Ashes of Love/ Heavy Sweetness Ash like forst(TV)[2018]
Ashes of Love/ Heavy Sweetness Ash like forst(TV)[2018]

《Ashes of Love/ Heavy Sweetness Ash like forst》Ep22:Xu Feng, leave nothing, Jin Mi feels lost

Xu Feng has guessed that he was poisoned in his own food, colluding with chilling ambush himself It is Nan PingHou , he saw the officers and men have searched here, ready to go back to cooking as soon as possible. Jin Mi is wondering why he has always been guilty on the road, and he has never felt this before.

Yan You came to Yunmengze to see the Lord, and the Lord blamed him Shu Xian < /a>I haven't come back since I died. She knows that Shu Xian's death is not a big blow to him. He advised him to indulge in the past and use nothing to look forward to. The lord received the news that the defensive arrow had been re-emerged in the world. She hoped that Yan You would get Xu Feng as soon as possible. Yanyou advised the lord to quit with urgency, and the matter was slow and round. The lord listened to these words and was furious, and dismissed him for not knowing that he was still alive and dead, relying on the pity of others. When Yan You was ready to leave, he saw the children hiding in the side. He and Yan You said that although they have food and drink, they want to go to the quagmire.

Liu Ying went back to the city and found that his house was blocked, and someone was arresting him everywhere. Someone is following on the road. Liu Ying fights with a group of people who follow themselves in the woods. Fortunately, he is lucky Qi Yuan Saved. Qi Yuan took Liu Ying back to a dilapidated courtyard and crossed her spiritual power to treat her, which restored most of her injuries.

Xu Feng made a good meal and wanted to treat it as a medical consultation. Thanks to Jin Mi, Jin Mi admitted that he had treated him as a friend and did not need these things. Xu Feng promised to complete Jin Mi's wish, and Jin Mi laughed at what a bandit could accomplish for her. She and Xu Feng frankly talked about her tragic life experience, thanking Xu Feng for her life in the humble and small life of her ants, finding the meaning of life and letting her know how wonderful it is to help others when they are alive. Something.

Xu Feng 趁 Jin Mi left after falling asleep. He was afraid that he would go back to the palace and was in danger. He went to the Beiyuan Villa where the confidant army was stationed, and prepared to discuss it. Jin Mi woke up and found that Xu Feng had disappeared. There was a farewell letter on the table, and my heart could not help but be lost. He just got sick and he stayed up late, and he didn't leave it to himself even if he said goodbye

Yue XiaXianRen privately gave Lao Hu and Changfang led the red line, Lao Hu The chaos of the mind to find Changfang main flirting, was Changfang master to see through the rabbit shed, but fortunately Yue XiaXianRen rescued Lao Hu in time.

Chang Fang is worried about Jin Mi, I don’t know her current situation in the mortal world. Several other lords have persuaded the peony, Tian Di has deliberately decreed that no one will intervene in Jin Mi robbed, and the night god also looked after Jin Mi every day, and advised her not to worry too much.

It’s very fun to see the aunt and her aunt seeing the holy woman’s medicine. Jin Mi’s family has no sigh of relief. She did not report Jin Mi. She learned that the person who Jin Mi had healed had healed and he was happy with Jin Mi.

Nan PingHou Dissatisfaction Sui He has been secretly missing from Xu Feng In the newspaper, he proposed to speed up the mourning and solve the internal and external problems of Huai's as soon as possible. The two are arguing, but the next person has reported that the king has returned safely. Xu Feng stopped Sui He from the door, Sui He made a big noise, and Qin Hao had to stop. Xu Feng continues to fight with Nan PingHou, and Nan PingHou proposes to invite the holy woman of the Holy Family to the palace for Xu Feng. Xu Feng is not willing to involve Jin Mi, but the ministers have started to play, Xu Feng had to agree.

Sui He finally met Xu Feng. He heard that Xu Feng was physically weak and deliberately took the soup to Xu Feng. When Xu Feng took medicine, she remembered the bitterness with Jin Mi, and she didn’t feel her mouth rising.

Jin Mi stole the thousand-year-old snow ginseng and was discovered by her aunt. Together with the elders, she brought Jin Mi to the sacred temple for enquiries. Jin Mi had to lie in the rush to claim that he had been trained to be undead, and he had to take it for himself.羌 为 为 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担 担

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