Ashes of Love/ Heavy Sweetness Ash like forst(TV)[2018]
Ashes of Love/ Heavy Sweetness Ash like forst(TV)[2018]

《Ashes of Love/ Heavy Sweetness Ash like forst》Ep58:Xu Feng had doubts about Sui He.

The Run YuStill thinkingJin MiFor the big wedding, he discussed withJin Mito invite the flower circle to attend the ceremony, andJin Michose a color from a large number of good paper as the wedding invitation.Jin Micould not tell the color. She drew a sheet at random, but accidentally got the green.

Liu Ying,Because of the death of the twilight, he locked himself in the house without water,Bian ChengWangPlease come to the magic statueXu FengI hope he can persuade his daughter.Liu Ying,pushed the door and toldXu FengandBian ChengWangthat she was pregnant and would protect herself and continue the love.Liu Ying,toldXu Fengthat this time it must beGu ChengWangIn collusion with Run Yu, it was necessary to capture twilight to make an arrow against him. The battle between the demon world and the celestial world was inevitable.Liu Ying,askedXu Fengto take revenge for twilight, andXu Fengnodded in agreement.

Xu Feng was bitten by jin Dan again and his hands began to freeze. Just by chance,Sui HeWhen she came to visit Xu Feng, she found thatXu Fengdeliberately hid his hand, so she wanted to check it in a hurry.Xu Fengpushed her away in a hurry, only to find that there was a scar on Sui He's ear from the water system.Xu Fengasked about the injury.Sui Hestammered and explained the scar left by Jin Mi's attack last time, and askedXu Fengto help revenge.Xu Fengnodded and promised to sendSui Heout, but He also had doubts about Sui He. He ran to the nine babies cave outside to check, unexpectedly saw on the wall of glass clean fire.

Xu Feng comes to Liu Ying, actually sinceMake XiaXianRenWhen He came to him, He already had doubts about Sui He. Today, she saw the scar on Sui He's ear again. Although she said it was caused by Jin Mi, Xu Feng saw that it was by no means new. Xu Feng said he had wanted to find outLuo Lin,Cause of death, but don't want to so wronged Sui He, Liu Ying, attached to the Xu Feng ears tell a ploy to test Sui He of true and false, Xu Feng busy shook his head, sunset think that I'm sorry, Liu Ying, told Xu Feng sunset in her eyes and heart only, but also never don't care what other people think, so Xu Feng also not sorry to anyone, Xu Feng didn't agree with this.

Jin Mi woke up in the middle of the night and saw the monster spitting out yellow dream beads beside him. That was the thought dream of Jin Mi. In the dream, he and Xu Feng hugged each other happily. She wanted to get up and breathe, but she saw a beam of Sui He headed straight to Run Yu's room. Jin Mi then went to Run Yu's hall to eavesdrop. It was Sui He who found Xu Feng covered in ice and was in great pain. Then He came to Run Yu to question whether she had touched him.

Run Yu made an understatement by saying that He only removed the fire-fighting drug in jindan, Sui He was so angry that He scolded Run Yu for being mean. Knowing that Xu Feng's body was a fire system, He also removed the drug to make Xu Feng suffer from it. He claimed that Run Yu had played the role of Jin Mi incisively and vividly. Run Yu threatened to tell Xu Feng who was the real person who saved Xu Feng, but Sui He warned Run Yu, what would Jin Mi think if Jin Mi knew that He had misled Jin Mi to suspect Xu Feng. Run Yu had long known that Sui He had killed Luo Lin, and advised Sui He had better shut up and marry Xu Feng instead. Otherwise, once it fell into his hands, it would kill Sui He to avenge Luo Lin. Sui He had no choice but to leave indignantly. After listening to the conversation between Run Yu and Sui He, Jin Mi tearfully asked Run Yu what else He wanted her to do.

Run Yu could not help grabbing Jin Mi's arm, but she threw him off. Jin Mi begged Run Yu to let her go, saying that he only loved himself. She accuses Run Yu of being a gambler. On the day of his marriage, Run Yu counted Xu Feng's intrusion and killed himself. Jin Mi laughed self-deprecatingly and thought that the most wrong thing was herself. Unexpectedly, she believed Run Yu and killed Xu Feng all the time. Finally, Jin Mi took out the dragon scale and threw it in front of Run Yu and left with a heavy feeling.

Jin Mi forced to ask taishang Lao jun what was the shortage of the blindly medicine, but also to destroy all Dan medicine. Taishang Lao jun finally defeated, told Jin Mi Jin Dan in many blindly bai wei, bai wei is the extremely cold thing, and the system of fire god is charged so that the bite. Taishang Lao jun told Jin Mi, only the peng yu can solve the cold of bai wei, but the peng yu nature is delicate, if left the place of living and raising not three days will rot.

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