An Oriental Odyssey(TV)[2017]
An Oriental Odyssey(TV)[2017]

《An Oriental Odyssey》Episodes

《An Oriental Odyssey》Ep4:Ming Hui countess help to rescue pei childe got nine stars. Ming Hui countess became a relative and showed his foot.

Zhao LanZhi As soon as he returned to the county government office, the adult showed great solicitude to him. He felt that Zhao LanZhi had a close relationship with the queen of heaven. The government interrogates the procuress and pei childe, procuress fear to confess all. It turned out that he had been friendly with ruyue, but ruyue did not know about his smuggling of ahfurong. Later, ruyue found out about smuggling, and pei had followed Ming Hui Betrothal to want to get rid of as the month, simply hit the killer killed as the month. The owner of the spice shop told me that the spice he gave himself was more powerful than the ordinary ahiong, which could make people hallucinate and kill people. The public therefore understood as the cause of death, although Mr. Pei still pleaded not guilty, but also did not allow him to disown.

Ye YuanAn Taking duan xiaoyu back to see stone, stone to her gratitude. Ye YuanAn saw that the boy lay on the wood all day and slept happily. He named him mu le. The boy seemed to be very happy to hear the name, stone quickly said, to be a slave in the ye family is very lucky. Mule didn't answer. He played with the scorpion he had caught. Ye YuanAn thought it was fun to play with the scorpion and got bitten.

Ming Hui prefecture secretly went to heaven to visit pei in prison. She said she believed that pei didn't smuggle ah furong, because he was from a wealthy family and didn't even have to take risks. Pei told Ming Hui that he was in love with ruyue at the beginning, but later he broke contact with ruyue after getting acquainted with him. Ming Hui county believed his words, and she decided to rescue him.

Ming Hui prefecture arrived at the court to try the case of pei's drug trafficking and murder. He pointed out that there were still doubts in the case. Ming Hui, the mayor of the city, told the crowd that the tien man was so cautious that he could not write his real name on the spice shop owner's bill. As for the death of ruyue, Ming Hui Lord said that pei had a good relationship with ruyue, and he also promised to let ruyue be a concubine after marriage, so pei had no reason to kill ruyue. Ming Hui county analysis of the orderly, so that Mr. Pei smoothly exonerate.

Later, she learned that Ming Hui county had exonerated pei. She appreciated Ming Hui county's boldness, but felt that Ming Hui county had to marry people and could not be used by himself.The queen asked Zhao LanZhi if Ming Hui jun had influenced his plan. Zhao LanZhi said not only no, but also help. The emperor had a headache and was very angry with the emperor. Ye YuanAn learned from her stepmother that Ming Hui Lord was going to marry prince pei after three days, and immediately ran out.

Pei went to meet Ming Hui county privately and said that he did get nine star beads. He gave them to Ming Hui county as a pledge of love. Ming Hui is very proud of his wife. In fact, all she does is to get nine star beads. In fact, she doesn't want to marry Mr. Pei. In fact, master Ming Hui favored jiang forbearance. She told jiang forbearance that she would be married in two days, and she would no longer be able to play xiao and sword with him. Jiang put his arms around Ming Hui's wife and told her not to marry pei, but Ming Hui said he couldn't do anything for himself. Jiang remembered that he had been in the army, and told everyone about Ming Hui's mood. Although jiang was a manu, he grew up with Ming Hui prefecture as a child, a childhood relationship between childhood and childhood.

Mr. Pei was ill and ill, and he knew he could not make it. Pei told Zhao LanZhi that he recognized jiang's love for Ming Hui county and did not know what to do. Knowing that he had contracted the poison of ahiong, he could not get rid of it any more. He also told of seeing jiang ren in the pavilion of thousands of branches, when jiang ying had a strange face and did not know him. Pei's words led Zhao LanZhi to suspect jiang yan. After all, pei did not need to be involved in ah furong's business.

Pei told Zhao LanZhi that he was indeed in love with ruyue at the beginning, but he knew that he was in poor health and agreed with ruyue to be married again in the afterlife. For example, in order to make pei childe good, he gave his nine star beads to pei gong, but in the thousands of his pavilion infected with the drug. Such as month hoped that pei childe took himself to leave, but pei childe retreated. Like the moon can not stand the dark day of life, lit a hibiscus suicide.

Ye yuanning to the stable, want to ride the mule breeding red, mule did not pay attention to ye yuanning. Today, Ye YuanAn was going out. The stone told mule to wait outside. The first time mule saw Ye yuan in her dress, he was so shocked that only Ye yuan was in his eyes. Ye YuanAn gave him the wooden waist tag to keep well. She named him a new name Mu Le . Yu Wang Fu zhang lantern, in preparation for Ming Hui county marriage matters. Jiang forbearance looked at the red candles in the palace, feeling very lost. Zhao LanZhi saw that Ye YuanAn was wearing a woman's dress. Although he saw something in front of him, he saw nothing on the surface.Pei and Ming Hui appeared in front of the public dressed in wedding clothes. After they had visited the high court, pei felt that the current Ming Hui county was like the month, and said many love words to the month, which scared Ming Hui county. But Zhao LanZhi noticed something was wrong and started to fight with jiang.

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