An Oriental Odyssey(TV)[2017]
An Oriental Odyssey(TV)[2017]

《An Oriental Odyssey》Episodes

《An Oriental Odyssey》Ep23:Mu Le was framed to mount hodo when the mountain bandit' Mu Le 'exploded as a monster

Zhao LanZhi tell Ming Hui Countess, no one can stop him who is trying to catch him. Last night's affair is over, but there will be no next time. He went to his uncle, but his uncle's report officer gave him away, so he fell into the hands of Zhao LanZhi. Zhao LanZhi looked at his skill and thought he must be at least a leader in the huodu mountain, and let him bring people into the mountain. Ye YuanAn Send Zhao LanZhi away and let him be safe Mu Le We brought home.

Zhao LanZhi took people to mount huo du, making the mountain bandits surrender to the court. Naturally, the mountain bandits did not follow. The two sides fought, and the mountain bandits used sand and stones to make Zhao LanZhi lose his soldiers. Seeing heavy casualties on Zhao LanZhi's side, the mountain bandits suddenly found he zhan, who was being held. He zha was the leader of mount huo du, so the people did not dare to act rashly, so the bandits had to let Zhao LanZhi and others leave. Zhao LanZhi saw his identity as a leader and persuaded him to lead the mountain bandits to surrender, but he didn't admit it at all.

Li's deputy chief discussed with li bao, and he thought Zhao LanZhi was strict in governing the army. He was worried that Zhao LanZhi would soon be promoted and become rich. Li knew that li bao wanted to get rid of Mu Le, so li gave him the idea of killing two birds with one stone. He wanted Zhao LanZhi to enter the water with Mu Le. Li bao deliberately asked Mu Le to send him poisonous food, in order to get rid of him, Zhao LanZhi could not settle hudushan with him and get rid of Mu Le at the same time. When Mu Le delivered the meal, he found that he was the uncle who had eaten with him. He discovered that Mu Le's food was poisonous. He saw that the people who ordered Mu Le to deliver food wanted to get rid of Mu Le, so he killed Mu Le together with Mu Le, leading to li bao and deputy director li li.

Li bao and li zha thought he was dead, very proud, wanted to kill Mu Le, fortunately he zuo in time to rescue. He must have killed the brothers. He told Mu Le that the lives of these two people would be counted on Mu Le, and asked Mu Le to go to mount huo with him. Mu Le is desperate, plus the things designed by li bao brothers, and he runs away overnight. As the two fled, a mysterious man in white on mount huo appeared, looking like a god, silently at Mu Le.When Zhao LanZhi heard that he was running away with Mu Le, he looked at the dead body of li bao's brother, and he was suspicious. He did not know how to tell Ye YuanAn.

Mu Le jumped off the cliff and passed the test of entering the mountain. He succeeded in becoming a mountain robber. He was very bullish on Mu Le and let him become the four masters of mount holdo. Mu Le sat on the mountain and whistled, thinking back to the time when he was with Ye YuanAn. He was afraid that Ye YuanAn would be angry if he knew he was the mountain robber. He zha took Mu Le to confront Zhao LanZhi. Zhao LanZhi was surprised to see that Mu Le had taken the mountain bandits. He was seriously injured during the war with Zhao LanZhi. Zhao LanZhi actively recruited Mu Le and asked him to surrender with the mountain bandits under his hand. He knew that he had been wronged. Now it is not too late to go back. But Mu Le no longer believed in Zhao LanZhi. He wanted to go back to the mountain with him.

Zhao LanZhi saw Mu Le leaving and ordered an arrow to be fired. When Mu Le and others were under siege, the powers in Mu Le's body suddenly erupted, and a yellow light appeared in his eyes, killing Zhao LanZhi's many subordinates, and all regarded him as a monster. Ye YuanAn was suddenly disturbed and her eyelids kept jumping. She was afraid that something might happen to Mu Le and ran to the army camp. Ye YuanAn ran to find Zhao LanZhi and wanted to find Mu Le. Zhao LanZhi did not speak. However, his filial tiger said that Mu Le had red scales all over. He was a monster. Xiao hu told Ye YuanAn that after Mu Le left the army camp, he joined the mountain thief and hurt many brothers in the army camp. Zhao LanZhi told Ye YuanAn about the scene in which she was chased after being married as the Lord of qi 'an. He showed Ye YuanAn that Mu Le was really not ordinary people.

Zhao LanZhi told Ye YuanAn that Mu Le showed his ability to make people believe that he was not normal at all. Zhao LanZhi reminded Ye YuanAn that if Mu Le really became a monster, he would have to get rid of him. Ye YuanAn was very angry, indicating that Mu Le was his own person. No one can hurt Mu Le. When Ye YuanAn intended to go to mount hope to find Mu Le, Zhao LanZhi revealed that Ye YuanAn cared more about Mu Le than other people, which made Ye YuanAn even more angry. The transformation of Mu Le not only scared the military camp, but also terrified the mountain bandits in hodu mountain. Only he allowed everyone to reject Mu Le.

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