Ashes of Love/ Heavy Sweetness Ash like forst(TV)[2018]
Ashes of Love/ Heavy Sweetness Ash like forst(TV)[2018]

《Ashes of Love/ Heavy Sweetness Ash like forst》Ep40:Run Yu set his mind on revenge, and Xu Feng was whittled down

Tian DiFeel these years are rightTian HouFeeling guilty, he promised to pass on the throneXu Feng. He said that he would keepTian Houas his wife and wife. After all, Tian Hou's respectability is also the respectability of Tian Di.

Sui HeThe ability resources are not enough with the bird patriarchYin QueAfterTian Houlost power,Sui Hewas in a precarious position in the bird race. The leaders of the bird race refused to accept the spike and the management of the bird race.Yin Quealso openly met with the demon kingdom to pressTian Diand tried to renegotiate the conditions with Tian jie.

Tian Di summonedXu Fengand said He had a heart to be located in Xu Feng. He hoped that He andSui Hewould marry to consolidate the power of the bird tribe.Tian DiknewXu Fengliked itJin MiJin Mi is the part he needs to give up.Xu Fengnaturally disagreed andTian Diwas furious.The Run YuHe also came to the hall and scoldedXu Fengfor being too ignorant. He wanted to break up his marriage with Jin Mi.Xu FengaskedTian Dito cancel their engagement.Tian Discolded Xu for being overbearing and coveting his brother's wife. In this way, he disarmedXu Fengand ordered him to hand over chi xiao jian.

Liu Ying,To look for the twilight, only to find that he had left a note, disappeared. He looked around anxiously for twilight words, and was angry that he had left again, vowing to find him even if he had turned the six worlds over.Liu Ying has been torturing herselfBian ChengWangShe went to Liu Ying and advised her to have a rest. During the argument,Liao YuanJunWhen the seal of Liu Ying fell out,Bian ChengWangrecognized it as the private seal of the elder king of the demon world. Liu Ying thought that the king of qing had seen a lot of knowledge and might be able to use this seal to save the twilight speech.

Sui He asked Tian Di to send troops to the bird tribe to correct the chaos, but Run Yu did not agree with Tian Di to send troops to the area. He said that the bird tribe was not really in chaos at this time, He only needed Tian Di to issue a decree to pacify it. Tian Di heard what Run Yu had said and agreed to Run Yu's proposal. Run Yu started to win the appreciation of Tian Di from time to time. He often expressed himself intentionally or unintentionally in front of Tian Di, and talked about the past events of their childhood with Tian Di. Tian Di appreciated Run Yu very much. He said that his previous performance was only because of too many eyes and ears of tea yao. To protect Run Yu, he often snubbed him. Tian Di found Run Yu brave and resourceful, but he was also very calm. Therefore, Tian Di decided to turn over Xu Feng's troops to Run Yu.

Sui He came to vyasa prison to seek tea yao for countermeasures. Tea yao built his whole life to cross over to Sui He, with the blessing of clear fire of glaze, Sui He also had enough strength to revive the bird race.

Run Yu is playing against the god of water. While the two were talking, Xu Feng also came to the water god to make amends to the water god and Jin Mi. The water god refused Xu Feng's request to see Jin Mi, and Run Yu helped him get back.

Xu Feng encountered Jin Mi unexpectedly on his way back to the palace, but Jin Mi was still thousands of miles away. Xu Feng said that now his military power has been cut and his mother is in prison, and his father forces him to marry someone else. If Jin Mi shakes himself again, he will not be able to survive. Jin Mi said that although he would not hate Xu Feng, they could not be together. Xu Feng, who knew Tian Hou as Jin Mi's maternal enemy, said she was now ineligible to stand by her side and asked if she really wanted to marry Run Yu. Jin Mi says as long as Run Yu and the water god are happy with themselves. Xu Feng approached Jin Mi step by step and Jin Mi's heart began to ache violently again. She also told Xu Feng that whenever Xu Feng approached her, her heart was strangely painful.

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