Ashes of Love/ Heavy Sweetness Ash like forst(TV)[2018]
Ashes of Love/ Heavy Sweetness Ash like forst(TV)[2018]

《Ashes of Love/ Heavy Sweetness Ash like forst》Ep34:Xu Feng Jin Mi calendar end Jin Mi promotion shangxian

Xu FengforJin MiShe changed into the Feng robe that was made for her very early. WhenJin Mientered the villa at the beginning,Xu Fengsaw her figure and made it. She has been modified more than ten times.Xu Fengmade up forJin Miand prepared a whole set of wedding ceremony,Xu Fengsaid and cried.Jin MisawXu Fengwas so sad that he wanted to comfort her, but his outstretched hand went through Xu Feng's body.

Xu Feng finally walked out the door of the hall one day and one night. He told qin tong to give the letter inside the hallFu XiangThen he tookJin Miin his arms and went to wang ling. This wang ling was prepared for Jin Mi's funeral, but now it has become the place whereXu Fengwas buried for Jin Mi. He took out a glass of poisoned wine and tried to drink it all out.Xu Fenglay next to Jin Mi, keeping his promise to lift Jin Mi's red cover and lift her veil. The deadXu Fengwas soon out of spirits. He stood up in the coffin to see Jin Mi. The two embraced.

Xu Feng andJin Miwere returned after the robbery.Jin Miwas so bitter about the meat thatXu Fengassured her that she would find out. Two people toTian DiTian HouOn my way back to lifeMake XiaXianRenHe was so happy to see them that he cried out for a book to be written about their love story.

Tian HouSu LiAfter a while, she always blew at the ear of Tian Di to punish the god of water. Tian Di was partial to the god of water.Tian Houwas still worried about Xu Feng's future succession to Tian Di. She thought that sooner or later, the god of water and night would compete with Xu Feng for Tian Di.Tian Houwanted to eliminate all of these people's forces. She also ordered her subordinates to wipe out more than 30,000 people in dongting lake.

Xu Feng and Jin Mi come to zifangyun palace to recover, shuishen andFeng ShenThey also appeared in the temple. According to the routine, Jin had to be promoted to the position of god after the return of the Jin Mi calendar, butTian Housaid that Jin Mi did not experience the "old bitter" in the "seven bitter", so this time did not succeed in the hijacking, it needs to go to the earth to experience the robbery. After hearing this, Xu Feng immediately said that the robbery was not successful because he followed Jin Mi to the grave and Tian Di ordered Xu Feng to stay in his palace for half a month.Yuan JiXianZiSaid that although Jin Mi did not experience all the sufferings in the world during the robbery, she also experienced the baptism of life, and the spiritual cultivation was pure enough to have the capital to be the god. When Tian Di heard this, he announced that Jin Mi was listed in the fairy class, promoted to the fairy, and he intended to appoint Jin Mi as flower god. Jin Mi, however, says she is too young to stay in the flower world, and that she has been in charge for thousands of years. Tian Di did not bother Jin Mi any more. The flower kingdom was left to them to solve their own problems. Tian Di worried for her andThe Run YuWhen the wedding date was set, Jin Mi said that he wanted to accompany with the god of water to share the family of nature. In addition, his best friend was killed to protect himself on earth, so he had to check the matter clearly. Tian Di heard about the incident and promised to help Jin Mi to investigate it.

Tian Hou forQi YuanHe is now more determined to clear the way for Xu Feng.Tian Hou found Tian Di and suggested that Tian Di should be punished to death for 30,000 dongting creatures. Tian Di felt it was not good to finally kill the animals. Tian Hou said that Run Yu had now become the capital of resistance. Tian Di had no way to rebut Tian Hou and had to acquiesce to her.

Run Yu called yanyu and a loach to worship his mother in the palace, but kuang said they were taken away. Tian Hou wanted to take heaven to the 30,000 dongting aquatic community. Run Yu went to the father emperor to beg for mercy, but Tian Di could do nothing.

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