An Oriental Odyssey(TV)[2017]
An Oriental Odyssey(TV)[2017]

《An Oriental Odyssey》Episodes

《An Oriental Odyssey》Ep16:Ming Hui Lord called madam guo to look for the nine stars of the sky pearl Ye yuanning mother and son to play Ye YuanAn against brother huan

Ah xiu's son told ye that he and ah xiu lived a very sad life, and said that ah xiu did not want to disturb the life of Lord ye. After hearing his son's words, ye, in tears, believed that the other was his son, and asked him to go home with him to recognize his father. On the way back home, xiu saw the old beggar. He asked for money from Lord ye and threw it aggressively to the old beggar. Mu Le Feeding horses all day, still thinking about the hot toto thing. Mu Le felt that he had learned horse language long ago, and doubted that it was related to his origin. Ye YuanAn After hearing, let Mu Le stay in the mansion good also.

Ming Hui I met snow land's sister who was about to be married. According to the clue given by the national master, I found snow land's family. Ming Hui countess asked Mrs. Guo, the mother of snow land, about the nine stars and beads, but the other side was not impressed. Mrs. Guo, who is the aunt of Ming Hui, has always been very good to Ming Hui, she promised to give to Ming Hui as soon as she finds nine stars and beads. Xue LAN is about to be married to zheng guogong's son, and the Lord Ming Hui comforts guo, believing that general guo is loyal to her. In the future, all of guo's family will be guo's wife and xue LAN's daughter.

Zhao LanZhi When I met with general guo, I happened to meet the Lord Ming Hui. Zhao LanZhi saw that Ming Hui jun had misunderstood him, so he explained to general guo that he wanted to ask Ming Hui jun to remove the misunderstanding. Ming Hui county out of the door, Zhao LanZhi hurried after her to speak. Ming Hui sheriff angry, let his men get rid of Zhao LanZhi. But Zhao LanZhi did not know where to find a horse, and soon caught up with Ming Hui jun. Zhao LanZhi asked Ming Hui county whether it was the masked woman who saved himself at luo tian dong that day.

Ming Hui county did not admit that he was a masked woman, but inadvertently said he had been to the sky hole things, it is not self-recruitment.Zhao LanZhi had already known the identity of Ming Hui countess. He said that jiang and the help were owed to Ming Hui countess, so he would repay her. When Lord ye came back to his house with his son, both mother and son of ye yuanning and Mu Le were very angry when they saw him. Ye yuanning and others did not understand why the son of xiu came to the mansion, but ye said that his name was huan ge, the eldest son of ye family, he would like to let him live in the family.

Hear ye adult wants to let the joy elder brother be leaf parent child, the person in whole government all hard accept. Ye YuanAn is the same as Ye YuanAn's mother and son. People do not believe that the elder brother is the son of ye parents, in public to the elder brother told the truth. Mu Le also had trouble with huan ge because of his previous bullying. Everybody does not accept the status of the elder brother, the whole leaf mansion only the adult leaf supports the elder brother. Seeing that the crowd did not support him, Lord ye almost fainted in anger. Huange deliberately said that he did not want to be embarrassed by Lord ye, willing to pay blood in public.

Because he was prepared and put castor oil on his hand, his blood was compatible with Lord ye's. Leaf adult see a form, more think huan ge is oneself of child, in order to make up oneself of owe, not only hand over zhang room to huan ge, introduce huan ge to do an official even. Ye yuanning mother and son a listen to not stem, think ye adult eccentric, but ye adult has decided. Huange formally took charge of the accounts, he just took over the accounts, gave advice to Lord ye, said the home to build the house, this money should be deducted from the master's month.

Ye yuanning was playing, but found that huange had detained his month, immediately angrily to find huange theory. Joy did not hesitate to expose ye yuanning took money gambling things, but also held his hand to threaten, let ye yuanning shouted brother to let go.

Madam ye invited friends to come to the house for a little reunion, huange intentionally let people give Mrs. Ye cheap watermelon. Madam ye is angry but with the huange theory, but by the huange debunked her false accounts, Mrs Ye had to be soft. Huan ge saw ye yuanning mother and son wear soft, feel their victory, proud to find Mu Le stubble. Brother huange had to ride a horse, but Mu Le ignored him at first. He remembered that Ye YuanAn told him to hide from brother huange, so he gave the horse to him. Happy elder brother proud of riding a horse, but fell off the horse.

Ye yuanning and Mrs. Ye by the delight of the elder brother's grievances, are pathetic looking for ye yuanning to do something. Ye yuanning also have no way, had to gentle mud, let two people accept the existence of the joy brother, otherwise must leave ye adult angry. When Mrs Ye saw that Ye YuanAn did not care, she came out of the library and tried to find a way to woo Ye YuanAn. Zhao LanZhi went to the qing Lou to investigate the case, and happened to meet the happy elder brother who was enjoying himself inside. Huange attitude arrogant, the slightest Dali temple does not put in the eye.

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