An Oriental Odyssey(TV)[2017]
An Oriental Odyssey(TV)[2017]

《An Oriental Odyssey》Episodes

《An Oriental Odyssey》Ep13:Ming Hui county, together with shui yue, framed the murder case of xiao ke Mu Le and returned with determination to investigate the case

Ye YuanAn Found in the bell garden Mu Le The figure of secretly tracking Mu Le. Mu Le gave the antidote found to xiao ke, who took the antidote to restore his own appearance. Ye YuanAn saw the scene of Mu Le and xiao ke, and found that something was wrong. Small can see Ye YuanAn very surprised, let Mu Le killed Ye YuanAn, but Mu Le did not agree at all. Little can take advantage of Ye YuanAn not to notice, put a pill into her mouth, Ye YuanAn immediately trembling.

Mu Le asked xiao ke to solve the drug immediately, but xiao ke refused at all. She told Mu Le to take his own medicine, so that he could save Ye YuanAn. After Mu Le listens, took the medicine without hesitation, but small but regretful. However, Mu Le was very angry with Ye YuanAn and kept them together. He would not let the other one go until one of them died. Ye YuanAn and Mu Le suffered together because they both did not want to kill each other for their lives. Finally, or small can be soft, reluctant to Mu Le, to two antidote poison.

09:35 Mu Le and xiao ke told Ye YuanAn the truth, and the public understood that the bell teacher was robbed by the real water moon. Small but worried that did not have the bell teacher, waiting for the antidote to finish eating, his face still can not hold, anxious do not know how is good. Ye YuanAn went back to the bell house with Mu Le and xiao ke. They found the outskirts according to the uya feather left on the ground. Hidden in the Ming Hui With the help of the Lord, the trap had already been set and Ye YuanAn was easily caught.

Water moon dazed xiao ke, the smooth will xiao ke's face into his body. The moon told Ming Hui Lord that changing face is the spell he learned from the nine star beads. Ming Hui, knowing that the nine-star beads could have such a wonderful spell, was more eager to find the nine-star beads. Water moon wanted to kill three people, but Ming Hui county let her leave three, so that Ye YuanAn and others as the crime of water moon. Instead of being killed, the bell teacher was put into the room like Ye YuanAn and others. Zhao LanZhi According to the crow's feathers, also found the outskirts of the cemetery. Zhao LanZhi activated the tomb to find the secret room. At the same time, the bell teacher woke up and found the cheeky xiao ke, thinking that xiao ke had murdered himself. He argued with her and was just seen by Zhao LanZhi. Though Ye YuanAn explained that xiao is innocent, Zhao LanZhi still caught xiao ke.

Xiao ke was put on trial. She said that the water moon was the real killer, but no one believed her. Instead, because the witness saw before is xiaoke now face, the human evidence is conclusive, xiaoke was sentenced to death by the county magistrate, two days after the execution. Ming Hui county deliberately let people out the wind, saying that Ye YuanAn and Mu Le are both xiaoke's accomplices, the three criminals together, resulting in the common people around the yamen mouth, to ask the government to give a statement. Ming Hui county let the water moon give the nine stars to his own, but the water moon is waiting for all the people die before they hand out. His men suddenly came to report, said that the southern king died, shui yue immediately after hearing back home. Ming Hui prefecture saw, sneering that the good days of the water moon are over.

Zhao LanZhi visited Ye YuanAn and told her about the situation on the outside. Zhao LanZhi told Ye YuanAn that she could go out at once as long as she admitted her mistake, but only Ye YuanAn could go out because the bell house had Mu Le's footprints and the witness was also a witness. Ye YuanAn refused to leave Mu Le and xiao ke, so he refused Zhao LanZhi's help and stayed in jail. Ye YuanAn told Mu Le that he was asked to leave in order to make him whole. In the middle of the night, Mu Le suddenly had a nightmare. Ye YuanAn saw this and had to keep singing Mu Le to sleep.

The queen said in front of the temple that Ye YuanAn was involved in the matter, and Ye asked for the crime after hearing it, but the queen did not care about it. When master Ye wanted to give Ye YuanAn food, the stepmother quickly stopped him. The stepmother promised to send her food, but turned away. Ye YuanAn and Mu Le had disappeared recently. From the butler's mouth, he knew that something had happened to them. Tian shu gave Ye YuanAn his escape tool when he asked the butler to go, so that both of them could escape from the prison.

Ye YuanAn and Mu Le escaped from the prison by relying on the tool of heaven. They saved xiao ke with the tool, and three escaped to the river. Ye YuanAn worried about running away and implicating the whole family, let Mu Le leave with little can. Halfway up, Mu Le couldn't put Ye YuanAn back into the water.Ye YuanAn felt that there was a big help behind the water moon, so he decided to ask tianshu to help. Tianshu was very surprised to see xiao ke and did not realize that there is a real skin exchange in the world. Tianshu told them that they could catch the water moon on the spot unless it was changed again.

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