Ming Hui county, two people fight, during Ming Hui county no enemy, by the uncle saw the true face. The uncle thought that Ming Hui county was very beautiful, Zhao LanZhi brought people here, and the uncle had to run away, making Ming Hui county go to white lotus pub to find himself if he wanted nine stars. Zhao LanZhi tracked down and found Ming Hui jun wearing night clothes. The two men went to the empty place. Zhao LanZhi poked the identity of Ming Hui prefecture. He asked if Ming Hui prefecture had any reasons, otherwise, how could he have risked his life to do these things? Ming Hui jun asked Zhao LanZhi not to be in charge of his own affairs, and then left.

Li bao deliberately set up a bureau to provoke Mu Le to fight with him. As expected, Mu Le fell into a trap and fought with li bao. Li's deputy director arrived to teach Mu Le a lesson, and Zhao LanZhi arrived to stop him. Zhao LanZhi said the fight was a matter of two people, not only dealing with Mu Le. Vice li had no choice but to drop the case. Li's deputy manager blamed li bao for the inconvenience and asked him to set up a new bureau. Li asked soldiers around him to pretend the money bag was stolen, so as to search for Mu Le's baggage. Mu Le did not let people search the baggage, but also brought down the soldiers around him. Deputy li came to search Mu Le's baggage in public, pretending to uphold justice, and found Ye YuanAn's money.

Ye YuanAn was talking to Zhao LanZhi in the barracks when he heard that something was wrong with Mu Le. Li had mule tied to the horse and let the horse run with him, trying to teach him a lesson. Ye YuanAn came in time to stop the matter.Li and other people said that Mu Le stole money, they just wanted to teach him a lesson. Ye YuanAn made the rescue for Mu Le. In fact, she was afraid that someone would steal Mu Le's money, so she marked it on the silver early in the morning. Ye YuanAn publicly proved that Mu Le's money was given by himself, leaving vice li and others speechless.

Ye YuanAn gave Mu Le the clothes given by the butler, but Mu Le showed no appreciation. Mu Le got angry at Ye YuanAn for sending him to the army camp. Zhao LanZhi saw Mu Le's thoughts. He told Mu Le a story. A big lady ran away with a servant and lived a hard life of simple food. Zhao LanZhi said these words, is to let Mu Le understand, want to pursue Ye YuanAn to have enough ability to let her live a good day. Zhao LanZhi told Mu Le to stay well in the army camp and make achievements with him. This time, Mu Le did not refuse.

Ming Hui jun dreamed that he had done something wrong, leading to the national teacher to her killer, scared to wake up. Ming Hui county, after thinking, went to the white lotus pub to meet uncle. The uncle claimed to be a mountain bandit of mount huo, saying that Ming Hui county wanted nine stars and beads to go with him. Ming Hui county did not agree, two people had an argument, at this time Zhao LanZhi arrived. As it turned out, Zhao LanZhi knew that Ming Hui jun had contact with him, so he had been secretly tracking her. Zhao LanZhi wanted to catch him. Ming Hui jun was worried that he would tell the story of the nine stars and beads, so he stopped Zhao LanZhi and kissed him. Ming Hui jun asked Zhao LanZhi not to push herself away and let herself stay like this for a while. She was really tired.

The kiss of Ming Hui zhen reminded Zhao LanZhi of being saved by a masked woman, so he did not push Ming Hui zhen out. Zhao LanZhi took Ming Hui countess to the grass house to take care of him. While he was in a coma, he kept Shouting jiang's name. Zhao LanZhi accused Ming Hui countess of running away to congratulate him, while Ming Hui jun said he was frivolous himself, leaving Zhao LanZhi speechless. Zhao LanZhi persuaded Ming Hui jun to give up evil and told his story to him. When Zhao LanZhi was a child, his whole family were arrested for crimes, and everyone thought he would be a wicked man. However, Zhao LanZhi had to be a good man and help his father to get justice.

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