An Oriental Odyssey(TV)[2017]
An Oriental Odyssey(TV)[2017]

《An Oriental Odyssey》Episodes

《An Oriental Odyssey》Ep10:Ye YuanAn learned to arrange flowers to please Zhao LanZhi Ming Hui jun went to the southern king's palace to investigate nine stars and heavenly beads

Later, she went back to the palace and dealt with the household department assistant minister, which concealed the disaster. As ye had once told muzi about the refugees, she appointed him as the new household department assistant minister. When no one was around, she told him that he got promoted because he had a good daughter Ye YuanAn To take home. She told him that she had been so young, so he took the opportunity to find someone he liked.

Because Ye yuan was praised by the queen, Ye was so kind to Ye yuan that he didn't even say anything about it. The stepmother, seeing that Ye was so kind to Ye YuanAn, was very jealous. She reminded Ye to think about her relationship with Ye yuanning, but Ye asked her to discipline Ye yuanning. Buddhist from Ming Hui The Lord took the nine beads in Mr. Xue's hand. The master of the kingdom was so excited when he got nine stars and beads, but he still disposed of Ming Hui prefecture, because she drew him for revenge Zhao LanZhi Etc. Person, almost destroyed luo tiandong, still let huoyang serious injury. The teacher warned Ming Hui prefecture that she should not be selfish in serving her life, otherwise she would not know how to die. With the energy of four nine-star celestial beads, the master Ming Hui saw the fall of the fifth nine-star celestial bead.

Mu Le In the course of several adventures, his special ability became more and more powerful, not only martial arts, even chess has won tianshu. Tianshu thought Ye YuanAn had bought a monster. He secretly consulted with Ye YuanAn and gave Mu Le his medicine to confess, but Ye YuanAn made him clean up. Zhao LanZhi took the initiative to look for Ye YuanAn in Ye mansion. Ye YuanAn was very angry because Zhao LanZhi was indifferent to her. Zhao LanZhi told Ye YuanAn that he did not take him to investigate the case for fear of her injury, and also sent a small pine to Ye YuanAn. Ye yuan was very happy about Zhao LanZhi's gift. Mu Le came in and saw how happy Ye yuan was with Zhao LanZhi.

When Ye YuanAn went back to his home, he saw his maid talking about arranging flowers and giving presents to lovers. Ye YuanAn was a little shy. She asked her maid to ask her about flower arrangement and wanted to send it to Zhao LanZhi.The maid saw that Ye yuan had a crush on her, so let Ye yuan go to the bell room to study. Ye YuanAn listened to his maid's words, and actually asked Mu Le to send him to his greenhouse, and then asked him to go around. As he strolled down the street, Mu Le found a shop selling fangtooth masks and thought of something. Mu Le was very afraid of the mask. He remembered that Ye YuanAn told tian shu that his body could recover quickly. He began to worry that he was really a monster.

Mu Le saved a woman in the street. The woman was very interested in the handsome and handsome Mu Le and would not let him go. Mu Le thought of Ye YuanAn telling him not to trust strangers. He turned around and left. The woman let her maidservant pursue Mu Le closely, stole Mu Le's wooden card when he was not paying attention, and falsely accused Mu Le of damaging his earrings. Mu Le can not help, promised to meet with the woman after three days here, then left.

Ming Hui Lord, according to the instructions given by the imperial master, went to the southern palace where the fifth nine-star celestial pearl was located. The southern king is in a coma, with only one granddaughter playing outside. Ming Hui county deliberately said that he had something left in the study and asked the housekeeper to take him into the study. The butler, seeing that he was the Lord Ming Hui, agreed. Ming Hui jun was looking around in the study. She found the drawing of medicine in the study. Then she excused herself and left. Water moon back to the palace, it turns out that she is the daytime wrapped around Mu Le woman.

Shui yue was puzzled when she heard that Ming Hui county was coming, but she didn't think much about it. The water moon came back to the room, feeling his face, found that there was not much medicine left at the head of the bed, do not know how to do good. After being blackmailed by the water moon, Mu Le went back to ye fu and asked for money, and found tianshu. Tianshu advised Mu Le to ask Zhao LanZhi for money. Mu Le peeked at Ye YuanAn and found that she had been arranging flowers in her room all day. I am sorry to disturb her.

Ye YuanAn 看到 Mu Le 在外面徘徊,立刻叫住了他。 Mu Le 找 Ye YuanAn 借钱, Ye YuanAn 二话不说就给了 Mu Le ,但提醒他不要拿钱去做不好的事情。府里婶婶跟 Ye YuanAn 说了 Mu Le 到处借钱的事情,怀疑 Mu Le 在外面有喜欢的女子了,担心 Mu Le 被人骗,她的话让 Ye YuanAn 留了心。长安城里今日出现了一连串的怪事,深更半夜,有个穿着黑色衣服的女子到处行凶,割走了受害女子的脸。目击者告诉 Zhao LanZhi ,他看到行凶的人没有脸。

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