An Oriental Odyssey(TV)[2017]
An Oriental Odyssey(TV)[2017]

《An Oriental Odyssey》Episodes

《An Oriental Odyssey》Ep21:madam guo killed general guo heihua Ye YuanAn sent Mu Le to the army camp for training

Guo lady looking for Ming Hui County tried to do something, Ming Hui county began to dare not kill people, but Mrs. Guo had heard that huange is very difficult to deal with, so decided to kill huange out of 100. Ming Hui zhen remembered the incident at the beginning, when Mrs. Guo came to her for help, but Ming Hui zhen dared not kill people. It was huo Yang who killed huan ge with tin - stone lightning in order to get nine star beads. Ming Hui prefecture knew it was too late. She was worried that the incident might affect her aunt, Mrs Guo, but she could not change it.

Ming Hui Lord worried that Mrs. Guo would think that huange killed herself, afraid that she would recruit herself. On the other hand, Mrs. Guo is after all the aunt of Lord Ming Hui, and this matter is indeed what she asked Lord Ming Hui to do, so Mrs. Guo decided to take all the blame, hoping that the national division will not be bad for Shirley LAN. Mrs Guo pleaded guilty on the spot, saying she did everything herself and then bit her tongue. Xiu chased Ming Hui jun and asked her to explain that she was wrong Ye YuanAn The matter of the hand, huo Yang suddenly shot, will be a xiu killed mouth. When general guo came to his senses, he was very sad to hold the dead body of ah soo.

General guo suddenly grew wings and became very powerful, killing many of the soldiers guarding the queen. General guo, who turned into a moth, was so afraid that no one could beat him Mu Le With his strength against general guo. Tian shu told Mu Le that what xiu gave to general guo was the adult worm of silkworm. Now the real general guo is dead, and they can only find a way to kill the mutant demon general guo. Tian shu told Mu Le that the moth was afraid of the fire, so he had to use the fire to kill general guo. General guo killed huoyang, caught Ye YuanAn, Mu Le set fire to general guo in a hurry, and the farce ended.

The queen did not understand how general guo became so, Ye YuanAn had to explain that general guo became a moth to the fire died, asked the queen to release Zhao LanZhi . The queen was very moved by Ye YuanAn's performance of remembering Zhao LanZhi. She was asked to put Zhao LanZhi out. When Zhao LanZhi was jailed, he gave his water to the old man next door.The old man thanked Zhao LanZhi for his help. He said that three days later was the birthday of zhang's famous boss in luoyang city. While Zhao LanZhi was thinking about the truth of the old man's words, Ye YuanAn set him free with a decree.

The queen asked Zhao LanZhi for advice. Guo was short of good generals after his death. Zhao LanZhi volunteered to take the place of general guo to clear the mountain bandits. The queen was very happy and asked Zhao LanZhi to deal with this matter well. He established his prestige in the army and promoted him as well. Ming Hui prefecture to the state division reported to the general's office in the matter, this event, although the nine star beads, but the white lost huo Yang. The imperial teacher let Ming Hui county have a cup of holy water to calm down, and pointed out that Mrs. Guo confessed not to defend Ming Hui county, but to fear that they might not be good for xue LAN. The teacher praised Mrs. Guo as a smart person, and he thought Ye YuanAn was above the Lord Ming Hui.

Ming Hui jun, to explain that he is not bad, said that he saw Mu Le with expert help, it turns out that she saw tianshu guiding Mu Le to eliminate general guo. Ming Hui prefecture told the master that he saw the other side was an old man, and he was unafraid and calm. When he heard this, he remembered tianshu, and he suspected that the man behind Ye YuanAn was tianshu. The master of the kingdom used magic to find out the whereabouts of the next nine star beads.

Zhao LanZhi thanks Ye YuanAn. Ye YuanAn thinks that this matter is also due to Mu Le. He intends to let Zhao LanZhi invite him to have dinner with Mu Le. Ye YuanAn asked Mu Le to go with him to see Zhao LanZhi, but Mu Le put on a face and confessed that he did not like Zhao LanZhi. Ye YuanAn helpless, casually said that Mu Le more and more strange temper, beware of his dislike. After hearing this, Mu Le was even more angry and left. Ye YuanAn attended the celebration ceremony of Zhao LanZhi. Although Mu Le didn't want to, he went secretly. Zhao LanZhi persuaded Ye YuanAn to let Mu Le go to the army to exercise, so that Mu Le would have a good future, otherwise he would always be a slave.

Mu Le heard the conversation between Ye YuanAn and Zhao LanZhi and remembered the scene when he was with Ye YuanAn. Mu Le thought of the way Ye yuan was running for Zhao LanZhi. He knew that Ye yuan liked Zhao LanZhi. He felt very sad and shouted alone. While drinking, Mu Le met a mysterious uncle who licked his face and asked him to buy himself a drink. The uncle saw the bully at the next table, holding the pretty girl, and asked Mu Le if he wanted to do anything he was afraid of. Then he fought and kissed her and killed the bully. When uncle finished his work, he said goodbye to Mu Le and left. Mu Le drank too much and slept in the stable. Ye YuanAn couldn't help being very angry. He blamed Mu Le for not eating but secretly running out to drink.

Looking at Ye YuanAn, Mu Le remembered that uncle said to do what he wanted to do but could not do. He was so excited that he kissed Ye YuanAn. Ye YuanAn was so angry that he asked Mu Le to go to Zhao LanZhi and report to be a soldier. Mu Le saw Ye YuanAn was very sad to throw him away, but there was nothing he could do. Ye YuanAn sent Mu Le to the army camp, hoping Zhao LanZhi would help him teach Mu Le.Ye YuanAn saw Mu Le was going to the new barracks to report, worried about his hardship. Zhao LanZhi reminded Ye that whether he cared too much about Mu Le, which made Ye YuanAn very embarrassed.

Zhao LanZhi watched the training of recruits. Mu Le's skill was very appreciated by Zhao LanZhi. Mu Le was too good in the match and angered the fellow recruit's deputy wei li bao. Li bao's elder brother li was also an important person in the barracks, so li bao asked his elder brother to clean up Mu Le, otherwise he could not stand up under the pressure of Mu Le. Li, the deputy leader, asked his brother to make a good education Mu Le, striving for the early co-opting of Mu Le.

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